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laura stefan mainLaura and Stefan's Picnic Wedding

Date: 7th December 2013
Wedding Photographer: CY Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Yungarra Lodge


Interview with the Bride

How did you meet?
Through the best man, I was good friends with him growing up and he lived in the same street as Stefan, we met when I was 16 and he was 19.

How much time did you give to plan your wedding?
Engaged for 2 years but to plan probably about 1 year.

What was styling for your wedding?
I tried to make it very casual, relaxed and pretty much like a backyard picnic. We had heaps of tins and jars filled with flowers and paper flowers, cheese box crates and old furniture. I also made quite a few signs for the reception, very blunt/funny as that is the type of couple we are. The colours were mainly green with a touch of orange. I also organised a lot of the props/ideas for the photos, I really wanted the 'mug shot' pictures, so created some signs up at work and they turned out really well. I made the boutonnieres out of paper (bit of a paper geek) and also put together a whole lot of books with twine wrapped around them as more decorations.

What did your groom organise?
The booze and food, guys suits and the bus to take people home.

What gifts did you give your bridesmaids & groomsmen?
We bought the guys their suits so they could keep them and we bought the dresses as well as satin dressing gowns to get ready in for the bridesmaids.

What was the hardest part to plan for your wedding?
Nothing really, just time consuming trying to make everything myself!

What was there one thing that you were not going to compromise on for your wedding day?
The alcohol and food! We wanted people to have a good time and so we made sure we had a lot of alcohol and thought the pizza would be a good idea but didn't quite work out the way we had discussed.

How many guests did you have at your wedding?

Spill the beans on that magical dress?
I really wanted an amazing dress with not a huge price tag! Sherri Hill dresses are amazing so went to see the ladies at Haute on High in Fremantle. I had to order it in without trying it on (and had only seen it in bright blue!) yet once it came in, it fit perfectly! Didn't even need alterations and it was just perfect, very happy with it!

Flowers you carried on the day what was your influence?
I wanted my bouquet to look like I had just picked it out the garden, my mum did floristry years ago and just has a knack for it, she made all of our bouquets and wrapped them with a piece of hessian and twine, they looked beautiful!

How did you spend your last night being single?
Not very traditional - we all went out to dinner (both families) and stayed in the house of the venue for the night.

Parents reaction when they saw you in your wedding dress?
Pretty happy I'd say! My mum has seen both my older sisters marry and I am the last one so she was a bit emotional but very, very happy!

Did you say traditional vows to one another or write your own?
We wrote our own, they weren't traditional at all, we both tried to lighten it up a bit and got a few laughs from the crowd!

What did your guests do after your ceremony while you and your wedding party went for wedding photos?
We had bocce, cricket and jenga set up, they also sat on the picnic blankets for some nibbles.

Why did you choose Dunsborough Cottages as your wedding venue?
The beautiful views and the fact we could do everything ourselves, we loved the 'backyard' feeling of it.

How did you style your wedding venue?
One massive picnic/party. All very handmade and relaxed.

What happened at your reception?
A lot of dancing and drinking and playing games!

What flavour and look were you going for with your cake, plus where there any other desserts that were served?
I really wanted a ruffle cake! I had seen heaps of pics of them on Pinterest and they just look so pretty and also had to be mud cake as I am a huge fan! My friend from school owns 'Get Baked Catering' and made the cake beautifully! I made the bunting to go on top as decoration. We also had a whole bunch of lollies for people to take too.

Toasts? Dancing? Any funny or meaningful stories you'd like to share?
All the speeches were great, really summed us up as a couple. Our first dance was to Dan Henig's acoustic version of Get Low (originally by Lil Jon) - very inappropriate but we just aren't the lovey dovey kind of couple! Everyone absolutely loved it though and we still get people commenting on how funny it was. I also made the whole bridal party take an ugly face photo for me to print up and put in a frame, that gave us all a good laugh during the professional photos.

When looking back on your wedding day would you have done anything differently on the day?
The food - pizza was very disappointing.

What have you done with all your wedding day momento's?
They are all in a box at the moment, I will get round to displaying some of it though in some creative way!

Best moment of your wedding day?
Saying our vows and being so open and honest with one another. Also the first dance was great.

I would like to thank....
My family (mum, sisters - Hayley and Sarah and best friend Sandra) they honestly helped me out so much and I could not have done it all by myself!...and everyone for putting up with me the days before, I was a little bit stressed out!

Did you use Coast to Country Weddings to help plan your day?
Definitely, I found both hair and makeup girls from CTCW and just enjoyed looking at other people's special days.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony and Reception Location – Yungarra Lodge
Photographer – CY Photography
Accommodation for you & your guests - Yungarra Lodge
Brides Dress & Accessories – My dress is a Sherri Hill dress from Haute on High in Fremantle. My earrings, bangles and ring were from Lovisa and I wore my great grandmothers necklace as a bracelet. My great grandmother, Nana, Mum and both my sisters have all worn the necklace now :) My shoes were from Zu. My sister created my amazing headpiece!
Bridesmaid's Dresses & Accessories – Dresses from ASOS and accessories from Lovisa. Shoes from Zu.
Rings – Engagement ring from overseas and wedding rings from Angus & Coote
Groom & Groomsman Attire – YD
Entertainment – We were on a budget so we used our ipod, actually worked really well! We had giant jenga, cricket and bocce too.
Flowers – My mum is a florist so we took loads of bunches of chrysanthemums down and my mum created all our bouquets and flowers for the decorations. I was after a very simple, natural looking bouquet and she did it beautifully. I also made about 100 paper flowers out of old books and sticks.
Hair – Brides friend did the 4 bridesmaids hair and I had Elle from Rumours Hair Studio in Busselton do mine and mum's hair.
Cake – A delicious chocolate mud cake with white ruffles and green flowers.
Transport – We hired a bus to take people home at the end of the night.
Stationery – Wedding Invites WA did all the signage, cake bunting, program of the day, tags for the bonbons and wine glass tags.
Bonbonnieres – Green, Clear and Orange Lollypops from The Little Big Company, tags were made by me (Wedding Invites WA)
Wedding Decorator - Bride, although my amazing sister hand sewed each and every one of the picnic blankets, we bought 30 table cloths and doona covers with the colours I wanted and she cut them all up and made 15 picnic blankets out of them. They definitely played a large part in the whole look of the reception.
Unique Services/Hire - I hired some furniture for the cake table, glasses and cards table.
Catering - I made up picnic baskets (including crackers, chips, cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives and a bottle of red wine. Each one had a chopping board and cheese knives) for everyone to have while we had photos and then we had wood fired pizzas (which weren't very good so won't mention who they are!!!)


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