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Natasha and Steven's Sanctuary Golf Resort Wedding

Date: 9th June 2012
Wedding Photographer:
Pete Battye - Real Image Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Marquee at Sanctuary Golf Resort, Bunbury.

Interview with the Bride

Where and how did you first meet each other?
We met through a mutual friend in South Africa in 2006.

How did you decide on The Sanctuary Golf Resort as the venue for your wedding?
My Husband is a member there and plays golf very often so it is like his second home.  So it was definitely his choice of venue.

How long were you together before Steve asked you to marry him?
Steven and I were together for about 4 years before he proposed.

How did you announce to your family and friends that you were getting married?
Well my family already know about it as he had asked my dad's permission. He had planned a weekend away for us when he proposed.

Who did you have in your bridal party?
My Bridesmaids were my sister, cousin and Steven's sister. The grooms man were my cousin and Steven's two best friends.

How did you add personal touches to your wedding that expresses both your personalities?
We are both very laid back people so we wanted something quite simple but different.  We had a sand ceremony at our ceremony to be a little different.

Who helped you plan your wedding?
Steven and I planned the wedding by ourselves.

What was the funniest thing to plan for your wedding?
The funniest thing was to plan our bouquet and garter games.

Did you have some idea on what style and colour bridesmaid’s dresses you wanted?
My favourite colour has always been orange so we decided to have a simple one sleeved dress for the bridesmaids.

Did you have any flower girls and Page boys and what did you get them to wear?
We had our god son as our pageboy and our best friends daughter as our flower girl.  Our page boy wore a suit with an orange tie and our flower girl wore a white dress similar to mine.

What style of gown did you decide on and who went shopping with you to pick it out?
I decided on something quite elegant and princess like. I saw a dress that a really liked and wanted but once I tried it on it didn't really suit me. The dress I picked was actually the first one I tried on. My mum came with me to pick out my dress.

Was it hard to pick out the boys suits and did Steve and the boys shop for them themselves?
I actually picked out all the suits for the boys.  They all had simple black suits.

How did you arrive at your Ceremony?
We were all getting ready at Sanctuary so we just walked over to our ceremony.

While planning your wedding did you at any stage feel stressed and frustrated and how did you get through it?
I definitely felt stressed a few days before the wedding as one of our grooms men ended up in hospital and was not able to make it to the wedding.  Luckily we had a replacement standing by.  One of the bridesmaids dresses about an hour before the ceremony lost the zip.  We ended up having to sew it onto her.  A very stressful moment I must say!

What colour scheme and theme did you decide on for your wedding?
Our colour scheme was White and Orange.  Our theme was elegant and sophisticated.

For your wedding where did you get inspiration for ideas from?
I spent hours on the Internet looking for things that I liked and found a lot of good ideas.

What do you think was the hardest part to plan for your wedding?
I think the hardest parts of the wedding were the table settings and where we would seat everyone.  We also had Steven's parents, sister and both sets of my grandparents coming over from South Africa so we had to co-ordinate flights, visa's etc for them.  This was quite a mission to top of planning a wedding!

Did you have a budget for your wedding and did you stick to it?
We didn't really have a budget for our wedding.  We decided that you only get married once so we wanted our day to be perfect and pretty much got everything we wanted. 

Was there anything you just had to have for your wedding that you weren't going to compromise on?
Definitely our Photographer and Videographer. Photo's and video's last a lifetime and we wanted to be able to send something back to our family in South Africa who couldn't be with us on the day.

How much time did you allow for you girls to get ready before the ceremony and were you running on time?
We started getting ready at about 8am and our ceremony started at 2:30pm. We ended up getting to our ceremony about 10 minutes late.

Did you give gifts to your bridesmaids & grooms men?
Yes.  Our grooms men each got a golf shirt with "grooms men and Best man" on to wear the morning of the wedding when they played golf.  The Bridesmaids
each got a handbag.

What style of bouquet did you have and was it hard to pick what type of flowers you wanted?
I have always loved lily's so that wasn't a hard choice.  I had orange lily's and the girls had white lily's.

How many guests attended your wedding?
We had 82 guests.

Share with us the running of the day what time did you start preparing etc.
We started getting ready at 8am with hair and make-up.  The photographer arrived at 10am to get some shots of us getting ready.  The videographer arrived at 12pm. Our ceremony was at 2:30pm and we arrived about 10 minutes late. After that we went for photo's around the golf course and had a lot of fun riding around in golf buggies.  We ended up getting back from photo's around 5:15pm.  We had some time to relax before our reception started at 7:00pm and ended at midnight.

Did you make anything for you wedding day?
I made all of our bonbonnieries, place cards, menu's, invitations etc myself.  I also decorated the carpet running down the aisle.  I wanted the give everything a personal touch so decided to make everything myself.

Describe what happened at your ceremony?
We had our page boy and flower girl walk down the isle together, followed by the bridesmaids. I had my dad walk down the aisle with me and give me away at the ceremony. We had a few poems that were special to us that we had read by the celebrant. We also had a sand ceremony where we pour different colour sands into a glass vase to commemorate our special day. Surprisingly neither of us shed any tears. Steven couldn't wait for the kiss so I got a quick peck when I arrived at the bottom of the aisle.

Did you say traditional vows to one another or write your own?
We said traditional vows as neither of us a very good public speakers and were too shy to write our own vows.

How did you decorate your wedding venue?
We had an arch with white flowers on, 4 topiary trees and 2 orange floral arrangements.  I also bought a vinyl white carpet and decorated the edges with orange petals.

What did your guests do while you were away getting your photos done?
We had a few tables set out for them near the bar to mingle and have a drink while they waited for us.  Just before the reception started we had canapes served in the foyer.

Your wedding photographer was Pete from Real Image what made you decide on him as your Photographer and were you happy with the end result?
We found him on the Internet and organised a meeting. I don't think we could have picked anyone better, he was so friendly and patient and always had a joke up his sleeve.  He spent all day with us arriving at 10am and not leaving until around 11pm.  He put us all at ease and the photo's turned out exactly the way we wanted. I would definitely recommend him.

What happened at your reception?
Our speeches were quite amusing. A lot of dancing went on but I think the highlight was the single men hula-hooping to win the garter.  We had 6 single men hula hoop and the three that lasted the longest went through to the next round.  Then we had 3 guys hula hooping with 2 hula hoops each. The two that lasted the longest went through to the last round.  They then had to stand on 2 very narrow stools and hula hoop from the neck down.  Was great entertainment for our guests.  We also had a good laugh at the girls who had to have a balloon tied around their ankles and try to pop it without using their hands or feet.  The winner ended up biting her balloon until it

What style of catering did you have at your reception?
We had a sit down dinner.  We wanted our guests to be relaxed and not have to worry about getting up.  We had platters with cold meats and antipasto for entrees'.  The main was a choice of Sirloin steak or Chicken.  The dessert was pavlova and wedding cake.

How did you work out seat placing?
We had quite a bit of difficulty seating everyone as we wanted people to be at tables where they knew someone but that's not always possible.  I think it worked out quite well in the end as everyone made new friends.

What style of cake did you decide on? Plus where there any other desserts that were served?
We had a three tiered marbled mud cake with Chocolate and Vanilla swirl.  We had our surname put onto the front of the cake.  It was decorated with orange fondant and tiny black flowers.  We also had pavlova with Chantilly cream and fresh fruit served.

Describe your best moment of your wedding day?
The best moment for me was when I got to the bottom of the aisle and saw Steven and he had the biggest smile on this face.  We had waited and had been through to much to get to this day so it was really a dream come true.

What were the bonbonnieres for your guests?
We had photo frame coasters for each guest.  They were packaged with sweets in an orange bag with cellophane wrapped around them and an orange ribbon.

How do you feel now that your wedding is over?
I feel quite revealed as it was a huge task planning our wedding and very time consuming but I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

Is there anything that you would have done differently on your wedding day?
I would have taken it all in a bit more as it definitely goes way too quick.

Where did you honeymoon?
We are only going on honeymoon in January 2013.  We are going back to South Africa.

Do you have any advice for other brides planning their wedding?
Don't stress too much, everything always works out perfect in the end.

When look back on your wedding day would you have done anything differently on the day?
No. Our day turned out perfectly.

Did you use Coast to Country Weddings to help plan your wedding?
Yes, we did get a few ideas from Coast to Country Weddings.
I would like to thank... All of our suppliers, photographer, florists etc for making our day so perfect.  It definitely wouldn't have happened without you.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony Location - Marquee at Sanctuary Golf Resort, Bunbury.
Wedding Reception Venue –
Functions Rooms at Sanctuary Golf Resort.
Photographer- Pete Battye -
Real Image Photography
Accommodation for you and guests -
Sanctuary Golf Resort
Makeup –
Annabella (Friend)
Transport –
Golf Buggies
Wedding Decorator -
Creations Unlimited

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