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simon staceyStacey & Simon's Breakfast Wedding

Date: 28th September 2014
Wedding Ceremony: Bunkers Bay Beach
Wedding Reception: Bunkers Beach Cafe

Interview with the Bride

simon stacey 1
Timeline of the day:
I couldn't fall asleep at all the night before anyway, so to "wake up" at 3am wasn't an issue as I'd never fallen asleep to begin with, so I was glad to get out of bed and get started! I got up at 3am for a quick shower before the hairdresser arrived at 3:30am (I know, what a feat!), then had make-up at 4:30-5:30am, with half an hour to put on my dress and add final touches etc to be ready for the photographer at 6am. I had no photos of me getting ready, but Simon and I decided to do our photos before the ceremony. We saw this when we were travelling overseas (it is custom in Scandanavia to do it in this order) and we loved how by having your photos beforehand it meant that you never had to leave your guests once you met them. We also loved the idea of being able to take your guests straight from the ceremony into the reception, so by not having photos inbetween it allowed us to do that. We also thought that by seeing each other before the ceremony it would make us less nervous, but that part didn't work- we were still very nervous at the ceremony! The best part was the first time we saw each other it was just us (& the photographer of course!) which was beautiful to have something so intimate done so privately. So we had photos from 6am till 7.15am, then the ceremony was at 8am, after the ceremony we walked straight up the boardwalk to the café which we had to ourselves until 12:30noon.
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What made you and Simon have a morning wedding?
We have both been to a lot of weddings, I've been bridesmaid 5 times and we wanted something different to the formal evening affair. We aren't formal people, and we LOVE going out for breakfast so it seemed natural for us. I didn't like that with an afternoon/evening wedding you spend most of the day apart from your fiancé/husband, this way we were together from sunrise! You get to enjoy the whole day together. It also meant that we could wrap up the celebrations with our guests by the afternoon (following the breakfast reception we all went into the Pour House for drinks, returning to Pullman Resort by 5pm), which meant we got that night together just the two of us, which was really special. We had a glass of Baileys in a big bubble bath and ordered room service. Simon always said he wanted his toes in the sand when he said his vows, so a beach wedding was a must.
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What things did you have to organise for your wedding?
The biggest thing was probably the newspaper! Every breakfast needs a newspaper, and I had them custom made from a company in the UK, and I had to put in all the 'articles' and photos etc to relate it to us. The menu was in there too. My Mum spent HOURS making burlap bows, burlap table runners. Another big thing to organise was that I wanted to do my own flowers, as I wanted a rustic native flower theme. My Mum and I did a half-day workshop then had our own little practice run before the day. We made my bouquet, Simon's buttonhole, 8 table settings (teapots for vases!) and restaurant decorations. We picked the flowers up from Leederville flower markets on Thursday, arranged them all on the Friday and delivered them to the café. Getting them down South was a mission, my Dad made a special shelf for his trailer so the buckets were all protected! My Dad also made blackboards from an old door, and signs for which way to go, where to put your shoes etc. We hunted charity (St Vinnie's and Salvos) shops for old teapots and then spray-painted them all.
simon stacey 7

What time did your ceremony start and what time did the whole wedding finish?
Ceremony started at 8am, reception was 8.30am til 12:30noon. After we all  went into the Pour House in Dunsborough (we hired a bus to take everyone there & back) for a few drinks & nibblies, then the bus took us (& the guests staying at the resort) back to Pullmans at 5pm.

Cost of a morning wedding compared to an afternoon do you have any comparisons?
It was a lot cheaper! But I also saved a lot of money by doing a lot of it myself. (hunting charity shops, getting Dad to make the blackboards, my Mum doing the runners etc). I had a quote from a florist to do my bouquet of $180, and the ENTIRE cost of all the flowers for the day came to $250!! I know the average evening wedding is approx. $30-40,000 and ours was $15,000 for EVERYTHING except rings. That includes my dress, Simon's outfit, all the decorations, food, drinks, invites, the singer, the photographer, the works. We also had no bridal party so that cuts down cost, no cars as we didn't need them.... so that helps too!
simon stacey 8
What did your guest think of the whole morning wedding?
They loved it as much as we did! It was held on a long weekend too so most people turned it into a holiday. A few people didn't know how it was going to "work", we got lots of questions like 'so will there be dancing?' A lot didn't know what to wear as we put neat casual on the invite! But everyone raved over it, how great it was to do something different, and be able to celebrate the whole day. I think everyone also liked how relaxed it was.
simon stacey 10simon stacey 11

The coffee cart: Simon and I had in our heads that we'd love to have a coffee cart, especially with an early start we have to give our guests a coffee first thing! And it was so fitting with breakfast theme. While running along South Perth foreshore one day we came across Pedaling Beans, who were EXACTLY what we were after. Catherine & Randall were fantastic in organising the day, the service they provided beforehand and on the day was exceptional. I cannot recommend these two enough! The coffee is great, and they created so much atmosphere for the day. I created custom coffee sleeves too for the cups! ( stacey 12
Our reception:
Breakfast! 3 course meal, one speech (Simons), and an acoustic singer/songwriter for a bit of atmosphere. It was very relaxed. My nieces & nephews even went for a swim!
Food served at your reception? Canapes on the decking: mini ham & cheese croissants, zucchini fritters. Muffins on the table: mixed berry, apple, & white choc. Mains: choice of- 1: Oats cooked in coconut milk finished with palm sugar, citrus & pineapple caramel, 2: poached eggs on Yallingup sourdough with rocket, prosciutto and parmesan, 3: potato rosti, avocado & corn salsa, spinach, poached eggs, 4: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato braise, sourdough. Dessert: crepes with stewed pear, pistachio, praline and honey yoghurt. We didn't have a wedding cake- instead we cut a massive pancake stack!
simon stacey 13

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony Location: Bunkers Bay Beach
Reception Venue: Bunkers Beach Cafe
Celebrant: Diane Moore - The Owl and the Pussycat Celebrations
Photographer: Envy Photography
Coffee cart: Pedaling Beans

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