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treestumps 1Tree Stump Themed Wedding

Venue style: Marquee, backyard or family farm

Season: Spring/Summer

Style: Wood and rustic


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If you were to have a home wedding on the family farm or at a rustic style venue then this theme would be a perfect.  The tree stump can be used so many ways, it is truly one of my fav's. One thing you must remember when working with tree stumps is to make sure the wood is dry. Otherwise if you work on it months before your wedding if changes and you could be bitterly disappointed. Always with stumps clean it, sand down and polished the top with a clear coat of protective sealer.

Top row from left:

1. Glow in the dark stools - add some fun to your seating when the sun sets and everyone is sitting around the bonfire how cool would it be to have glow in the dark stools, here is the DIY DIY Remodeling Pins
2. Find a good long thick branch and cut like the picture and add your table numbers Vintage Wedding Planner
3. Buffet table instead of the food being placed at just one level make the table more interesting by placing platters on different height stumps Wedding Illustrated
4. Showcase your wedding cake on a lovely piece of tree stump, to take this to the next level you could even drill out some holes and place tealight candles around the edge Vintage Indie
5. Room decor with tree stumps at different levels placing mason jars and candle's inside for the evening Green Wedding Shoes
6. One long pole with cut sections to place a plant in and use this as your ceremony point.
7. Tealight holders - Small hollowed out tree trunks with glass holders and candles as rustic votives around wedding centerpieces or additional table decor Rustic Blog
8. Finish of with the perfect wood guest book Zank You

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