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Scentiment Flowers: A Blooming Business

We are great lovers of gardens and flowers here at CTCW. There are roses outside our office window and a plant on our giant shared desk. There is no argument that the smell of the blooms and the sound of rustling foliage makes us feel more at peace and happy each day.

So can you imagine just how amazing it must be to work as a Floral Stylist? Wouldn't it just be mind-blowingly wonderful?!? Recently, we caught up with the incredibly talented Nardine from Scentiment Flowers to pick her brain about all things Wedding+Floral. She shares some genuinely helpful tips for Brides.

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In the heat of summer it’s difficult to keep flowers looking fresh and gorgeous all day long, especially when many ceremonies take place in full sun! So if you aren’t able to choose a shady spot for your ceremony, then definitely consider placing your aisle flowers in a glass jar or vase. Mason jars continue to be a popular choice for aisle flowers, and can be hung from most chairs (be sure to check the style of your chair will allow the hanging of flowers) or shepherds hooks. You might also consider placing them on timber logs or hay bales for something a little more rustic.

Another great tip I like to share with all my brides is to re-use your aisle flowers again for your reception! Ask a trusted friend or family member to move them after your ceremony, to other locations such as your bar table, cake table, gift table etc. You should aim to get maximum value from all your wedding flowers!

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 We asked Nardine what her favourite flower was, thinking she would probably have a favourite from her childhood or her own wedding bouquet . . . . but it wasn't the case.

"That’s a difficult one ... like asking a parent who is their favourite child! My favourite flower changes with the seasons. In Summer you can’t go past king proteas for maximum drama. In Autumn it’s more about the colours and textures rather than specific flowers (although I do love it when stock comes into season ... oh that fragrance!) In Winter and Spring I LOVE working with tulips, hyacinths and ranunculus."

"But if you really pressed me for a favourite, it would have to be the David Austin ‘Juliet’ rose – such an amazing shade of apricot with just a hint of pink – looks perfect in bouquets, boutonnieres, bridal hair styles, wedding cakes ... the list goes on."

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 After talking to Nardine about how that’s an easy one! I am in love with the dramatic combination of deep red and hot pink at the moment. These colours look just perfect set against a charcoal, navy or even black bridesmaids dress ... a stunning look for a bride who likes to set her own trends, rather than follow them!

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Of course I’m going to say flowers!!! But if I’m honest, every bride and groom has their own set of priorities. Some want the most scenic venue with the most amazing food. Others want a set of stunning photos they can gaze upon for the rest of their lives. And for some, it’s all about the ceremony and their vows to one another. But if you think about it, flowers really are the centrepiece of all of these things. A venue can be brought to life with an amazing display of flowers. An elaborate flower arbour or simple rose petals can add warmth and charm to your ceremony. And your photos (no matter how great your photographer is) really do look better with some pops of floral colour!

But if there’s one piece of advice I can offer, it’s please, please, please don’t leave it too late to make your enquiries with all your wedding suppliers. The best of us are sometimes booked up to 2 years in advance, and it breaks my heart to have to say no to a bride who has left it too late to enquire.

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Funny story actually! Like many people I got my degree and worked in my chosen field for many, many years, before one day deciding I wasn’t fulfilled, and that I longed to do something creative. And then I picked up a (fictional) book called The Language of Flowers and my life took an amazing turn. I trained with German Master Florist Irish Pich, I pieced together my website, facebook page, marketing collateral etc ... and then I quit that unfulfilling job and took a giant leap of faith into the wonderful world of wedding floristry!

I love my new life, I love working with brides and grooms to transform their floral dreams into reality, and I love the fact that my work takes me all over the beautiful south west of the state. My heart is full.

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