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 kate_scott_mainKate & Scott's Rustic Eco Chic Wedding

Date: 7th January 2012
Wedding Photographer: Henderson Photography
Wedding Ceremony:
Shelly Cove, Cape Naturaliste Dunsborough
Wedding Venue:
Geographe Bay Yacht Club, Busselton

Interview with the Bride

The Story of Kate and Scott:
We met at the airport in Perth. Scott worked as a police officer and I worked in a cafe. We met over the counter one day and it was love at first site, 3 months later we moved in together and 1 year later we were engaged. Scott proposed to me on boxing day on the banks of a river in Denmark in the South West. He wrote on the back of a post card of Sugar Loaf Rock, "Will you marry me?". I said yes.

What did you do for your hens party and husband do for his bucks party?
The Hens party was organised by my best friend and brides maid Danieka. I didn't want a cliche night out on the drink with a sash and veil and I DID NOT want any penis's! That was a big NO NO! So Danieka organised a winery tour in Margaret River. Her dad drived the bus for us, so we could go anywhere we wanted, we booked our favorite wineries and brewery's and had an amazing day out. She planned games on the bus which involved jelly shots! She also had games for the wineries. My Favorite game was getting into groups of 3 and making a wedding dress out of toilet paper! It was HILARIOUS!
The boys organised a weekend out in the bush camping and drinking! They got kegs of beer, music, a blow-up doll in place of the stripper and blow up beds to play on in the river. I wish I had of been there as it sounded like an awesome fun weekend!

Your wedding theme and vision:
To have an environmentally friendly, minimal waste, fun wedding with friends and family. One for every one to remember. I had a Rustic-Eco-Chic theme. I did the table settings and invites myself and tried to make everything out of recycled, environmentally friendly materials. Lines and Squares supplied me some beautiful recycled, handmade paper for the invites and save the dates. The table settings were found at garage sales, tip-shops and through friends and family.

How much input did Scott put into planning your wedding?
Scott was very helpful, but at the time, it felt like I was doing it all by my self. I got him to choose his kilt and tartan colour (from the 2 colours I had pre-approved). I enjoyed doing most of the work, I knew exactly what I wanted anyway.

What was the hardest part to plan for your wedding?
Probably the food and drink. And also the invites as we did them all ourselves.

How many guests did you have at your wedding?
90 RSVP'd yes only 85 came to the reception. I guess you have to expect some to bail.

Details about your invitations:
I made my own invites, save the dates and menu's. For the invites, I used handmade recycled paper. I designed and printed them with the help of my mum who is a graphic designer. I used twine to add a touch of femininity. I also used bee's wax to seal the envelope to keep to the natural enviro theme.

Details about your wedding dress?
I got my dress made. Fiona Cavaney in Dunsborough was amazing! We got along from day dot and have made a wonderful friendship from working together. She is very reasonable and takes pride in her work. I got the pattern designed in Sydney through family. My dress wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for my mum, Aunty Leonie who has her own fashion label in QLD and Fiona in Dunsborough! Together we made a well-oiled machine! There aren't enough thank yous in the world for them making my dream dress! I got my head band from

Groom & grooms man attire:
We hired kilts. One kilt was too small, which meant Scott's dad had to change into pants for the reception.But the business we hired them from refunded the price of the kilt and gave us a gift voucher for the troubles.

Bridesmaid's dresses & accessories:
I went for white dresses because the groom and groomsmen were so colorful. I think it made the girls look like goddesses and the dresses could be worn again. I wanted to get shoes which would suit the beach, be comfortable and be worn again. The gifts I gave them were Karma Bracelets .

How did you go about booking Shelley Cove Beach?
You need to contact the Department of Conservation to book this site, It costs about $100, this doesn't give you exclusive use of the beach, but it means that no other bride (should she be going about it the right way by getting permission) cant have her wedding in the same location on the same day. The location was perfect! I would mention that this site has a lot of flies from December to mid January. We lucked out and had no flies on the wedding day! As Shelly Cove is quite hard to find for guests, we got 2 recycled pallets and painted "Scott and Kate's Wedding" With an arrow in order to help our guests find their way.

Details about your flowers:
I bought my flowers direct from the grower. Cut fresh the day before. My sister then put them into bouquets and button holes. The left overs were used on the tables.

Tell me about the running of the day what time did you start preparing etc?
The girls were at the hair dressers at 7am and got ready throughout the day. We were setting up the reception until 9pm the night before.  Pretty much 24 hours before we started organising things, getting nails done etc.

What were the first words your mum and dad said to you when they saw you in your wedding dress?
I honestly cant remember, there were other things going on this point.

Did you say traditional vows to one another or write your own?
We wrote our own and memorized them. Everyone was very impressed that neither of us required prompting from the celebrant or required notes.

What did your guests do after your ceremony while you and Scott went off and had wedding photos?
We recommended out of town guests to go to a  local bar, but most of our guests went back to their accommodation.

Did you bus your guests to Shelley Cove and then back to your reception venue in Busselton?
No we asked them to car pool as there were limited car spaces at Shelley Cove and to reduce the amount of cars on the road. Most of our guests were local and friends with each other.

Who decorated your wedding venue?
WEZ enterprise dressed the room, I did the table decorations with help from family.

What happened at your reception?
My dads speech was really good! He had everyones attention. One memorable thing was not until after the wedding when I received the  bill from the venue. It had the usual charges for hire, bar tab  etc, but at the bottom there was an added charge for, and I quote; "Cleaning the vomit of the walls and floor of the men's toilets, 1 hour." ... We knew exactly who it was just from reading it. Some might get angry at the person, but we found it hilarious and we will never let him forget about it!

What was the style of catering at your reception?
We wanted our catering to be like a relaxed BBQ. It was fantastic, the Chef did an amazing job.  We had a dessert buffet and OMG, the most amazing spread of food I think I have ever seen! I could have spent all night at the dessert buffet! AMAZING!

Describe the look and flavor of your cake?
The wedding cake was a traditional fruit wedding cake with icing. My mum cooked the fruit cake and my nanna did the icing as she used to make wedding cakes as her job. We had about 10 different desserts on the buffet, they included chocolate mouse, chocolate brownie, lemon meringue, ice cream, pecan pie and a bunch of other stuff that I don't know what they are called. For the wedding cake, I picked up the lace and toppers from local stores.

What were your bonbonnieres?
Our bonbonnieres were a donation to the local RSPCA and FAWNA. Our guests loved them as we placed the donations in our guest names. It was really nice to give something to two causes that we both hold close to our hearts.

Did you make anything for your wedding?
I made the invites and the table settings for the reception. A bit stressful, but I got it exactly the way I wanted!

What was your Best Moment?
I cant really pick a "Best" moment. There were so many memorable moments through out the day, I suppose I will never forget seeing Scott in his kilt for the first time waiting for me. He was so handsome!

How do you feel now that your wedding is over?
Relieved... but also a little bored, I don't know what to do with my spare time now.

Where did you honeymoon?
We went to Scotland and stayed with Scott's family and friends. We had a second wedding reception for all the family and friends who didn't make it to Australia for the wedding. Which mean't I got to wear my dress twice!
We went for a month and visited the Highland and went skiing in Avimore staying at Macdonald resort. It was amazing! playing around in the snow was so much fun and the resort was faultless.
We also went to Milan for a week, we stayed at the Hotel Ritter in the  center of Milan. Perfect location and nice enough hotel on a budget. A week is probably too long to spend in Milan, you can see all the sights in about 3 days. But great location. TIP: absolutely EVERYONE smokes,  if you don't like cigarettes, avoid this area.
On the way home we flew out of London and spend 2 days wandering around London City. London is fantastic, we went to SoHo, piccadilly Circus, museums, you name it we did it! We made the mistake of staying out of the city for a cheaper price thinking we would travel into the city. Public transport is very expensive! We didn't save any money staying out of the city, in fact, we spent more due to transport costs.

I would like to thank..
My Mum and Dad for all their support and for helping with the wedding, Scott's Mum and Dad for all their help with the Honeymoon, my Aunty Leonie for helping with the wedding dress and table decorations and Jennifer also for her support. My bridesmaids for all their help on the big day and Danieka for planning the BEST hens do ever! My nanna for helping with the cake and table settings.  Scott for putting up with the tears, tantrums and just generally being a stressed out bride. My Boss for giving me so much time off for the wedding and honeymoon. And all of my friends and family for helping us celebrate a wonderful day of happiness and laughter! 
Thankyou! x x

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Wedding Ceremony: Shelley Cove, Cape Naturalise
Ceremony Decorations: Filtered Productions supplied the wooden arbor on the beach
Photographer: Henderson Photography
Wedding Dress: Cavaney Couture
Wedding Decorator: WEZ Enterprises Vicky did a fantastic job. We got so many compliments! Vicky took care of dressing the room and lanterns on the roof. Looked fantastic. If you book the Yacht Club, you have to get it dressed (as it is brown wood and looks yuck) and WEZ are seasoned room dressers of this particular venue.

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