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13 TIPS • How to Plan a Downsouth Wedding

Have you ever planned a wedding before or are you in the middle of planning and its starting to become overwhelming?

Let me share with you the Essential 13 Tips that Wedding Planners think about while planning a client’s Downsouth wedding.

Planning a wedding can be complex and consuming. You want The Day to be perfect, naturally. And fun. But there’s SO much to do and think about.

Planning a wedding with no basic knowledge in your hometown, let alone a destination wedding outside of your country, state or area has more logistics. I see it over and over again with couples saying to me how they feel overwhelmed with the experience and wish hours into the planning that, they had just eloped.

But stop, don’t give up

In this Guide, I’ll give you 13 easy steps to help you plan your wedding knowing the challenges you are going to face before you start so your head is better prepared for the work ahead. I’ve compiled the list in an order we’ve used to plan our own events in the Southwest. This strategy will save your sanity, time and your dollars.

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How to Plan a Downsouth Wedding

Nicole Liedermoy

If you haven't met me before now and wonder why you should trust what I have to say, let me introduce myself.  My name is Nicole, and as the owner of Coast to Country Weddings I’ve been directly involved in planning several events over the past decade here in the South West. I’ve given you my best information to give you insight to know what is coming up and how to be prepared.

YES, I want to plan my wedding with ease – send me "How to Plan a Downsouth Wedding"

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