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juanitarobert weddingJuanita & Robert's Intimate Ferguson Valley Wedding

Date: 28th September 2014
Wedding Photographer: Real Image Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Ferguson Farmstay, Ferguson Valley

Interview with the Bride

juanitarobert wedding 1

We got engaged on our anniversary and had just over 12 months to plan. But in reality the planning started once our venue was confirmed so we only really had 9 months.
We were pretty conservative with our budget and had a lot of help from our parents. In the end we ended up spending under $15,000 and being an accountant I didn't have too many blow outs. The trick was that I over estimated on a few items and also had a miscellaneous amount set side for the unexpected expenses or last minute changes etc. We were also able to keep the cost down as we only had around 45 guests.
We decided not to include children.We chose Ferguson Farm Stay as our Ceremony and Reception as it had a beautiful view which we knew would make for a lovely ceremony. We love Bunbury and were excited to show our friends what our region had to offer. Also, Rosa the wedding organizer was so friendly and willing to help. The onsite reception venue meant we could have it all at the one location.

juanitarobert wedding 2juanitarobert wedding 3juanitarobert wedding 4I went to Perth with my bridesmaid about nine months before the wedding, to get an idea of the styles I liked and did five bridal shops in one day (not recommended!!). However I already knew I would order online. I loved the lace of my dress. I have always liked Vintage dresses and that era and I felt very elegant with the jeweled sash.
I decided not to have flowers as I didn't want to worry about keeping them fresh throughout the day. My bouquet (and my bridesmaid's) was made out of a mixture of foam roses from Spotlight and Ebay along with strategically placed brooches.

juanitarobert wedding 5We personalized some of the vows and included a quote by John Lennon, "A dream you dream alone is just a dream but a dream you dream together now that is reality," We also had a moment during the ceremony where we had a celebrant remind us to take a moment to take it all in. That really made it all sink in.
juanitarobert wedding 7juanitarobert wedding 8juanitarobert wedding 9I only had the one bridesmaid and I bought her robe to wear on the day, some pink ugg boot slippers and a cheese server. The groomsmen had their suits paid for.
juanitarobert wedding 10The groom was in charge of the play list and arranging a microphone and speakers for music. We did not have a DJ and just had a laptop setup playing a list of music.

juanitarobert wedding 11juanitarobert wedding 12The ceremony started at 4pm and I arrived fashionably late at around 4.15pm. It was all done and dusted around 4.40 when we received congratulations from our guests and had some quick formal photos. Our guests were served drinks and canapes from 5pm whilst we had our photos and we arrived to celebrated at around 6.30pm. Our drinks service went for 6 hours which meant the reception finished at 11pm. If we could have changed anything -  it would be to not feel so time pressed during the reception. We probably would have pushed the guests being served drinks, out to 5.30pm - but other than that the timing seemed to work well.
We had our Starters served to the guests at the table and had a buffet for mains and dessert. We were very happy that we chose buffet style over alternate service.
We had speeches from the fathers, best man and maid of honour and the groom. All were really good and heartfelt. But my favourite one was the groom who went a little off track whilst describing his lovely new wife and said "To my wife you are a look amazing and beautiful... etcetera..." The etcetera got a lot of laughs and a look of amusement from his new wife!
juanitarobert wedding 13Our theme was vintage lace. The inspiration came from my vintage dress and then I decided to make a flower and brooch bouquet and it all flowed from there to lace wrapped jars as candle holders, fake roses and flowers, burlap table runners and chutney jars with a fabric cover. I even wrote in calligraphy each guest's name on a shipping tag tied to the chutney jars.All of the decorations were made by me with some help from friends and family. We had a few helpers set the tables the night before the wedding.
Robert's Mum helped organise our wedding cake through a friend at her work. My Mother helped to print the transfers that were ironed onto the callico covers for the chutney jars. She also helped to make the base for my bouquet. I had so many people keeping an eye out for brooches and jewellery I could use for my bouquet. My lovely friend Pippa also helped me put my ideas for the invites together and onto paper.

juanitarobert wedding 14Advice for other brides: Try not to sweat the little things, I really wasn't too fussed as I knew that it would all come together on the day. There were things I intended to do but I ran out of time. However, none of your guests know what was "meant" to be on the table or happen, etc - they only see what's there on the day.

Make more time to relax and take it in. I would have also organized the timeline for the reception a bit better as it was a little rushed and possibly have paid for an additional hour of drinks service (and of course increased the tab).

For our honeymoon we went to the South Island of New Zealand in January as my husband is a teacher and couldn't get any more time off in October and it was just lovely. We were completely blown away with how pretty it is and enjoyed just driving around and seeing the sites. We managed to see most of the South Island as we had a hire car and stayed a few days in Christchurch, a week in Kaikoura and our final week in Queenstown.

We also went away for 5 days to Pemberton a few days after the wedding. I dubbed it a "mini moon" as it was just a little break to regroup. It was just perfect and something that I would highly recommend to every bride as I needed to just relax after the stress of planning a wedding and it meant we could spend some quality time together talking about the day, etc but that we still had the "proper" honey moon to look forward to. We stayed in a log cabin that had a spa bath and spent the time eating well, drinking and just chilling out in each others company.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony & Reception Location: Ferguson Farm Stay, Ferguson Valley
Photographer: Pete Battye – Real Image Photography
Accommodation for you & your guests: Lord Forrest, Bunbury
Brides dress & accessories: Jen Jen House
Bouquet: Handmade
Hair piece: Diva
Groom & groomsman attire: Man to Man
Cake: Bev Lee
Transport: South West Chevrolet
Favours: Handmade tomato chutney
Stylist: Handmade

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