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One of Margaret Rivers Longest servicing Photographer's Steve Blakeney

Back in the late 1970's Steve and Ros Blakeney made a home in a quaint little town, not quite as well know back then as it is now, called  Margaret River. Now the region is a world wide mecca wedding destination which the Blakeney's were apart of the inception. This is my interview with the woman behind every successful man - Ros Blakeney about how weddings have changed over 45 years in and around Margaret River.

Best part about living in the Margaret River region?
Oh, there are so many things.. but we do love living in the country...we also love the bush and the ocean and we are happy that we can spend time there as part of our wedding photography business, sharing it with our brides and grooms.

What made you get into wedding photography and how long have you been in the industry now?
We love taking photos of people in love... we started photographing weddings down south when the wedding industry in the Margaret River/ Dunsborough area was in it's infancy.

What is your role in the business Ros compared to Steve's?
My part of the business includes liason with the clients and general office/studio work. On a wedding day I work along side Steve to bring couples ideas for their wedding photos to fruition..Steve's is the creative side of the business.. his vision and knowledge of light, landscape and getting the best out of every couple always amazes me... every wedding we work together on he conjures up the most beautiful images for each couple. I love looking at the proofs when he finalises the edit.. it is always exciting to see what we created on the day.

As a long time photographer in the region, please share with us details on how weddings have changed over the years?
We have seen a lot of changes in the industry.. from very simple weddings in the past to over the top productions now... we always love the simple wedding as it is all about love, romance, family and the bride and groom enjoying their special day with each other. When we first entered the industry it was quite simple with the odd gold cherub and loads of confetti.. now brides are able to look at blogs, pinterest and web sites for inspiration . . . . although sometimes we wonder if there is too much stuff . . . for us a wedding is still about love, romance, a relationship and family and that is what we love to portray in our work.

The couple now expect a lot more candid style photos of the day and especially of their guests and family than they did in the past. It was a lot more formal before digital came along. The beauty of digital photography is that you can take a lot of shots of people walking or moving and get great sequences of things like the walk down the aisle after the ceremony.. one of my favourites as you get to see the pure joy and happiness of the couple in those few short moments..

Apart from photos of the bride and groom on the day what other photos do you think everyone should request?
Definitely make a short list of the family photos you want to have taken.. remember the photographer doesn't know who your family are and can't guess! These are some of the only times that all family members may be together for a long while . . . make sure that it is recorded for you.

If you can share the biggest blunder you have seen at a wedding?
Gosh there have been a few!! But one that sticks in my mind is the dress literally falling apart during the wedding day. Beware of buying online and not having a good dress maker make your dress! Another is bad spray tans making the bride and bridesmaids look orange . . . then the poor make up ladies are having to do make up that doesn't look orange too . . . and we the photographer have to fix it up in the final editing process.

In all the years how many weddings have you photographed?
Well over 700 . . . after a while you give up counting!

On your wedding day relax . . . make sure you have time to spend with the bridal party and enjoy yourselves while you have your photos taken . . . don't try to push too much into your photography time . . . relax and you will have a great day which always shows in your photos.

A snippet of wedding photos from the Blakeney Photography wedding collection?

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To contact Steve and Ros Blakeney Photography head to their website.

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