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 megan_ryan_mainMegan & Ryan's Abbey Beach Resort Wedding

Date: 5th May 2012
Clare Day Photographic Design
Wedding Ceremony and Reception:
Abbey Beach Resort, Busselton

Interview with the Bride

How did Ryan Propose and did he pick out the ring himself?
Ryan proposed at Voyager Estate in Nov. 2010, we had had a massive lunch and too much wine. To sober up we walked around the estate & he pretended to drop something, I turned around whilst complaining I was tired & feeling massive to see him on one knee! Instant tears from the both of us I think I just said yes without even listening to him. It wasn't until we were half way home did we realize the ring was on the wrong finger, so we pulled over & did it all again on the side of Bussell Highway. We went looking at rings just to look, I found one I loved and Ryan bought it on the Monday, he proposed 6 months later.
Where did you decide to get Married and why?
We knew Busselton was the place for our wedding & Abbey Beach Resort was so easy, they do everything & Donna Shaw knows her stuff! Her help, advice & knowledge was priceless.
What did you guys decided to do for your Hens & Bucks do’s?
My hen's event was a secret, All I knew was too be ready by 3pm & it was green theme - we started with wine tastings at Flametree & a cruise down south in an awesome vintage green car! We arrived at the Riverbank & had a Pure Romance party (beauty, bath & bedroom) & was hilarious! Games & yummy food was provided by Albert & then a stripper came - one of the best nights of my life, the girls did an awesome job! Ryan's bucks was a day of golf & him dressed as a girl ... That's all I know!
How did you spend your last night being single?
My last night was spent with my 2 best friends, we had tapas, champagne & watched Sex & the City re runs. Ryan was home at our house.
While planning your wedding was there any time that you felt stressed and frustrated?
I had two major melt down whilst I had been painting our centrepiece table holders, people offered to help but I’m a perfectionist in ways. Tears and yelling followed, but other than that I was pretty mellow & finding out a week earlier that my original flowers were not available - I was fuming! But all turned out ok & why bother worrying over things you have no control over!
What colour scheme and theme did you decide on for your wedding?
Green/Turquoise & Grey was our colour scheme & we followed through with lovebirds in some ways. Not a lot of matchy matchy but enough for people to see a trend.
For your wedding where did you get inspiration for ideas from?
My inspiration came from my imagination really &, I love the quirkiness of things & I knew I wanted to make/paint/glue as much as possible.
What do you think was the hardest part to plan for your wedding?
Hardest part about the wedding was probably the RSVP's - I forgot to put a date on the invitation!
Did you have a budget for your wedding and did you stick to it?
We were lucky to have a contribution from my parents so the wedding ended up being $30,000. Allot of our suppliers let us pay week by week so that defiantly made things a lot easier!
How many guests attended your wedding?
We had invited 100 & 92 guests in total came!
Details about your wedding dress and they boys attire –
My dress was the typical ' not what you think you’ll ever wear' originally I wanted lace & bling. After they all started to mesh together I tried on a rougue and it was perfect to my body shape & classic, the belt was additional and my favourite part, something I will keep forever. I’m also not a veil kind of girl, I live in hats, beanies & headbands and new I wanted something that would make people go WOW! I found my peacock feathered and crystal headpiece in Ormalu randomly one day, instantly fell in love & I refer to it as my 'Carrie Bradshaw Bird Moment' ... So beautiful!
The boys wanted something simple & smart. I've always liked grey suits and it was an easy pick.
What gifts did you get for your bridesmaids & groomsmen?
Our gifts to the bridal party where scrabble letter cuff links for the boys from & clutch bags for the girls. They also got to keep their jewellery they wore.

When did you start looking for your dress and who went with you?
I started looking on the Internet for dresses straight away, my mum and friends came with me to choose but in the end it was my mum and I. I knew I didn't want to go to Perth as too much choice locally was hard enough, plus I like to help local small business.
What flowers did you have in your bouquet?
My bouquet was simple, white Tulips & white Singapore orchids, I also had my mums pearls around the stems as my something old. The bridesmaids had smaller versions.
Was there one thing that you were not going to compromise on for your wedding?
I did not compromise with the Photographer Clare Day, I knew it was the only thing we wouldn't have left & I always loved Clare's style. We booked her straight away. We did an engagement shoot about 6 months before the wedding to get used to Clare and John. I would recommend that to anyone - plus you get some great shots out of it!
Tell me about the running of the day what time did you start preparing etc.
On the day we were at the salon at 9am our hair and makeup came to us and it was so cruisey & organized. Once we were done we went back to Abbey Beach had lunch and started getting ready - the only worry of the day was deciding to have the ceremony outside as it had been raining 4 days straight beforehand, I couldn't make the decision so left it in Ryan's hands, outside it was & somehow we jagged the sunny weather it was awesome!
Did you make anything for you wedding day and what personal touches did you add?
I made about 85% of wedding stuff. All the invites, envelopes, place cards & seating charts were printed at home. I bought 2 fonts online from & our lovebird votive as well and made everything in Photoshop. I found the bird table number holders on wedding & they came in packs of 2 in plain balsa wood. I painted them white & teal myself and also had dangling glass candle holders from them. I made stickers for our rock candy bonbonniere & am currently making thank you cards.
Why did you decide to have the ceremony at Abbey Beach Resort and how did you decorate the area?
We wanted the day to be easy so no one had to travel between places. Abbey was such an easy choice and a beautiful place so there really was no other choice to make, I decorated the area with homemade Pom poms, candle holders & 2 wicker lovebirds. Really simple but a flash of our personality & cour to start the theme.
Describe what happened at your ceremony?
The ceremony is such a blur, I was so nervous the minute I saw everyone I blurted a 'hi everyone!'.  We did a candle lighting for people who couldn't attend and had a reading by our sister in law to set the mood.
Did you say traditional vows to one another or write your own?
We wrote our own vowels and made them as close to our personality’s as possible. They were funny and so true to us.
How did you decorate your wedding venue?
The woven birds where bought 3 days before the wedding in Margaret River, I had nothing to mark the aisle as we weren't having carpet or anything and they were perfect.
What influenced your decision on the choice of transport to and from the wedding?
We didn't really need much transport except for photos, Ryan's dad has a vintage car which has been used for all his family’s weddings so far & it was important to him to carry on that tradition. we used his mums vintage wedding dolly as well. Toyota Prado was our bridal party people mover as we are practical people & didn't see the need in spending money on cars no one saw!
Where did you go to get your photos taken and why did you choose these sites?
My photo location is my favourite place in Busselton - Tuart Forrest. I love the trees and dead leaves and the sun shining through is spectacular. We also had night shots at the new end of Queen Street.
What happened at your reception?
Reception was awesome, we wanted a big party vibe with lots of dancing and fun! The whole dance floor was packed the entire night and everyone complimented how good it was. All of the  bridal party did a speech and to finish it off instead of a typical Speech I re-wrote the ' Call me maybe ' song to suit Ryan & I ..... " so call me Meggie".
What style of catering did you have at your reception?
We chose a sit down 3 course with cake as dessert, the food was fantastic & had so much variety. Compliments from people still!
What flavour and look were you going for with your cake, plus where there any other desserts that were served?
With the cake we wanted everyone to be able to eat now or later & cupcakes made sense. We had lemon buttercream & gluten free options of choc orange. The icing was a mix of Ferraro balls, mini balls & edible orchids - delicious! We ate our top tier the next day it was so good - is that bad luck hahaha.
Describe your best moment of your wedding day?
Best moments where getting ready, watching people arrive from the room at Abbey, photos in the Forrest & our vowels - Ryan's humour just put me at ease & stopped me from crumbling like a Pancake! Now that the wedding is over its a bit of a downer, I find myself trying to organize anything I can, but I am relieved its over - it totally consumes you and everything you think about.
What were the bonbonnieres for your guests?
Bonbonniere was Roc Candy, we struggled to decide what to do but we both love Lolly’s and it was such a cheap but awesome option! They make them in Perth & courier down to you, the flavour was passion fruit with turquoise hearts and outer circles again to match our theme.
Where did you honeymoon?
We went to Bali & stayed at the Bali Garden, easy & quick getaway while living like kings, we actually had friends come with us because we can travel alone when we are old and wanted to continue the party on - plus Ryan hates shopping!
Do you have any advice for other brides planning their wedding?
My advice is do what you want, invite who you want & don't feel pressure to invite family members you don't see or haven't seen for years. We invited everyone to the ceremony instead and people we hope to still be friends with in 10/20+ years came to the reception. Also don't forget what the day is actually about, we get so involved with food & dresses, chandeliers & wine lists when at the end of the day as long as you have your hubby & feel beautiful that's all that matters!
When look back on your wedding day would you have done anything differently on the day?

Looking back on my day the only thing I would have done different is not have disposable cameras on the tables, the quality is crappy in dull lighting, people forget to use the flash & it’s all an effort! I think we got 20 decent photos out of 100! Instead I would have bought cheap SD memory cards as most peoples cameras can hold them & you would get so many more photos with better quality.
I would like to thank....After everything I mainly want to thank mine & Ryan's parents, everyone who contributed on the day. My bridesmaids & the groomsmen and mostly Ryan for putting up with it all & still rocking up on the right day!

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony Location: Abbey Beach Resort, Busselton
Wedding Reception Venue:  Abbey Beach Resort, Busselton
Wedding Photographer:
Clare Day Photographic Design
Accommodation for you & your guests:
Abbey Beach Resort, Busselton
Your Dress & Accessories: Headpiece Ormalu Bridal

Stationery: Made by ourselves
Wedding Decorator: Creations Unlimited
Ryan's dad's vintage car & his brothers Prado

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