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Terms and Conditions of Advertising with Coast to Country Weddings

  1. An invoice will be issued and sent on the day of acceptance of advertising with Coast to Country Weddings, which is due for payment within 7 days. The advertiser acknowledges that if payment is more than 7 days overdue, your profile page will not be published until payment is received. Should you cancel your advertising after your profile page has been created, an invoice for production costs will be issued to you for $55.00.
  2. Coast to Country Weddings reserves the right to change pricing, policies or these terms & conditions at any time.
  3. Coast to Country Weddings has all rights to what editorial will and will not appear on the website and various media outlets.
  4. All payments are to be made to Coast to Country Weddings stating your invoice number via direct deposit or cheque.
  5. Each advertising space is for one operator/property/activity only. Space cannot be split or shared by participants.
  6. The positioning of advertisements, except where special arrangements have been made and payment of the appropriate loading undertaken, will be at the discretion of Coast to Country Weddings. Banner positions are subject to availability.
  7. The cost of your advertisement includes typesetting and artwork the supply of a proof and making one round of changes or corrections. Please be very careful and clear in your instructions as a second or any subsequent round of changes will incur charges at $55.00 per hour.
  8. Each future/additional change to your profile page throughout the term of your advertising will incur a fee of $15.00.
  9. Coast to Country Weddings is the publisher of www.coasttocountryweddings.com.au website. The publisher retains the right of veto over all aspects of this production project. The publisher appoints the designer and manages the associated processes.
  10. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any sub standard materials and to edit copy to ensure it is within the design limits of the publication, which the advertiser will incur a fee of $55.00 per hour for any adjustments to there advertisement.
  11. If supplied copy is deemed to be misleading or misrepresentative by the publisher, changes will be discussed with the advertiser before the advertisement is accepted.
  12. All advertisers must be legally able to operate their businesses and have all appropriate licenses, permits and insurance.
  13. Any photos of children used in advertising must have approval from relevant carers.
  14. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to advise Coast to Country Weddings of any updates to the change of contact details, on your profile page.
  15. The publisher may also make a consultative decision to change, upgrade or extend the website in response to market changes or operational requirements.
  16. The advertiser and its advertising agency (if any) to the extent permissible by law, each indemnifies Coast to Country Weddings publishing and its directors, shareholders and employees against all costs, expenses, claims, demands, and loss of any kind wholly or partially attributable to or arising out of acceptance or publication of any advertising material.
  17. The term of the advertising agreement entered into is not cancellable. Coast to Country Weddings have accepted your contractual commitment in good faith and accordingly will not allow cancellation during the term of the agreement.
  18. Coast to Country Weddings values its visitors and clients and respects their privacy. We collect client information in an effort to improve your advertising experience and to communicate with you about our products, services, and promotions. We collect visitor email addresses only if voluntarily provided as part of our newsletter subscription. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties
  19. All cancellations, changes or requests in regards to advertising with Coast to Country Weddings must be submitted in writing.
  20. Advertisement/listing costs do not include scanning of transparencies, purchase of images from photographic stock house libraries, taking of photos or hiring a photographer, designing advertisements or redrawing logos.

By advertising with Coast to Country Weddings you accept the terms & conditions as stated on this form.


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