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danielle corey mainDanielle and Corey's Hamelin Bay Wedding

Date: 24th February 2013
Wedding Photographer: Henderson Photographics
Wedding Ceremony: Hamelin Bay, Augusta
Wedding Reception: Augusta Hotel

Interview with the Bride

Are you a local couple to the South West?
We are both from Bunbury, which is about 2 hours north of Augusta. We knew of each other in high school but didn’t socialise with each other. In 2008 our mutual friend Lucy (who was one of my bridesmaids) had an Australia day party where we both went. We said hello and flirted for the whole day, seeing who could get all the way down the slip ‘n’ slide she had made in the backyard. At the end of the day we exchanged numbers and continued to see each other for a month. On February 24th 2008 Corey asked if I’d be his girlfriend and we’ve been together ever since.
Our Wedding Day was our 5th year anniversary.
Why did you choose the South West to get married? 
Since we’ve been together we go camping at Hamelin Bay frequently with our group of friends and have made some great memories there. Corey is a huge fisherman and this is a beautiful place to fish, camp and hang out so this is where we wanted to start our married lives together.
Who helped you to plan your wedding?
I did majority of it myself. We had moved to Port Hedland in May 2011 and so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for everything and started to plan the wedding very early.
What was the hardest part to plan for your wedding?
The hardest part was getting everyone together for fittings. I lived in Port Hedland, my maid of honour lived in Sydney, one of my bridesmaids lived in Perth and the other two lived in Bunbury. The only time we were all together was the weekend of the wedding.
What was the theme & colour scheme for your wedding?
We had two themes. Our wedding invitations were beach themed, a message in a bottle with our names engraved on the bottle and guests had to pull the cork out and read the message inside which was our wedding invitation. Beach theme for the ceremony with the white flags, hessian aisle on the beach and a body board as our signing table. We had an eski full of beer and water as guests walked down the beach and there was a part in our ceremony where we had our vows written in a bottle from our invitations and we threw the bottle into the ocean. Reception was glamorous with white and purple, floating candles in glasses of water pearls and purple LED lights submerged in the middle, we also scattered purple crystals on the tables with hand made name cards by myself and Laura. (one of my bridesmaids).
Did you have a budget and did you stick to it?

We had a budget but when we moved to Port Hedland we were earning a lot more so I kind of spent a bit more so yes we went over it but we didn’t go over it by much.

Was there one thing that you were not going to compromise on for your wedding?
I was not going to compromise on two things, my dress and the photographers.
What gifts did you get for your bridesmaids & groomsmen?
We got the groomsmen unbreakable camping beer mugs with their names and ‘groomsman’ written on them and the bridesmaids unbreakable camping parfait glasses with their names and ‘bridesmaid’ written on them. We also got these for the Mother of the Bride and Groom and Father of the Bride and Groom. As extras we paid for the groomsmen’s belts and thongs and the bridesmaids Jewellery and clutches.
How many guests did you have at your Wedding?
Including the bridal party we ended up with 94 guests on the day/night.
When did you start looking for your wedding dress?
I started looking in February 2011. I started early because that was when my maid of honour was over from Sydney and plus we were really excited and just wanted to go dress shopping.
What flowers did you carry?
A teardrop style bouquet.
How did you spend your last night being single?
I was at the Augusta Hotel, we traveled down on the Saturday with all the bridesmaids and groomsman and some other close friends and we all helped set the reception up ourselves. This was fun because we all got involved and had a laugh. Said goodbye to the boys just after having lunch together at the pub then went and explored the hotel room. We got settled in and had a chat, then went back to the reception room and tied the bows on the back of all the guests chairs and put the finishing touches on the tables and guests seating chart. After all that we went to the pub again and ordered pizza back to our room for dinner. I know most brides would be on a strict diet but we couldn’t help ourselves! After the pizza we went back for one last look at the reception room and were very happy with what we had created, it was then time for our beauty sleeps and to get prepared for the excitement of the next day.
Did you say traditional vows to one another or write your own? 
We wrote our own (on the Thursday before our wedding!!!) We had some help from our celebrant who gave us wonderful ideas and a place to start.
What did your guests do after your ceremony while you went for photos? 
They went back to the Augusta Hotel and had a drink at the pub before going into the reception room which opened at 6.00pm.
How did you decorate your wedding venue? 
The venue provided tables with covers and chairs. We needed to provide the chair covers and decorations, which we got from Creations Unlimited. We had rectangle tables as oppose to round and on each table we had 12 guests. They had 5 vases on them, one tall one in the middle, one medium on each side and one small on each side. The vases were filled with clear water pearls and a purple LED light submerged in the pearls, on top a white pearl floating candle. The tables were then scattered with purple crystals. We had a white backdrop with fairy lights behind the bridal table, in the middle of the table we had a white wooden plaque that said Mr & Mrs and we just spread our bouquets evenly down the table once we arrived.

What happened at your reception?

Our bridesmaid and groomsmen speeches were exceptionally beautiful. Our bridesmaids had put together a list of meaningly dates that represented our friendships and also dates that were important for Corey and I. They read out what the numbers represented and had put the numbers into a lotto ticket, which they had bought and handed over after the speech. Our groomsmen spoke about some memorable times they have shared throughout their lives then welcomed me into their lives as gaining a sister, that brought tears to my eyes as they are a very tight group of boys. The dance floor was full of people throughout the night and got everyone dancing with a range of songs.

What flavour and look were you going for with your cake, plus where there any other desserts that were served?
We had a ‘mini cake’ cake, which was our wedding cake made up of mini cakes. I had two flavours, the cakes with icing had checked quilting over it and were chocolate mud. The plain icing cakes were white chocolate mud. We had other deserts that were put out on the buffet table.
When look back on your wedding day would you have done anything differently on the day?
Absolutely not, the day went perfect! From when the makeup and hair ladies got there at 8.00am we had such a relaxing day, I wasn’t nervous I knew everything that we could have done was done. I was so excited I honestly went onto the balcony and shouted “I’m getting married today!” I even think at some stage I was jumping on the bed I was so excited ha,ha.
At 10.00am it started to rain a lot and even then I thought well in 5 hours it will be cleared and it will be ok, I was a bit nervous but I couldn’t do anything about it and sure enough the rain stopped and the sun came out. We had beautiful weather and it wasn’t too hot.

Do you have any advice for other brides planning their wedding?
Plan well in advance, if someone says that your wedding is too far away just say you want to make sure you are organised. Pick one thing that you are particular about for example ours was our ceremony location and then work everything around it. Yours might be the number of people attending, intimate wedding or a huge event, or it may be the reception where you work everything around. Once you have your starting point you branch off from there.
Best moment of your wedding day?
Walking down the aisle with my dad looking at my future husband, and feeling like a princess in my dress.

We would like to thank ....
I would like to thank our family for all their support before, during and after the wedding. Our beautiful friends who helped put together our lovely ceremony and reception, hair and makeup for making us girls feel and look spectacular, our photographers for their organisation and professionalism, making our day fun and having a laugh and giving us wonderful memories which we can always look back on. Last but not least my husband because he put up with me talking about the wedding at every chance I got and leading up to the day I had the whole house decked out in wedding things that I need to do or take with us for our special weekend.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Wedding Ceremony Venue - Hamelin Bay, Augusta WA
Wedding Reception Venue
- Augusta Hotel
Wedding Photographer -
Henderson Photographics
Brides Dress & Accessories - Dress, Veil and Hair piece all from Tuscany Bridal, Jewellery Diva
Bridesmaid's Dresses & Accessories -
Dresses were Bridal Obsessions, Jewellery Diva
Celebrant -Sarsha Wetherell
Transport - Down South Luxury Limos
Wedding Decorator - Creations Unlimited

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