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32 Essential Wedding Checklists, Planners and Worksheets

Do you know what to look out for when planning your wedding?

I have created 32 Essential Wedding Checklists, Planners & Worksheets - a bundle which I know would be so helpful.

Laura said : I loved how I didn't have to look for ceremony reading's there was 60 to choose from.

That is just one area I cover, also we have inside:

  1. 12 month Wedding Timeline Checklist - mine is 9 pages long and has 200 actions
  2. Wedding Budget Spreadsheet
  3. What to look for when choosing your wedding venue, with 150 points to consider
  4. Makeup, Hair & Beauty Planner for each member of the wedding party
  5. Transport for you and your guests
  6. How to book a Photographer and Videographer
  7. Guest List Spreadsheet
  8. 60 Ceremony Readings
  9. Wedding Day Timeline Spreadsheet

... plus much more and all for just $29.95

I have to be honest and say this is a worthwhile investment when planning your wedding.  Know what you are doing - click the button below to buy a copy and plan with confidence.

How to Plan a Downsouth Wedding


We all have a taste for something sweet but it may not be for cake! Since this is your wedding day and is a showcase of all the things you love, be yourself even when it comes to your cake. Do you love macaroons, tim tams or ice-cream? Then give away the traditional mud or fruit cake idea and turn your favourite sweet into your cake.

Macaroon Tower

A treat from the French, these delicious desserts will be popular with your guests especially displayed as a tower. They can be coloured to your wedding colours and decorated to your theme should you choose. Macaroon Towers are a lovely centre piece to sweet buffets and make yummy take home gifts.

Candy & Lolly Bars

These are a popular choice at weddings. A display of your favourite lollies in gorgeous glass jars coloured to your wedding colours or theme. This is when the Macaroon Tower works great as a compliment as the centrepiece of the table. Make sure to put a sign up with the Candy Bar opening hours though or guests will demolish it before dinner!

Cocktail Pops, Icecream Bars or Gelato Cart

If your fiance is anything like mine icecream doesn't last long in the house. Why not a have a ice-cream bar with your favourite different flavours and bowls of toppings: hundreds and thousands, strawberry syrup, waffles ... the list goes on. 

A cute way to present icecream is a gelato cart. Not only is the cart cute but it can follow you down the beach, wait for you at the reception or be an evening treat at the end of the night.

If you're not an icecream fan but you love a popsicle well then have a popsicle bar/cart/van instead. This fresh style would be a welcome treat on a warm night or as a refreshing dessert instead of a full buffet. A few different flavours will do the trick.


Made of profiteroles (pastries stuffed with cream or custard) this French dessert is arranged as a tower and bound with drizzed toffee or chocolate. Tastes delightful.

Sweet Tasty Desserts

Why go one favourite dessert option when you could go wild with a range of mini petits. Mix it up with a range of small confectionery or savoury appetizers.

Cupcake Towers

These never go out of fashion. Cupcakes can be made into that many different flavours and decorated to your theme or colours. Who could go past all that butter-cream icing, though fondant icing with patterns look and taste just as good. Cupcake towers make a wonderful centrepiece and can be boxed as a favour for your guests at the end of the affair.

Cheese Wheels

A great savoury alternative to a traditional or non traditional sweet wedding cake/dessert. Each wheel can be a different type of cheese, served with different condiments, pastes, fruit and biscuits. I had one couple have a cheese wheel as their wedding cake, after the ceremony it was cut and served to guests while the newlyweds went and had photos.

Individual Tarts

You may not be into cake but love a good lemon meringue pie, a cheesecake or apple pie. Make a large centrepiece for the top of the cake and serve mini lemon or apple pies to guests with a dollop of cream, delicious.

Favourite Chocolates Tower

Ferrero Rocher comes to mind when I think of a chocolate that would make a great tower. Very easy to make yourself as well. Just think, what is your favourite chocolate that would display well as a tower.

Donut Tower

Iced donuts in your wedding colours. Donuts rolled in sugar or jam and cream filled donuts, whatever you prefer!

Cookie Towers

Oreos, tim tams or speciality made wedding cookies are all ideas you could choose from. Tims Tams wouldn't last a day in my fridge so I think this would be my pick. Share with your guests your favourite cookies or biscuits. Lovely with a cup of tea or coffee for older guests as well.

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