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shicanna matt mainShicara and Matt's Busselton Marquee Wedding

Date: 24th November 2013
Wedding Photographer: Henderson Photographics
Wedding Ceremony & Reception : Old Broadwater Farm, Busselton

Interview with the Bride

shicanna matt 1

How much time did you give yourself to plan your wedding day?
I had a year and a half to plan, but I was that excited I booked all the major things within a few months! I finished everything right down to the fine details about 3 months before the wedding I had to just sit and wait!

What was your budget, and did you stick to it?
We had a budget of around $25k but I think we blew it big time! But it was all well worth it!

How many guests did you have at your wedding?
We had 85 guests, but you always end up getting the odd person who doesn't show up!

shicanna matt 2

When did you start looking for your wedding dress?
8 months before the wedding

What was it about your wedding dress you liked the most?
I didn't really like it to start off, but my bridesmaid insisted I try it on, before it was done up I was in know when it's the dress! Because it makes your bridesmaid and your mum cry! It had crystals all over it, it had a train, princess cut, it was just beautiful...its had a champagne kinda colour as a band around my waist which sealed the deal!

shicanna matt 3

Why did you choose your particular ceremony/reception locations?
It was just so me! Matt the groom wasn't really fussed (you know how males are) I went to OBF for my best friends wedding (who was my maid of honor) and I fell in love with the place! Plus whenever I thought of my wedding growing up I wished one day to have it in a marquee... OBF made my dream come true!!

What was the structure & timing of the day like for the ceremony and reception?
Everything went to plan, I was actually early to our 3pm ceremony. It was the men who were not ready yet! Can you believe that!! Haha so my wedding coordinator Anna was on the phone to me saying when to come in...we did a few laps in the limo before we were allowed to drive in! I just wanted to get married already though!! Haha we then went and had our photos, and was in the reception by 6:15! Everything ran to plan!

Did you have a traditional sit-down reception or did you do something different, if so, what was it like?
It was a traditional reception with a buffet dinner.

shicanna matt 4

What did the groom organise?
He organized our limo and the boys... I still ended up helping them choose the suits as they couldn't decide.

What gifts did you get for your bridesmaids & groomsmen?
Their jewelry and engraved glasses.

Were children invited to your wedding and if so how did you keep them entertained?
No children, except for our daughter who was 10 months and our flower girl who was our niece and she was 18 they were both asleep before the night begun!

shicanna matt 5

What were the flowers in your bouquet and why did you choose those ones?
Frangipanis, the big lillies, orchids, greenery plus babies breath...I've always wanted those flowers so how could I choose any different!

shicanna matt 6

What special details did you incorporate into your wedding ceremony?
I had my pop walk me down the aisle, my mum gave me away. My pop read a poem and we also read some parts of our own vows.

shicanna matt 7

What was your wedding day style/theme/look/colour?
I didn't really have a theme, the style was like crystals, vases, candles and RED....Lots of red! For the people who know me, know I'm addicted to of course my wedding was white and red. I was secretly very proud how it all came together!

How did you decorate your ceremony and reception, to suit your theme?
The ceremony I had white chairs with red sashes, and a red carpet. On the signing table was a taste of the reception table centre pieces... was a tall cylinder vase with red rocks, white orchids submerged in water with a white floating candle on top. In the tree I had white and red tissue pom poms blowing in the breeze! The reception I had red pom poms hanging from the centre of the marquee, round tables with the vases in the centre with champagne flutes laid down and crossed over on either side of the vase tied at the stem of the glass with white ribbon, coming out of the glasses was red and clear crystals making it look like spilt wine then the crystals flowing nicely onto the table and gently sprinkled all over. As the name cards I had these cute cut out love hearts spelling love that sit on top of the wine glass. On the back of the chairs I put a single red rose. On the bridal table was the same but on the corners was ostrich feathers in white and red coming out of wine glasses, plus white and red MR & MRS in the centre. Plus many extras around the marquee but I'll be here all day writing if I was to tell you everything!

shicanna matt 8

What did your guests do after your ceremony while you and your wedding party went for wedding photos?
We had nibbles and pre drinks put out for our guests. We did organize bocce and a massive grass noughts and crosses to be put out... but in all the business that got forgotten! Oops!

What happened at your reception? Toasts? Dancing? Any funny or meaningful stories you'd like to share?
Just the standard! My husband and I did have dancing lessons and have a dance organized...but I couldn't feel his feet as my dress was so big so we gave up and he ended up picking me up and swinging me around that was fun!

shicanna matt 9

Do you have any advice for other brides planning their wedding?

Give yourself plenty of time to organize so you are not stressed at the end, remember its about you and your groom, it's your that's who you need to worry about most. And remember guest will always love your wedding no matter what you's a wedding! Everyone is always happy so spend less time trying to please the guests and focus on your groom as it goes way too quick! And don't rush in to ask your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaids... it's a privilege not a chore!

Is there anything you would do differently if you could have your wedding again?


Where did you go on your honeymoon?


shicanna matt 10

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony Location and Reception Venue: Old Broadwater Farm, Busselton
Photographer/Videographer/Photo booth: Henderson Photographics
Accommodation for you & your guests: Guests had the option of a bus back to Bunbury or they stayed in hotels around Busselton, WE stayed at OBF in their accommodation there! So cute and romantic!
Brides dress & Accessories: Tuscany Bridal in Perth
Bridesmaid's Dresses & Accessories dresses: Tuscany Bridal in Perth, necklaces and earings from Ruby's Accessories
Rings: Michael Hill in Bunbury Forum
Groom & Groomsman Attire: Mensland
Cake/Sweets: Family friend
Favours: Males got key chains, females got wine bottle sealers. Family got a small disc of our wedding photos (Henderson Photographics offer this as a bombonniere option - the photos are on the table before the guests sit down)
Stylist: The bride

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