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bree glennBree and Glenn's Vintage Disney Wedding

Date: 6th December 2014
Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Edwards Wines Private Property, Margaret River

Interview with the Bride

bree glenn 1

Glenn had organized bow ties, pocket squares and shoes for the blokes to keep. Bree got the girls Haruni handknit alpaca shawls made by a lady in Argentina, South America.

The night before the wedding we separated the blokes and the girls. At 7am us girls woke early and hit the beach for a walk and swim. It is the BEST thing anyone can do before the madness of time schedules -  it was just beautiful and so chilled out. The blokes also ended up hitting the beach too, without our knowing. We reluctantly bumped into them all at the café, but my good old bridesmaids went up there to move them all on whilst they hid me away from Glenn under the jetty, it was quite funny!
bree glenn 2bree glenn 2abree glenn 3
My amazing mum and sister helped me create a brooch bouquet. Fresh bouquet flowers cost a crazy amount these days (especially when you say "wedding"), and then it dies shortly after.  My mum found this brooch bouquet in a cut out from the newspaper. I then researched saw the cost to get it professionally made and nearly fell off my chair. (Not that I'm stingy) We paid whatever was needed for things that were fair and justified. I looked at the brooch bouquet and thought "We can make this!". So onto YouTube we went researching and boom - DIY Brooch Bouquet tutorial. It's not to say it was 'easy' or 'fast' BUT it was do-able and a job that required a night of Mum, my sister Michelle, Dad and I.

The best thing about this Brooch Bouquet was when I had my kitchen tea I asked guests not to bring presents, but to instead donate a brooch of meaning to them that I could use to create my long lasting memory! They were all different, having ones from the both of my grandma's and a treasured Ansett brooch of my grandad's (who is no longer with us) was just extra special.

bree glenn 3a
THE SHOE STORY: I always liked the idea of having my BM's in white dresses and having the wow colour factor in the shoes (I love shoes). My mum again found a cut out in the newspaper of a photo of some BM's with white dresses wearing different coloured shoes. It looked awesome! So my research started there!

I went on ebay looking and randomly found Disney Princess shoes that a lady hand decorated. I LOVED them and thought OMG I want those shoes for me. (Much to my Babcia's - my Polish Nanna - concern). So I ordered them from Freckled Betty's Fancies. After chatting via Facebook to Freckled Betty Fancies, I came up with the idea to go a bit nuts and have a pair of Disney princess shoes made for each of my BM's. When I asked FBF she said "No problems".

I had my 7 best mates turned into princesses and matched their character to their personality or characteristic.
The characters were Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Jasmine and Cinderella. I then asked her if she could put all my BM Princesses on my shoes? " Not a problem" she said. The shoes were ordered in March and they arrived from the UK in September (later than I wanted - But she was quite busy etc).

ISSUES: Three of my beautiful big footed BM's (size 10/11) didn't fit the shoes, however my issue was sorted with a strike of luck. I sent the 3 shoes back to the UK with a full refund given as FBF couldn't get any bigger sizes and she accidently didn't match the size correctly.  AMAZINGLY I found another lady that does the same art living in Australind in W.A, Custom Kicks Shoe Design.
I was in luck! ........ I head hunted off Amazon x3 size 10/11 wedges. I posted them to this new art creator express post with photos of the other shoes. CKSD was a LEGEND and matched them to the detail. CKSD express posted them back and BOOM!  We had all shoes ready to go. May I just say not without serious internet time and research.

NB: I never stressed - I think l was just lucky.
bree glenn 5bree glenn 6bree glenn 7
A month after our engagement, I dreaded the experience of bridal dress shopping going from place to place. The common process was;
1. Book an appointment first, then go for the fitting.
2. Get told how amazing you look in every dress which confuses you even more.
3. Have too many opinions flying at your head.
Holy moly! So what does a person do instead? Find a design online & buy it from China! Bargain! $250? Awesome. Wait for the arrival in 6 weeks. ......... It arrives ..... with too many nerves I get my Babcia to open the package with mum looking on. Pretty much 'WTF' expressions on all faces appear. Disaster!!

How can I describe it? Costume like dress. No beading - as opposed to what was discussed with the design – but 1000's of costume sequins and bling beads.
A drag queen would have loved it!

After a few photos & my (mortified) Babcia saying "No photos. Show no-one."
The dress went back into the package and I spent the next month fighting online BUT won with a FULL refund & dress returned. During the wait time I visited only 3 bridal shops (that was enough) and found a winner at Hob Nob, so dress done.
Was it lightweight, so I can dance all night without a sore back = YES
Train to be cut off so I don't collect all the vineyard & beach flora & fauna = YES.
Easy to get on without wrecking hair? = YES.
Easy to go to the toilet during the night? = YES.
Comfortable to sit in a chair & actually eat food without a worry or passing out? = YES.
Done & dusted.

I absolutely loved the vintage look about it. It is a style of dress that just does not age – no matter what era you wear it – it still holds its glamour. I have always loved a 1920's look & without really thinking or planning it, that is what it came out like on the day. Quite strange actually, but loved it.  The contrasting head piece was a last minute purchase that my mum & Babcia insisted on & I'm so glad I wore it. The other thing I decided to do (just because) was to get made a shorter petty coat for the dancing time, so that I could dance with ease & show my shoes off. Although the pluggers came out very quickly when Jimmy Barnes & I did a duet together with such passion.
bree glenn 8bree glenn 9
Glenn and I created our own vows which we loved. We only read them to each other on the day. The only thing we did was tell each other the 'word count' on Microsoft word so that they were of similar length. Having written our own vows made the ceremony and what we were promising each other, so much more real & heartfelt. Re; Witnesses - we decided not to do the traditional Best man & Bridesmaid, but instead pick witnesses who really meant something to us that were not already in special roles of the bridal party. Glenn chose his Dad & I chose my 84 yr old Babcia, for which I am so grateful to have her signature on our wedding certificate!

We asked our celebrant to mention to the guests to save their hugs & congrats until we get back from the photos and join them at the reception. This saved at least an hour of time! As our ceremony started at 4-4.30pm. So we literally walked down the aisle and straight out the front to where we had family photos conducted in an army style manner with the best directed photographer you could hope for. All our other guests hit out the back for cocktails, drinks, canapés, games & acoustic guitar session from our DJ.
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bree glenn 12bree glenn 13bree glenn 14bree glenn 15
Glenn is the most amazing man ever. Nothing was ever an issue or problem. He helped out every step of the way. We discussed everything together, if I had ideas I always wanted his opinion. He was just so easy to work with on the wedding and we had fun doing it. It was a wedding created from both of us that represented both of us. Yes, ok girls tend to do most of the organising, BUT he was a trooper.  Yes, it's pricey for one day of your lives but none of that mattered as it was the BEST & HAPPIEST one day of our lives.
bree glenn 16bree glenn 17bree glenn 18
I guess I'm not a typical bride: It must be this colour theme, and have this and that. Glenn and I just wanted something that looked nice and by having Jody Parry (Bling Events Studio) as our Wedding Planner, I honestly just said to her – go for gold! We will be happy with whatever you create.
1. Less stress for me to have to think.
2. Jody was an absolute expert and it was unreal. I guess the only little touch we gave our wedding was the vintage Disney touches. We both love Disney. Instead of traditional table numbers we had vintage Disney characters e.g Dumbo, Lady & The Tramp etc. Jody Parry provided a beautiful white glass door for which her amazingly talented daughter wrote and drew the characters of our table guest list! Absolutely amazing and well talked about by our guests.

I did bring along a few props. We had a white bird cage (borrowed from my Bridesmaid, Tasmin) for all our wishing well cards.  We had made a yellow Disney Mickey & Minnie "Just Married" flag that was raised when our celebrant announced "You may now kiss the bride". The flag was raised to the song the 'Wedding March' as a bit of a laugh for our guests. It just so happened that Edwards property had a flag post and we couldn't resist using it. All other decorations were really created by Jody and anything I brought along she just incorporated into the mix.
bree glenn 19bree glenn 20
TABLE NAME CARDS: Instead of having traditional name cards on the tables, we hit up good old Facebook & found 'funny' photos of our guests & used the photos as the name cards. What a hit! There was lots of laughter, it was awesome.

Without being too judgmental, I have attended cocktail style weddings before and unfortunately remember getting way too drunk and being left rather hungry.  So the sit down meal was always our choice. Supper Road (formerly The Goose Catering) catering was (no joke) 100% faultless. We chose their 'Buffet To The Tables' option, which not one guest gave a negative comment. It was so impressive. Instead of the traditional buffet = "Table number 8 you're up", the buffet-style food is delivered to your table. So there is no lining up – it all comes to you. Amazing!
bree glenn 21bree glenn 22bree glenn 23
We started our reception at 7pm, but had organized for the photographer to get all our guests out on the lawn for a massive group photo taken from the balcony, so once everyone was in place we then made our entrance to join in on the photo. The reception then followed. Speeches we performed straight away. All done and dusted before the meals were served, as anyone having to make a speech knows - you really can't relax until it has been done. We wanted everyone stress free for meal time and drinking thereafter. (And more dance time baby!!) The speeches were amazingly funny and also heartfelt. I don't think Glenn and myself have laughed and cried so much in one day.

Funny Story: Well, us girls watched the movie Bridesmaids the night before the wedding (so funny!) And at the last minute – the girls decided to speech bomb Tasmin (another Bridesmaid who made a speech) at the end to express their thoughts and basically copied a scene from the movie when the 2 actors compete in 'who's the better friend speech?' and end up singing the song "That's what friends are for" – it was just so funny & unexpected.

Were children invited to your wedding and if so how did you keep them entertained? Again ... I do love kids – I do! BUT at a wedding – nope! Sorry parents out there. Again having been to weddings with children around I watched how the parents couldn't relax because they spent the night chasing after the kids and I watched the kids destroying stuff. I wanted a day of zero stress and I knew if kids were running around I would not relax. Also it was so great to see all our guests who had kids have a night off and drink and eat as much as they wanted and not get interrupted. The only children that attended were the ones attached to the breast and our amazing little 1 year old nephew Oliver, who we wanted there. He provided much entertainment and laughter during the ceremony & reception speeches. He made the day.
bree glenn 24bree glenn 25bree glenn 26
Advice for other brides planning their wedding?
Make decisions as quick as you can & be confident – don't ponder. Research – yes, get quotes – yes, make the choice, pay the deposit & DO NOT RETHINK the decision. Just move onto the next box to be ticked. Enjoy it – don't control it & stress so much. Get your fiancé involved if he is the type to be so – it's so much more enjoyable when your wedding is created from the both of you. Limit family involvement with decision making (unless your family is carefree & easy going) it is a day about you & your lover not what 100 other people want – so be strong & make it about your relationship!

Guest list – are they your friends or your families friends? Have you seen these people in the last year? Will you see these people in 5 years? If Xmas cards were still popular (I try to continue them) would you receive a card from these people or would you send them a card? You don't need to invite the world, just the people that have meaning to you. It's an expensive world out there – so be strong and have happy people at your wedding. Avoid conflict potentials as its your day not theirs!

And remember the happy guests will give you the greatest atmosphere on the day – it will be relaxed and the dance floor will be pumping. If people don't like your decisions or choices, that's ok, because it's not their day - it's yours! Have fun! And enjoy it – because you sneeze and it's over.

Oh, and try to make a weekend out of it! Enjoy your girl time and even have beers with guests the next day at a pub for a hangover, burger and beer. It's so nice to see guests the next day and have a laugh at the memories created the night before.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We flew out the following night to Singapore and\ went on a ten night Princess Sapphire Cruise from Singapore to Bali, Phuket and Penang. We were forced to relax and have no time schedule. I think this contributed to us creating a honeymoon baby  . . . due September this year. (lol)

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony & Reception Location: Edwards Wines Private Property
Photographer: Capturing Lifes Colour
Catering: Supper Road
Celebrant: Diane Moore - The Owl and the Pussycat Celebrations
Accommodation: Quest Apartments, Atlas House (Exclusive Escapes), other privately rented houses.
Brides dress & accessories: Bride dress: Hob Nob, Bride Head piece: Fara Almasi, Bride Shoes: Handmade Disney Princess by Freckled Betty's Fancies (UK Facebook). Bride Earrings: Swarovski Moon, that Glenn said resembled the moon he proposed to me under in Esperance!
Bridesmaid's dresses & accessories: Bridesmaids chose their own dresses to match their personalities, body shape & to be able to wear them again. BM Shoes: Handmade Disney Princess Shoes each having a different colour. 
Rings: Rosendorff
Groom & groomsman attire: Groom Suit: Armani (David Jones) & Groomsmen Hired Suits from Brittons Formal Wear Suit Hire. All Shoes: David Jones - Julius Marlow.
Cake: All done through the AMAZING caterers Supper Road (Wedding Cake = Cheese Wheels, for the cheese platters later with port) with Star Trek Ken & Barbie as Toppers – This was a little surprise to Glenn as he is a Trekkie fan
Favours: Handmade Soap by Nina Vening @ Barren Beauty
Stylist/Planner: Jody Parry @ South West Event Studio

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