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Aimee and Rhys Aime & Rhys' Bunker Bay Wedding

Date: 27th Februrary 2016
Wedding Photographer: In-Sight Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Pullman Bunker Beach Resort, Dunsborough

Interview with the Bride

Aimee and Rhys In Sight Photography001

We gave ourselves approximately 12 months to plan our wedding, although, we did book the venue as soon as we were engaged. Venue availability is very limited in the month of February and we had guests flying in from interstate and overseas, so we knew we had to book this first. Bunker Bay was a special place for Rhys and I, so we didn’t really need to explore other options.

We had roughly 100 guests, and although we welcomed children to the ceremony, we excluded them from the reception.

We gifted our bridesmaids earrings from Swarovski and the groomsmen were given custom cufflinks, ordered from the UK.

 Aimee and Rhys In Sight Photography042

Aimee and Rhys In Sight Photography041

Aimee and Rhys In Sight Photography103

I started looking for my wedding dress as soon as we were engaged, as I wanted to have my dress organized prior to having our baby (I wanted to spend as much time with our little one as possible). I also chose a dress that I could have altered as I lost some of the baby weight prior to getting married. I loved the simplicity and elegancy of my dress.

Rhys wore a dark charcoal suit – he looked SO handsome!

Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography003

I chose a mixture of white and pink roses for the bouquets – we chose this colour scheme because we wanted our wedding day to look classical.

We also had roses everywhere for the reception (attached to the aisles in little jars, big rose arrangements on two barrels at the location where we were married).

Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography008

Aimee and Rhys In Sight Photography242

Aimee and Rhys In Sight Photography189

Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography028Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography032
Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography055Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography064.1Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography077.1Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography091

 Aimee and Rhys In Sight Photography092

Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography109Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography122Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography126Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography147Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography155

We chose our venue because it was centrally located and easily accessible for all of our guests. We loved that there was shade and it was sheltered from the wind. We also knew with the right decor, it would be very classical and elegant.  

Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography179Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography191Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography217Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography219

We personalized our vowels (which included mentioning our son) so we felt the ceremony was very authentic and was a true representation of us as a couple.

Our celebrant was fabulous in presenting us as a couple, she was professional and warm and made our ceremony feel intimate. We were both so excited to be marrying our best friend!

Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography235Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography239Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography264Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography273Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography291Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography295Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography299Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography327Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography335Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography340Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography346Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography358

While we had our formal photographs, our guests went to the deck and had champagne and oysters. They loved looking at the view and spending time with one another.

Aimee and Rhys In Sight Photography373

For the reception Wez Enterprises did an amazing job of draping the Windmills Room in white with a beautiful blue light wash walls, chandeliers and amazing table settings.

Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography388Aimee and Rhys - In Sight Photography449

Our DJ, Ronnie, had flown in from Aspen and really made our wedding day. He had everyone up and dancing for hours (literally)!! The speeches were sentimental (and short) and everyone was laughing. Overall it was a magical night because of ‘where’ and ‘who’ we were with!  

Do you have any advice for other brides?
I think it is important to remember why you are getting married and focus on the person you love, everything else was a blur. Our photographer, hairdresser, DJ and Lauren from Bunker Bay were total stand outs for us, as they made the day exciting, awesome and flow smoothly. Our wedding day was perfect and we wouldn’t change a thing!

For our honeymoon, we had an extended holiday at Bunker Bay and celebrated all weekend with our friends and family. We are also going to the Whitsundays later this year,

Did you use Coast to Country Weddings (website, Facebook or other) to help plan your day?
Absolutely – this was a huge help in assisting me to locate local suppliers and vendors etc. Thank you for putting together such a great resource!

Aimee and Rhys In Sight Photography370

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Bunker Bay Pullman Resort
Photographer: In-Sight Photography
Stylist: Wez Enterprizes
Brides dress: Luv Bridal
Transport: Down South Luxury Limousines

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