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tracey jasonTracey and Jason's Laurance Winery Wedding

Date: 8th March 2014
Wedding Photographer: Henderson Photographics
Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue: Laurance Winery, Margaret River

Interview with the Bride

tracey jason a

Jason proposed to me on the 15th of March 2013 at Bunker Bay Resort. We had 1 year to plan our beautiful wedding. We always loved Dunsborough Margaret River Region and went down their for holidays. So we both knew this was a memorable beautiful place to get married. We wanted a small and intimate wedding, and we were so happy to the guest's that could made it. As some traveled a long way to be there and that was the greatest gift of all.. We were very happy that Nonna and Nonno could travel down to make it as well. It made Jason and I very happy..

tracey jason btracey jason cEverything was based around our relationship, first holiday, first flowers and at the ceremony first kiss as husband and wife..

tracey jason dWe love Dunsborough and Margaret River Region, Abbey Beach Resort was the first place we went on holidays together and loved it. We choose to look at 3 amazing venues but when we drove through the gates of Lawrence Winery, Jason said "this is it" with so much excitement and he had butterflies in his stomach.. We looked at each other and said "wow this is beautiful, imagine getting married here".
When we had a look around, it was so amazing and breathtaking. The gardens are so beautiful, we walk down the stone path, through the wooden arbor around 1000 roses, to a lake and fountain at the end. There were vineyards all around us, it was so amazing and looked so elegant and beautiful. Just breathtaking..
When we walked into the cellar through the large wooden doors, the cellar had chandeliers and a open wooden fire place. It had so much warmth and a rustic charm and intimate feel. Laurance Winery is so beautiful.... The staff were amazing through the whole planning and the day was incredible. It was great to have their support..
Our ceremony was so beautiful. Jason and I read our own vows, my sister the Maid of Honor read out a special poem to us, we had a special message for the parents and the blessing from everyone. After our celebrant said now your husband and wife, you can kiss the bride. We walked over to the fence near the lake and had a special love lock ceremony and locked our love heart lock on the fence and threw the key in the lake. This was exciting because when we go visit Laurance Winery, we can go see our love lock..tracey jason e

tracey jason ftracey jason g

It felt like the wedding celebration started 4 days before the wedding. Family and friends stayed at Abbey Beach Resort. The boys had a boys night and the girls had a beauty treatment in Dunsborough. We meet guest's for breakfast and dinner before our wedding day, so we had more quality time with them.

The morning of the wedding. The girls said "We have got some bad news" and we looked out side and it was raining but soon cleared to beautiful blue skies..

We provided our guest with a bus service that picked them up from Abbey Beach Resort at 2:30pm. Jason and his best mate Mark rode their Harley Davidson's to Laurance Winery. At 2:40pm the Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, 2 flowergirls, Junior Bridesmaid, little Love lock holder, my dad and I went out the front of Abbey Beach Resort and saw our amazing rides. Two amazing Chevy's to pick us up a 1956 Maroon Chev and 1957 red chev, both with 350 Chevy V8 motors. They were amazing and my dad was loving them too.

We arrived at Laurance Winery for our ceremony at 4.00pm. I remember driving through the gates all excited and seeing the Harley's Davidson on the grass in front of the fountain and my husband to be with a huge smile on his face, and the guest's getting ready.

We stepped out of the chev's and made our way in side. The children lined up in front of me looking so so cute and then off they went one by one with a huge smile on their faces, so happy to be apart of our big day! The Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor went down the stone path. My dad and I started going down the stone path,  I was so proud to have my dad next to me, to get his blessing. I can see all the beautiful roses and as we went down the gorgeous stone path towards the wooden arbors, I could see Jason for the first time. I was smiling so much, feeling so happy with love and joy. Apart of the ceremony, we had all our guest blessing us. Jason and I had a special message for our parents, we read our own vows, my sister read a poem and their were tears of joy and lots of smiling and laughter. The two mums signed our wedding certificates. Then we continued to the love lock ceremony and locked our love heart lock on the fence to celebrate our unconditional love for each other.

We donated a gold coin to each guest so they can throw into the Fountain and wish us a happy and bright future.. Laurance Winery donates the fund to a charity every year.

Lots of hugs and kisses in congratulations before having family photos. The bridal party went over to Laurence Winery private Estate for photos. The huge gates are amazing and the gravel road goes through beautiful trees on the side of the vine yards. We went to a old barn and had wine and a platter, which was so delicious.. The view was incredible over the vine yards.

We then went back to the reception and had a huge cheer for the Bride and Groom as we walked in the doors. Buffet dinner was served at 6:45pm and fruit and cheese platters. Nonna made some beautiful biscuits, they were so yummy. Champagne was served for toasting. We had to cut our amazing modern luxe design wedding cake my sister made for us and then speeches started.. My brother was the MC and he was so funny, we were in stitches laughing. Both dads said warm and wonderful speeches and congratulated everyone for being their. Jason's Brother said his speech and we were so proud of him. We both got up and said our speeches and then we had our first dance and then everyone started dancing..

Jason and I had our special moment and walked down memory lane of our wedding ceremony and it was so great and so special.. We walked down to our love heart lock at the lake through the wooden arbors around the 1000 roses and was saying what an amazing and incredible day it has been..

At 11:30pm our ride was here and everyone formed a arch and we went under everyone's arms and said goodbye as we went out the door.. Not long after the bus come to pick everyone else up.

It was the most incredible, beautiful, loving day we could of ever wished for! Full of so much laughter and joy. The day was so special to us to be able to share in front of family and friends..

tracey jason htracey jason itracey jason j
Jason was involved with all the discussion making e.g. venues, flowers, suits, photographer etc. Jason loves music and he choose all our music, our ceremony song, our first dance song, cutting the cake song. He made a DVD of our photos, so we played it up on the TV screen at the reception. Jason organised his transport, which was his Harley Davidson. And enjoyed the ride with his mate Mark..

tracey jason k

Jeff from Henderson Photographic was amazing.. A really good Photographer is highly recommended. After our wedding, we couldn't wait to see our photos. It was the last thing left to look forward too after the wedding. I would recommend getting an album because it's things that are kept in the family and seen for memories to come, children, grandchildren etc..

When we were having our photos taken, the photographer was telling us to talk to each other. My sister Tina would come up with so much funny things. It kept us laughing so much, we couldn't stop laughing. She even lost her shoe, which was hilarious.

tracey jason l

I took a trip to Adelaide 5 months before the wedding to look for my dress and to share the special moment with my mum and sister. It was one of the best and emotional days of my life. It's so special to share this moment with family. We had such a great time, trying on dresses. I found the dress in one day!
I loved it when my mum and sister got really emotional and excited. It was like wow!! Lots of hugs and tears.. My dress is a Australia Designer Martina Liana, which I loved. It was Ivory with Swarovski crystals. The beading was so beautiful, with a zip and Swarovski crystal buttons up the back. The veil was long to give a romantic feeling, with bling diamanté all around the edging. All I thought is I can see myself standing next to Jason in this dress. This dress is the one!

Tracey's tips for you
It can be really overwhelming with all the family and friends. Spend some time alone with each other. On our wedding day at the reception. Jason took my hand and we walked down the path I walked down at the ceremony. We followed that path through all the roses to the lake and looked for our love lock.. That few minutes just by ourselves was so special and amazing and it will be always be a memory in my heart..

Also a lot of people say weddings are about the Bride. So I really wanted it to be about both of us. I asked my partner what would he love to do, to make the day amazing. He said ride his Harley Davidson in with his mate Mark.. It was really great to have his dream come true too.

A cruise ship for two weeks around Fiji, Vanuatu and Mystery Island. Staying in an amazing suite.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony and Reception Venue:Laurance Winery (now Robert Oatley Margaret River Restaurant & Cellar Door)
Photographer: Hendersons Photographic's
Accommodation for you & your guests: Abbey Beach Resort, Busselton
Brides dress & Accessories: Gerry and Jenny Bridal in Adelaide and Kezani Jewellery (hand made jewellery by Anita).
Bridesmaid's Dresses & Accessories dresses: Gerry and Jenny Bridal Centre in Adelaide and Kezani jewellery (hand made)
Rings: Mazzucchellis
Groom & Groomsman Attire: Ferrari formal Wear
Makeup: Brooke Carter Makeup
Transport: Chevrolet Limousines South West
Bonbonnieres: Hand made boxes, with local produce chocolate, fudge, nougat and sugar coated almonds with a lovely message to our guest.
Stylist: Wez Enterprises
Bus Services for Guests: The Chauffeur Bus

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