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Destination Bride Interview with Curtly | Part 2 - 6 Months to Go

Meet Curtly everyone. Curtly and Bronson are getting married in the Margaret River Region in just under 6 months’ time and together they are planning their wedding day all the way from rural Queensland. They have been engaged for 18 months, together 7.5 years and the wedding is at Incognito Escape 25.01.19.

I interviewed Curtly last year right at the start with her planning and thought that it was time for us to do a follow up to find what needs to be done in the next six months before the wedding day in January 2019.

You will find in this interview, it's all coming together really well and I’m very much looking forward to seeing a photo after the day.

If you’re planning a destination wedding then this video is for you as it shares great tips on how this couple are planning their private property wedding from a far.

If you missed the first video see it HERE.