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Real Life Wedding Submissions

We love all kinds of weddings at CTCW and want to share your story with our readers.  A requirement is that weddings must have occurred in the Southwest of Western Australia.

RLW submission just married

You want to share your wedding with our readers? (yippee)

It's simple, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the questions on our form (below) and then
  2. Send us up to 35 good web-quality image files. (please see our notes below)

Notes on photos:

Don't have 35 photos? that's fine, just send ones that you like. Can't pick only 35? then send a few more, I'd love to see these, though I will sort through and choose what I would like to use.


  1. send photos that tell your wedding day story from start to finish
  2. include some fine-detail photos, eg. table styling, flowers, invitations, and location photos!
  3. include a suitable identifying subject line in each message, if you are sending photos in multiple email messages
  4. include the couple's names, wedding date, wedding location
  5. if including photos with children, you must obtain parents/carers permission that the photos can be published online


  1. embed your photos into an email message or word file
  2. send slideshows
  3. send hi-resolution photos — our photos are sized at 950px (w) x 600px (h) generally

Sending photos:

  1. Dropbox: Use an account at - make a folder and upload your photos into it.  'Share' the folder and invite me to collaborate using the email address:
  2. Email : send only mid resolution images (no bigger than 1mb ea) and please send multiple emails of no more than 5mb each
  3. Post a USB to Coast to Country Weddings, PO Box 621, Busselton WA 6280.

We will:

Publish your wedding story in Real Life Weddings on the CTCW website as well as our social platforms.

If you have submitted your wedding story to us and we have accepted to feature you, you are welcome to submit your wedding to another publication or website.

By sharing your wedding day experience with us, it helps other bridal couples have a brilliant day. I, and the readers of Coast to Country Weddings, look forward to reading about your wedding day and seeing all of those gorgeous photographed moments.

Will my wedding get featured?

Absolutely – I have not refused a wedding story yet. It is my privilege to have you share your story and photos with the readers of CTCW. By you sharing your day with us we can learn from your experience.

Regardless of the style of wedding you had, be it an elopement, backyard, alternative, $100,000 budget, or you're a size 26 bride, I would love to read and share your story on CTCW, as would someone else that is similar to you and dying to learn from you. Don't ever think your story is not special enough for CTCW or too extravagant, your wedding day story is important and I would love to share it with the world.

Submission Guidelines and Agreement for Coast to Country Weddings:

  • The submission to this site must be original (not copied), in good taste, legal, accurate and true, non-defamatory, non-threatening, non-confidential, non-infringing of copyrights owned by others and relevant for this site.
  • Posts should be non-commercial/non-promotional in nature and not contain commercial web addresses, e-mail addresses or phone numbers.
  • reserves the right to reject or edit or delete any parts that violate the above, including the right to ban offenders from submitting again.
  • I certify that I have the right to submit the text and photos I am submitting. I have permission from my photographer to use these images on CTCW. I understand that the photographer will only be given a name credit with the story. My submission signifies agreement to the above and that I agree to grant a royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display my submission on this website and CTCW social platforms. I also grant the right to pursue anyone who copies my submission.
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