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al jasweddingAl & Jase's Watershed Winery Wedding

Date: 21 November 2015
Wedding Photographer: Real Image Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Watershed Winery, Margaret River

Interview with the Groom

al jaswedding 1

Firstly, the love and support shown on our day was unbelievable. The 70 odd people who attended were the closest and most amazing people and we could not have asked for more lovely friends and family.

We had spoken about a ceremony for a while before anything ever happened. We scouted out some rings but nothing ever really progressed further until we found an amazing jewellery shop that would make rings especially designed for us, that could be engraved and hold two matching pink Argyle diamonds. So . . . . 

. . . . . “A” asked “J” on the 21 November 2014 to be “mine forever”.

He said “Yes.”

We began planning and checking out venues, settling on our location, specialised transport and accommodation. In late March we were notified that the venue was closing and would be unable to host us. Three weeks later, our transport cancelled and we came to the point where we thought it wasn’t meant to be and would have to wait until 2016. We decided not to stress as the planning had been fairly simple, it just wasn't the right time yet.

We did some odd searching here and there not really looking for anything specific but finding two venues that were available around November. We had never been to Watershed Winery before, but after driving down their sweeping driveway and consuming a stunning lunch - we were hooked. We discussed options with the AMAZING Monique (from Watershed) and after looking at the packages we decided this was our place. We still remember calling them to book, hoping that they would have a date in November available. They had the date 21 November 2015, exactly one year after our engagement. Perfect! 

We booked the venue and our planning began. We had so many ideas that we wanted on the night, so as soon we could, we arranged it with suppliers and booked it in. I don’t think we ever stopped planning up until the day, but it never became stressful (maybe I was doing it wrong, because that’s all I heard about - how stressful it is).

We found the larger the booking or expectation the easier it was to book. Booking a bus and limo was easy, we called, asked if the date was free and then booked. Our table flowers were just stunning and the service we received from our florist was impeccable.

We always wanted to arrive via helicopter, however since our first option had cancelled we were left searching for an alternative. Believe it or not, it’s pretty hard to get a helicopter down in the Southwest! However, Nicole from CTCW came to our rescue and the pilot was more than we could ask for.

Probably the most critical part of the planning was finding and booking the perfect entertainment. We wanted our day to be a celebration and party, and as such we had planned an amazing DJ/MC to oversee everything, a Fire Dancer for after dinner entertainment, and . . . . . . as a secret to everyone “A” had planned fireworks for “J” at the end of the night.

The mosty difficult element of planning the fireworks? Permit . . no!  Location? No!  Sourcing the fireworks? No! . . . .  “A” keeping it a secret !!!

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With so much of the initial planning going smoothly, we actually found that the invites and guest 'frame' were the most difficult elements to organise. We always wanted everything to be special and unique to us, so our invites were made by hand by both of us. The invites were a pinwheel/kaleidoscope where each guest scrolled around the wheel to see all the information. It took weeks to complete the invitations, including the wax seal and individual letter stamping for each guest's name. “A” had also planned a guest frame for signing rather than a wedding book. Laser cut letters were purchased from the USA and Country Road Framing was absolutely incredible in framing it up!

We had free reign with our day, and weren’t bound by any traditions or anything, so we had an absolute ball getting ready. We both met our groomal parties and their partners for breakfast at Urban Coffee House. We were able to get ready at our house (including groomal party) and were pretty happy being able to spend the day together.

We have some amazing friends who we have grown up with and known for over 10 years, so it was an amazing day to be able to celebrate with them so closely. We had a Best Man and Groomsman each, although they didn’t exactly know where to stand in the ceremony or pictures, which made it enjoyable and funny.

We were both calm as on the day, I think the understanding that everything had been planned and we couldn’t change it was the best thing. If something came up we would deal with and move on. Our day was faultless. We left Busselton and headed for Point Piquet in the limo for some beach shots, the sun was shining (albeit too hot!) and the ocean was spectacular.

We then travelled to Canal Rocks - the location of our engagement twelve months prior. We were able to get some amazing shots and our photographer commented that we were able to reach normally inaccessible places given it was two Grooms (and no dress and heels!). One of the things that “J” loved the most was the yelling of “Congratulations!” from strangers who were cliff jumping on the other side of the canal – it really did make our day that much more special.

We finished our photos and had a few more drinks then headed towards the helicopter – unknown to our groomal party. We left via the helicopter and they travelled via the limo to Watershed where we were waiting for them to arrive. Our pilot took us down the coast on an amazing tour before cutting in and heading to the Winery. Both of us were a bit worried as we couldn’t see any guests at our venue and our pilot queried if he was at the right location? After doing a fly over we saw everyone emerge from the shade to greet us and landed near the cellar door.

After waiting for what felt like an eternity for the rotors to stop on the helicopter - which just added to our anxiousness - we were greeted by Monique from Watershed and taken to a private room to gather ourselves. Walking through the cellar door was very much a blur and neither of us can remember much – but looking at the pictures it was something special to cherish and look back on. The ceremony was something our celebrant gave us complete control over (with her special hints) and it became so exclusive and special to both of us.

We had our final formal photos and sat down for dinner and readied our speeches. The speeches were very touching and heart-warming and at the same time, as always, there was some very funny and had hilarious moments.

When our mains were served and devoured (the amazing chicken and beef), we surprised our guests with our Fire Dancer who had set up on the grass with her flamethrower. After everyone had ‘played’ with fire, we returned to our desserts and the finale. “A” got “J” to come outside on the balcony and asked the guests to surround them. All the lights went out and in complete darkness “J” asked “What’s going on?”

Overlooking the lake the fireworks started. “J” replied with “What the” The fireworks were out of this world! The night ended with a bus trip home with some very merry and tired friends!

Our first and favourite aspect of the day was the love and support from everyone. The biggest moment “J” and “A” remember is their first dance. The noise and cheering of support became overwhelming it was just remarkable.

I'm going to list everything else otherwise I will be here for ever!
• The excitement of the day
• Getting ready and watching each other transform when wearing a suit
• Hopping in the limo and feeling excited for a special day
• Our photographer being so professional, calm and controlled
• The chills of rocking up and seeing the helicopter ready for us
• The grin both “J” and “A” had when the helicopter took off down the coast
• The surprise from everyone when the helicopter landed at the ceremony
• The realisation that “we” were doing this
• The touching and warm speeches
• The amazing food!!!!!!!
• The fire dancer and her spectacular moves
• The surprise and awe of the fireworks
• Cutting the cake
• Watching people enjoy themselves
• And finally but not least . . . . . getting the photos and looking at them with “A” remembering our special day.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony and Reception: Watershed Winery, Margaret River
Bus: Orange Bus Charters
Limo: South West Limousines
Helicopter: Helispecs Helicopters
Cake: Heavenly High Tea
Photographer: Real Image Photography
Entertainment: Hanna Priest – Fire Girl and Fireworks – Midwest
DJ: Pete Adams
Printing: Precision Printing
Guest Book: Country Road Framing – Sarah – Guest Frame (Book)
Suits: Penguins Suit Hire - Suits
Rings: Clarity Jewellers

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