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PamelaBrendan ThumbnailPamela & Brendon's Caves House Yallingup Wedding

Date: 28th March 2015
Wedding Photographer: Real Image Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Caves House, Yallingup

Interview with the Bride

PamelaBrendan 1
Brendan and I had been together for 13 years to the day when we got married. We gave ourselves 2 years to plan our wedding day. We started off only wanting to spend around $25,000 but we soon realized that this was not going to be achievable for what we wanted so we went over our budget by about $10,000.
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I started looking for my wedding dress about 1 year before everyone told me to make sure I left plenty of time and I'm glad I did, as we needed almost the full year to have my dress 100% ready.
I loved almost every style when I began looking for a dress - with the exception of a fishtail dress as I'm not too keen on that style of dress. However, when the lovely ladies at Tuscany suggested this one I fell in love with it the minute I put it on. It was a more softer type of fishtail and suited my body shape the best, so ladies  . . . . always make sure you go in with an open mind when choosing a dress, as the style you like may not always be the best for your body shape..
PamelaBrendan 6PamelaBrendan 7PamelaBrendan 8
My bouquet was filled with orchids, roses, lisianthus and silver princess nuts and leaves, I left it up to the florist to choose what she thought were the best flowers I just asked her to create an elegant, flowing, natural looking bouquet with a touch of native plants/flowers in them to suit the garden theme.

PamelaBrendan 9

PamelaBrendan 10
Our ceremony started at 2.30pm, then the guests were free to do what they wanted while we got our photo's taken. Pre-dinner drinks and canapes were served at 5.30pm and our guests were seated at around 6.45pm for the reception - which got underway at 7pm. The night ended at somewhere in-between 11.30 -12pm.

We left the decorating up to our stylist who did an amazing job. The ceremony was decorated with a woven arch with flowers; white chairs were supplied by the venue for our guests to sit on during the ceremony; the inner aisle chairs had posies of our flowers; and then there was a scattering of rose petals down the aisle with the white carpet runner.

We chose Caves House as our wedding venue for  a combinations of reasons but basically we both have a love of beautiful gardens and always wanted to have a garden wedding, Brendan proposed to me at Canal Rocks so when we had a look at Caves House it just ticked all the boxes plus it meant our guest didn't have to travel both between the ceremony and reception and after the reception which meant they could all just relax and enjoy the day and we didn't have to worry about anyone driving home or to their accommodation after the reception.
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Brendon organised the cars, of course. Brendan doesn't like a lot of fuss and attention so he left a lot of it to me and just helped out by coming to the appointments and giving me his opinion when needed.

The groomsmen both got an engraved beer mug and a small bottle of alcohol, my bridesmaid got a glass perfume bottle in her favorite colour and my maid of honour (my sister) literally just had a baby a few days before and we were both super worried about her not being able to make it (she is my rock, so our wedding just wouldn't have been the same without her) so I got her a few sentimental gifts and a small champagne bottle.
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PamelaBrendan 19
When we first came into the reception instead of sitting down straight away Adrian got everyone up on the dance floor and we all had a dance. It was really good to have everyone up on the dance floor together. Soup was then served and then Adrian had all the tables write a poem for us and read them out, which was a nice touch. We then went through the formalities of speeches and cake cutting and meals, then more dancing.

We also had a garter game which was hilarious . . . it began with the boys taking a 20c piece and placing it between their bum cheeks, walking it across a distance to a cup and having to try and drop it - all without using their hands. The first 2 men to do this were placed on a chair each with a foot pump under their bums. The nozzle of ther pump was poking out the front (between their legs) and their partners had to come and hold a long skinny balloon over the end of the nozzle. Then they had to pump it up again not using their hands. It was so funny because the two men that made it were completely different ages - one was an older person and one was a younger person. What made it even funnier was that the older man could only pump up a droopy balloon and the young man got a nice straight balloon (I'll leave that up to your imagination). It was gold!

After all this our guests were asked to make a big circle and Brendon and I went around and thanked everyone. Then all our guests made the traditional archway tunnel for us to leave under. It all went really quickly and we had the best time. I honestly wouldn't change any of it.

PamelaBrendan 20PamelaBrendan 21
We wanted our wedding day to have an elegant, vintage/heritage/tradition feel but with a modern twist and we tried to include a bit of a garden theme in as well given the location. Our colours were purple, silver/grey and white which came about after I found a picture on the internet of a wedding party that had these colours.

The reception was decorated with white chair covers and silver bows, the centre pieces were cream orchids (which was one of our theme flowers) in tall vases with crazy phil sticks to help give them height. Our stylist also put three smaller round vases underneath the tall vase, with tealight candles, placed on top of a round mirror. We wanted to most of the table decorations in white, cream and silver colours to keep the elegance, and introduce small pops of the purple using our bonbonneries and softer shades of the purple in the flowers.

Brendan's sister in-law supplied the candy buffet for us as a gift and helped me to get the bonbonneries ready the day before. She also offered me a lot of support in the lead up to the big day so she was my angel. One of our other guests made the 'Thank You' Wishing Drop Box for us as we couldn't afford to purchase one but wanted to add a point of difference from the usual guest book at our wedding. Everyone else contributed by being there and having a good time - it really did mean a lot to us to have them all there together and enjoying themselves. We just wanted everyone to have a good time.

We had a traditional sit down reception. It was amazing and everyone had so much fun - which was really important to us. We made a point of hiring Adrian from as we knew he would get everyone up and dancing and entertained for the night. He did an amazing job.

Advice for other Brides planning their wedding:
Wear flat shoes!!!!! Nobody see's your shoes generally and it makes it so much more comfy and easy. We had photos on the rocks and no one had to stop to take their heels off, AND, we didn't have to worry about our heels sinking into the grass at the ceremony-  best decision ever! Also if you can give yourself as much time as you can to plan your wedding and book as many things in as you can as early as you can, it just means you get the pick of the suppliers and don't have the added stress of someone or something you want not being available. Make sure you do your research, as there's nothing worse then dealing with a supplier you are not happy with. We found Coast to Country Weddings really helpful especially being able to read other peoples wedding stories and looking at their photos. It all helps you to understand what does and doesn't work and what you might like etc.

Is there anything you would do differently if you could have your wedding again:
Not at all. Even though there were a few extra things we would have liked to have or had extra of if we had the money, we still had the best time and wouldn't change it for the world. At the end of the day it's not the material things that make your day special it's how much you and your guests enjoy yourselves.

Honeymoon Destination:
We only had a week and a half after the wedding to go on our honeymoon as Brendan wasn't able to take time off work but we spent an extra few days at Caves House to relax and unwind then we spent a little under a week down at Denmark enjoying the food and peacefulness. Even though it wasn't a huge honeymoon we still really enjoyed ourselves.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony & Reception Location: Caves House, Yallingup
Photographer: Real Image Photography - Pete Battye
Brides Dress & Accessories: Tuscany Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories: Tuscany Bridal
Rings: Michael Hill
Groom & Groomsman Attire: Tuxedo Busselton
Entertainment: Adrian
Cake: Mary Fullarton Cakes
Candy Buffet: Sister in law
Transport: Ford XY GT's by Friends
Favours: Flaschengeist - Men's Bottles, Light in the Box - Women's Bonbonneries

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