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amigarretweddingAmi & Garret's Busselton Farm-Style Wedding

Date: 17th of January 2015
Wedding Photographer: Real Image Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Old Broadwater Farm, Busselton

Interview with the Bride

amigarretwedding 1
Garret and I got engaged on the 25th of July 2014, and set the date for our wedding on the 17th of January 2015, we planned our wedding in 5 months. We made a budget and struggled to stick to it, but ended up being happy with how everything turned out in the end.
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My wedding dress was gorgeous without being over the top, was delicate and unique. When I put it on I still felt like myself rather than something I'm not.
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We had our pastor pray for us during the ceremony, and my nephew was the one that had the rings and gave them over during the exchange of rings. Which for me was very special, I love my nephews and was honored to have them as a part of the day. We had about 200 guests at the ceremony, and then 100 at the reception.

The ceremony started at 1pm, then straight after the ceremony we had an afternoon tea where we cut the wedding cake. Then the formal reception was that evening at 6pm. We did it this way so we could involve as many people as possible in our wedding day.
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We had sunflowers, gum and blue Geraldton wax in the bouquets. I love sunflowers and the gum and Geraldton wax are very earthy and Aussie, like my husband. The combination of the three flowers was stunning without being over the top and complimented the bridesmaid dresses.
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We didn't really do gifts, for our bridal party more momentos. The bridesmaids got jewellery that they wore on the wedding day, and I wrote each of the girl's a letter. The groomsmen got ties, and their button holes.
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I left all the decorating to my friend Larissa, who did an amazing job. We wanted very simple style that reflected our personalities. Earthy, simple and classic. We chose the colours blue and yellow for a number of reasons and were really happy with the end result.

There were lots of ways in which families and friends helped out. My mum made all the bouquets, and the men's button holes. A good family friend made the men's ties and she also organised the afternoon tea and volunteers to help. My friend did all the decorations. My uncle supplied and drove the wedding car. One friend did all the girl's nails, others did all the bridesmaid's make up. And the night before the wedding a friend of my mum's stepped in and repaired a bridesmaid dress for us which was awesome. As we had a lot of problems with the bridesmaid dresses quite a few people stepped in and helped to salvage them. We were really blessed in how people helped out and wanted to be part of making our wedding an amazing day.
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We had a 3 hour break between the afternoon tea and reception and that's when we did the photos. Most of the guests went home and relaxed for a bit before coming back.

Our reception was a traditional sit down dinner, as we thought it would give us a chance to see more of our guests and to have our two families mix. We intentionally set the tables so that there was a healthy mix of my family, Garret's family and our friends on each table. We didn't want it to feel like there was any divide. Seeing as we are all family now.

We did a lot of the traditional toasts, and dances at the reception but included a few things that were not so traditional. I had a friend and my brother in law perform "I will always love you", this was a surprise for my mum and it ended with her and I taking to the dance floor which was completely unplanned but something both her and I loved. We also played a few games, one of which was to make the tables work for their desert. Each table had to send a representative to the front. Once each table had sent up a person they were then informed they had to show case their talent in order to win their desert. Talents varied from "I'm a happy little vegemite", Schwarzenegger impersonations, opera and a failed attempt at a bird call.
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On a final note: Relax. Enjoy the planning. Remember on the day if things don't go exactly to plan, as long as at the end of the day you are married to the person you love, it's a good day.

We were really lucky with most of the suppliers and were pleased with their quality of work. The hair dresser, make up, wedding dress supplier and alterations, the DJ, the cake, decorator, and photographer were all amazing and did a really great job. They helped to make the day a really great one.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony & Reception Location: Old Broadwater Farm, Busselton
Photographer: Pete Battye Real Image Photography
Brides dress: Anastasia Collection
Rings: Brides rings were from Angus & Coote and Grooms ring was from Zamels
Groom & groomsman attire: Grooms and groomsmen ties were made by a friend of the bride
Makeup: Bride and mother of Bride was done by Taryn and bridesmaids make up was done by friends
Hair Stylist: Wave Lengths Busselton
Flowers: Brides mother
Cake: Sweet Sarahnade Cakes
Pastor: Peter Brownhill
Transport: Brides uncle, his restored 1960's Valiant
Decorator: Friend of the bride, Larissa Posa did all the decorations and the sweets table

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