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fishing Two Less Fish in the Sea

Venue Style: Beachside venue

Season: Summer

Style: Natural materials, wood, rope

fishing theme

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Fishing is a huge part of WA, we are surrounded by beautiful coastline so I thought it only fitting to make a board with ideas from this favourite hobby.

Top row from left:

1. Do you go have a tinny fill it up with ice and beverages Rustic Wedding Chic
2. Fish style wedding invitations Pinterest
3. Fishing rod used as a photo frame holder, fill the frames with photos of those best catches Indulgy
4. Your the only fish in the sea for me - what a great sign Etsy
5. Ask your bridal party to hold fishing rods as your ceremony arch (standing in the water is up to you, the photo is an example) Loba Outdoors
6. Instead of a ring pillow for your rings have your wedding rings attached to the end of fishing rods Historic Florida Weddings
7. A fishy themed candy bar - find lollies that are fish shaped or even do some research on how you could use different lollies to suit the theme e.g red round lollies - fish eggs

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