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Wendry Hendry Celebrant: Love Is LOVE

It is with much humility and grace that we write and publish this very special blog post . . . .

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In our travels through FB Land this week, we came across the following post on the feed of the wonderful Wendy Hendry - Celebrant. Out interest was piqued and we reached out to Wendy to learn more about the ceremonies that she was offering and to politely inquire about her own participation in this somehow divisive issue.

NB: We are aware that the issue of Same-Sex Marriage is not pallatable to some people in the community, however, we at CTCW believe that "Love is Love" and that none of us choose who we fall in love with. We are not seeking to court controversy . . . we just want to advocate more love in the world.

FB Post

As a rule, we don't pry in the private lives of the people who own the amazing businesses that we work with - as we also guard our own privacy. However, Wendy's declaration on her Facebook feed and on her blog shared some very personal information that we thought was powerful, brave and just plain incredible! And she wanted to use her own experience to empower other couples in love.

Wendy met her own partner 14 years ago, and they had their 'wedding' 10 years ago. A decade later, and the laws still do not view their union as legal. Rather than see this as a negative, Wendy is using it as an impetus to encourage other same-sex couples to hold their wedding celebrations NOW and when the laws change, she will legalise their wedding with a second ceremony - for FREE.

Is that not amazing?!?

Wendys wedding

Here are the details in Wendy's own words . . .

"It seems the cogs of change are slowly turning across our country, and the possibility of marriage equality is becoming more hopeful.  Many people are waiting, or know of family or friends who are waiting for their love to be equal.

However I can understand for many people, the wait is too long.  You’re in love, you’ve found your soulmate, and you want to declare it to your family and friends now in a beautiful ceremony.

So my commitment to you, while we wait for those cogs to move a bit faster, is this:

Book me as your Celebrant for your Commitment Ceremony now, and together we will create your dream wedding. When the laws change I will conduct your legal marriage ceremony free of charge.    

Together we will celebrate love!"

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If you garner nothing nothing else from this blog post, we hope it is the understanding that same-sex couples don't want to change traditions or cause angst amongst the community . . . . . they quite simply just want to marry the person they fell in love with. That's all.


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Original wedding photos, courtesy of Lauren Waye