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nat dan mainNatalie and Dan's Country Wedding

Date: 6th April 2013
Wedding Photographer: Henderson Photographics
Wedding Ceremony: St Boniface Cathedral, Anglican Church in Bunbury
Wedding Reception: Ferguson Farmstay, Ferguson Valley

Interview with the Bride

nat dan 1

I met Danny in May 2012, we got engaged in January 2013 and married on the 6th of April 2013 (so we had known each other for 11 months when we were married! And a year when we were flying back from our honeymoon!), but when you know, you know for sure! We didn't have a lot of time to plan the wedding but it all just fell in to place and we both wouldn't change a thing about our amazing day. It was filled with happiness and love for each other and from our friends and family and we couldn't have asked for better weather. It was great having family members help out and be involved on our wedding day, both of our families are incredible! Would love to say thank you, again, to them and to both of our parents for their financial and emotional support.

nat dan 2

What does marriage mean to you both?
Marriage to us means we have a best friend to spend the rest of our lives with and they accept you for who you are. Being married to each other means we made a promise in front of God, our families and friends that no matter what happens we will always have each other to count on, trust, cuddle and laugh at through the happy times and the less happy ones. Our love for each other grows stronger every day.

What was the hardest part to plan for your wedding?
The bridesmaid dresses! It was really hard trying to find bridesmaid's dresses that weren't hideous ha-ha and that they could wear again, plus I wanted them to feel comfortable. Two bridesmaids were in Perth and we weren't able to get together much beforehand to go shopping. Bunbury doesn't have a very huge variety of dress shops, so it was a lot of emails and messages back and forth between us. Eventually I bought them all wine-red shoes and asked them to buy their own black dresses in a similar style instead. I think it looked great with their red bouquets in the end.

Did you have a budget and did you stick to it?
Danny and I had a rough budget and my parents also had a budget. We did pretty well finding what we wanted in the short amount of time without going crazy and spending too much, and it all worked out under our budget!

nat dan 3

What was the one thing you weren't going to compromise on for your wedding?
Danny's two nan's and his pop coming to our wedding was very important to us, it meant a lot to both of us that they were there.

Number of guests?
We invited approx. 75 guests but only 65 could make it. Plus 7 children from our families. Family members taking part on our day included: one of my three bridesmaid's was Danny's sister, and one of the groomsman was my brother. Our flowergirls were two nieces from Danny's side and two nieces from my side of the family (all between 4 – 6 years old). The two ushers at the church were Danny's teenage son and his niece. Our church videographer was a close family friend from Danny's side.

Share details about the running of the day what time did you start preparing etc?
My mum picked me up and we went out for breakfast and then got our hair done at the hairdresser at 8am. The make-up lady arrived at my house just after we got back from the hairdresser and all the ladies and girls arrived. The flowergirls got dressed and the bridesmaids and mother of the bride had their makeup done with the bride. My mum, aunt and Danny's sister (one of my bridesmaids) helped me get dressed and organised the flowergirls. My mum had brought some snacks (which I didn't have a chance to eat!) and sparkling wine, which was great! All the men met up the Sanctuary Golf Resort early that morning and played a round of golf (Australians against the South Africans) and then all went over to father of the brides' house to get dressed and ready together. The Australians won by the way! The grooms' friends drove them in two 1970 Torano's to the Cathedral in Bunbury where they had photos taken and then went into the church to wait for us! Danny's groomsman dropped his car off in Ferguson for us so we wouldn't have to drive from the reception. The father of the bride and father of the groom picked me up in a 1926 Buick (I felt like a princess!) and the three of us drove through Bunbury to the church together. The mother of the bride took the bridesmaids in her car. All the girls met up outside the door of St Boniface Cathedral with the flowergirls.

nat dan 4

Details about your dress and accessories
I wore a long, pure white traditional wedding dress, made with satin, beautiful lace and sequins. The front was a sweetheart design. I hired a hoop to wear under the dress to make it wider at the bottom (surprisingly not as uncomfortable to wear as you would think!). Red and black garter. White veil with very thin trimming. Diamond bling clips in my hair. White closed shoes with some sparkling bling on them.

The only main "problem" we had was with; the wedding dress. I found a beautiful one (the first one I tried on) but Danny was dead-set I couldn't wear an "off-white dress". So after a bit of searching, I found a dress in Bunbury (10 weeks before the big day) and the women promised it would arrive within 5 weeks if faster postage was paid (which we paid), but the dress only arrived a week before we got married, it was slightly different from the one I ordered and hadn't been made for me because it didn't fit at all (was to big) even though my measurements had been taken. We had to get it altered (very badly, by the same woman) three days before the wedding. Sooo stressful! On the wedding day we found out I only had one ribbon tie underneath for the bustle and the dress was too heavy and needed at least 3 or 4 ties, so I couldn't tie my dress up at the reception – my cousin ended up lending me her bright pink flower hair clip and tied my dress up for me with that which worked well but not exactly what you imagine. The same women made up some of the flowers for the wedding and it took a very long time and a lot of following her up before we received them a day before the wedding! I also had to cancel my bouquet with her two days before and go to someone else because the white roses in my bouquet were green coloured which looked silly against my white dress.

What have you done with your dress now after your wedding?
We decided to keep it. It's hanging up in our spare room in a dress bag, I need to send it in to get it cleaned professionally and wrapped so it doesn't fade.

nat dan 5Photo supplied by Bride & Groom

Describe what happened at your ceremony?
We had chosen our own music for the church ceremony, from prelude to signing register to recessional music. The flowergirls and bridesmaids walked in (Feel the Love – Rudimental) and bride and father walked in (Beneath you're Beautiful – Labrinth). As soon as I walked around the corner and could see Danny I couldn't stop smiling, he got a little bit of "dust" in his eyes too. My father was beaming with pride and was joking all the way down the aisle to try make me feel less nervous..and himself too I think! My legs got a little wobbly half way down the aisle with everyone staring, but my dad held me up and Danny's huge smile made me walk a little faster. When my dad lifted my veil, shook Danny's hand and handed my hand over to him, I remember being completely relaxed next to Danny. I'm so lucky to have found such a wonderful man. We had Bible readings and a beautiful prayer read by the mother of groom, mother of bride, son, niece and cousin. After we were pronounced "husband and wife", Danny and I had another quick kiss (alone this time!) outside the front of the church before thanking all of our guests for their congratulations, and photos

What did your guests do after your ceremony while you and your husband went off and had wedding photos?
Most of them went straight from the church to the reception

Where did you go for wedding photos?
After the ceremony we had photos with family at the church in the garden. We had photos of only the bride and groom at the beach – which was perfect because Danny proposed to me at the beach. From there we met up with our bridal party at Ferguson Farmstay and then had photos in the grass until the sunset. Wedding photos were also taken before the ceremony at the brides' house (girls) and outside the church (of the men).

nat dan 6
Why did you choose Ferguson Farmstay as your wedding venue?

It overlooks the Ferguson Valley and you can see Bunbury from the top of the hill. It's very beautiful, especially at night.

What happened at your reception? Toasts? Dancing? Any funny or meaningful stories?
The reception was great fun, everyone ate, drank and socialised! It went way too quickly! The speeches were given by the father of the groom, father of the bride, groom and his son, they were very heartfelt, funny and full of love. We had two great family members who were MC's for the night and they kept everyone smiling and entertained. There wasn't a lot of dancing, besides our short first dance and a few children.

What food was served at the reception?
It was cocktail style but the waiters brought out a plate of food per person at 8 intervals during the evening. There were chairs and tables for people to sit and relax but guests could also move around during meals so they weren't stuck to one seat all night. There was so much food but Danny and myself unfortunately didn't get to try much of it as we were too busy chatting with everyone. All our guests said that it was great quality food and no one said they had not had enough!

nat dan 7

Table decorations at the reception?
White table cloths, round mirrors in the centre of the tables with a square mirror vase (all white silk roses with a red rose) in the centre of each. Sparkly bling diamonds, red roses and red chocolate hearts sprinkled around on the mirrors. The chairs where made of wood which matched the reception's ceiling. On the tables we also had a disposable camera, serviettes, alternate bride or groom favours, cutlery and glasses. We had a blackboard with table numbers and people's names, so our guests knew which table they were sitting at but could decide who they wanted to sit next to (when the speeches finished most of the guests moved around anyway which was great!).

Best moment of your wedding day?
Mine was seeing Danny's face when I walked into the church, he was so happy, and we hadn't seen each other since 3pm the day before so it was great being able to finally hold his hand when I got close enough to him!

Describe the look and flavour of your cake, plus any other desserts that were served?
We had cupcakes (35 carrot cake and 35 mudcake) and a main top cake. The icing was white with red roses around the sides. The cake topper was personalised of the bride (as a nurse) and the groom (holding a bulldozer in his hand).

Did you make anything for your wedding?
Family members helped fill the bonbonnieres with chocolates. Danny and myself added personal touches to the invites.

nat dan 8Photo supplied by Bride & Groom

How do you feel now that your wedding is over?
We both said it was fun and we'd love to do it again! It feels great that we are married, especially to the right person! I'm still getting used to being called "Mrs" and we both love saying "my husband" or "my wife". We are both very happy, we love each other so much.

Where did you honeymoon?
We're never going to stop honeymooning! We went to Europe for just over 2 weeks!. France (Paris and Nice) and then we hired a car and travelled all the way down Italy. Neither of us had been to Europe before so was definitely a completely different experience – we loved it! We hadn't got back yet when we were planning on when we were going back to Paris!

Advice for other planning brides?
We asked our brother in law (MC) and our parents to make all the decisions that may come up at our reception (eg. when to cut the cake, ect.) on the day so we didn't have to worry about a thing.

When you look back what would you have done differently on your wedding day?
Ate more and tried to chat to more friends and family (although we did try our best!).

nat dan 9Photo supplied by Bride & Groom

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony Location – St Boniface Cathedral, Anglican Church in Bunbury
Wedding Reception VenueFerguson Farmstay, Ferguson Valley
Photographer - Henderson Photographics for ceremony. Family and friends took photos from disposable cameras on the tables at the reception during the evening
Accommodation for you – Peppermint Lane Lodge, Ferguson Valley
Accommodation for your family - Ferguson Farmstay chalets
Accommodation for your friends – They had the option to stay in Ferguson, but most of our guests drove back to Bunbury, Bridgetown and Perth
Your Dress & Accessories – Wedding dress and garter from Cherubs for Weddings, Shoes from Betts, pearl necklace and earrings from Bunbury Bridal & Invitations. Something blue was my toe nail polish, something old was my grandmothers necklace around my wrist, something new was my dress & veil my mum helped me choose, our champagne glasses from the parents of the groom, something borrowed was my dad's arm walking me down the aisle and the father of the grooms car to take us to the ceremony
Bridesmaid's dresses & accessories – Black dresses bought online and wine-red coloured shoes from Shoebedoo
Rings – Angus & Coote
Groom & grooms man attire – My handsome groom wore a white shirt, white waist-coat and black suit (white cufflinks, tie and hankie). Groomsman wore white shirts, black waist-coats and black suits (wine-red cufflinks, ties and hankie chiefs). Father of the bride wore a grey suit. All from Mensland.
Entertainment – Jukebox, speakers and microphone hired from Oasis Party Central
MakeupEnvy, The Beauty Specialists. Lani was so great, she did the make up for 2 of my bridesmaids, mother of the bride and the bride. Mostly she just made me comfortable and beautiful
Cake – Cake topper was personalised and a gift organised by the sister of the groom (made by a friend in Perth) and was much appreciated
Celebrant – Revd. Stewart MacPherson
Transport – Groom and groomsmen – Two 1970 Taranos driven by friends. Bride and father of the bride – 1926 Buick driven by Danny's father (wearing his famous driving hat!).
Wedding invitationsPanache Inspiration, Danny and I added a few personal finishing touches to them before posting (glued on flowers, bling and tied string inside the invites - "tying the knot")
Videographer - Danny's uncle, only at the church ceremony
Wedding decorator - Church decorations – Danny's mother tied white ribbon bows on the pews of the church. Reception - Rawjac Enterprises for the basic decorating, but most of the decorating and personal touches were done by the my mother, father and brother, Danny's mother, and myself - the night before the wedding
Unique Services – bonbonnieres (shaped like a bride and groom) and disposable cameras bought online (can't remember the website!)
Gifts from guests – Presents, giftcards, a wishing well and so many best wishes cards
Bits and pieces for decorating – Spotlight, Creations Unlimited, Officeworks
Thank you gifts for guests - Stubbie holders from Promote you
Thank you cards – Vista Print online

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