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 chelsea ash mainChelsea and Ashley's Rainy Day Wedding

Date: 19th October 2013
Wedding Ceremony: Hunter Circle Park, Millbridge, Eaton
Wedding Reception: Sanctuary Golf Resort, Bunbury

Interview with the Bride »

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony Location - Hunter Circle Park, Millbridge, Eaton
Wedding Reception VenueSanctuary Golf Resort, Bunbury
Photographer - Christie Lyn Photography
Accommodation for you & your guests - Sanctuary Golf Resort, Bunbury
Brides Dress & Accessories – eBay and
Bridesmaid's Dresses & Accessories – eBay and
Rings – Engagement ring was a family heirloom and wedding rings by Australind Jewellers
Groom & Grooms man Attire – Mensland Bunbury
Flowers – Artificial made by bride, bought from wholesaler in Perth
Transport – Own cars, 3 black HQ's
Stationery – Made by bride
Bonbonnieres – Made by bride, Morris Lane Taffys. Personalised chocolates with our initial written on them.
Wedding Stylist- Creations Unlimited

It rained the WHOLE day, luckily it was a steady rain so everyone brought umbrellas, at least it wasn't windy. If anything it created a certain atmosphere in the park. But of course just out luck once we went out for photos it stopped raining.
To fit in with our Holden theme, Ashley made our signing table out of an old GTS boot lid and welded on legs. All of our bridal party theme signed lovely messages for us and we now have it hanging in the shed.

How long were you engaged for?
15 months.

How long did it take you to plan your wedding?
For the main things approx. 6 months.

What was the theme & colour scheme for your wedding?
We chose a subtle Holden theme so colours were black, red and white.

What gifts did you give to your bridesmaids & groomsmen?
Bridesmaids I gave perfume for the day and their jewellery. Groomsmen were given engraved Chevrolet mugs and flasks.

What was the hardest part to plan for your wedding?
The seating chart, having such a wide variety of ages and backgrounds of our guests.

Did you have a budget and did you stick to it?
We had a budget and overall we stuck to it quite well.

Was there one thing that you were not going to compromise on for your wedding?
Quality entertainment and food was important as it sets people up to have a good night.

When did you start looking for your wedding dress?
I started browsing within a few weeks and had bought my dress within 4 months after getting engaged.

Details about your ceremony.
Since it decided to rain all day we were able to set up a gazebo for our guests and to keep our musicians dry.
Myself and the bridesmaids arrived in two black HQ monaros. We then walked down the aisle to Nickelback's "Far Away". Even though it was wet we couldn't stop smiling. My dad walked me down the aisle and then sheltered us from the rain. We wrote our own vows which were very heartfelt but was still a bit quirky and our kind of humour. We then signed our marriage certificate on a monaro boot-lid that Ash had made.

What did your guests do after your ceremony while your wedding party went for wedding photos?
Most mingled at the Sanctuary for pre-drinks.

Why did you choose your particular wedding venue?
It offered a large enough area, we loved the outdoor feel of the marquee and the beautiful food range.

How did you decorate your wedding venue?
Fairy lights and candles, black with deep red broken up by white. Centrepieces were vases with water beads with red LED lights placed inside with red flowers and black onion sprays coming out. Our tables were also named after various Holden cars instead of just table numbers.

What happened at your reception?
While we had structure to the night it was still a very relaxed feel which we loved. There was a lot of dancing and plenty of laughs.
Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Having both a DJ and band playing it mixed it up and everyone got up a had a dance.

Details about your wedding cake?
We had a white mud cake top layer and chocolate mud cake base. I then also made various chocolates from our store to accompany the cake.

Reception details - any funny or meaningful stories you'd like to share?
While speeches were made short and sweet to keep the night moving, there were a lot of funny stories that showed how dear we hold our friends and family, it made it very special.

When you look back on your wedding day would you have done anything differently on the day?
Nothing, in the end we got married and shared it with our loved ones. It was "our" day so what more could you ask for.

Do you have any advice for other brides planning their wedding?
Start planning early, then if any issues arise you still have plenty of time to deal with it. And don't stress out, that many people said to me I was the calmest bride they had ever seen, but I simple didn't see a need to be stressing out, what will happen, will happen.

Best moment of your wedding day?
The moment when Ash's two mates picked us up from the Sanctuary. That is when it got very real, they were driving me to my husband. Then hopping out of the car and seeing all our friends and family...and then Ash at the end of the aisle waiting for me.

I would like to thank.... all of our wedding suppliers were simply fantastic, I knew I didn't have to worry about anything not being done.
And our friends and family were amazing, without their help the day wouldn't have come together so well.

Did you use Coast to Country Weddings to help plan your day?
I did, I always looked at other weddings for inspiration and to research suppliers.

How do you feel now after your wedding?
Looking back at our photos I can't help but smile about a wonderful day.


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