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chloe johnChloe & John's Exquisite Yallingup Private Property Wedding

Date: 14th May 2016
Wedding Photographer: Anthea Auld Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Family Home in Moonrise, Yallingup

Interview with the Bride

chloe john 1

We were engaged the year before, so we had about a year to plan! We tried to lock in as many things as possible early on, so that we had time to plan the finer details. We spent approximately $35k. We were lucky enough to have our parents able to contribute, as we had a large guest list!

We had approximately 120 people attend, with no children.

For our bridesmaids and groomsmen, we contributed to the cost of the dresses and suits rather than purchasing specific gifts!

chloe john 2

chloe john 3chloe john 4

I loved the low back of my dress, the cut of the dress was so flattering to my figure. I also really loved the fact that it was not too heavy, so it was easy to wear all day long!

I started looking for my dress about 6 months before the wedding, and didn’t realise that this can be too late if you are not buying off the rack. I wasn’t aware that you have to order your dress after selecting it . . . . even if they’re not custom made!

I ended up having to pay an express fee for my dress to make sure it arrived on time!

For the boys we rented suits, as it was easier with the groomsman not all in WA.

chloe john 5chloe john 6chloe john 7

We had a variety of roses in the bouquets, but I am not sure which ones, as I took the advice of the Florist! I made sure I gave general ideas on what style I wanted the flowers to look and feel like, then gave the florist the reigns to come up with the best priced flowers for that time of year.

I was so happy with the flower arrangements that came together within my price range, especially since flower options are very limited in May. I would highly recommend allowing your florist some creative license!

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For our overall decor and theme we went for a reasonably simple style, with flowers and lighting the main decorations used throughout the venue. We wanted to make sure the theme blended with the natural look of the house and the surroundings, while also still giving it that wedding feel.

We utilized a variety of lighting options, fairy lights, a chandelier and candles, and had numerous different arrangements of flowers. We also featured some flower installations which really pulled the venue together. I also had painted wooden signs to have around the venue as a combination of decoration and information.

chloe john 12chloe john 13chloe john 14chloe john 15

From what I have heard, picking the venue can be very time consuming. We were so lucky to have had the option of a beautiful family venue, so we were able to commit our time towards the many other things that needed organizing.

It gave us plenty of time to look at the venue and organize exactly how we wanted it to be decorated and how it would feel. We were so lucky to be married at a venue that meant so much to us.

chloe john 16chloe john 17

We started the wedding at 2pm for a short ceremony, then heading off for 2 hours for photos and back to the reception for the evening.

We got through speeches early in the evening so that everyone could relax and have a good time afterwards. The structure of the evening was not set in stone, as we went for a delicious cocktail menu from Drummond Catering rather than a sit-down meal. Having less structure meant that we were a lot more flexible if anything was delayed, it did not cause any major issues with the evening.

chloe john 19chloe john 20

We had a reasonably simple ceremony, which was easy to put together. We added in some readings that we chose together for my husband’s sisters to read, so that all our siblings could be involved in the ceremony.

As we had both the ceremony and the reception in the same location, essentially the reception started immediately for the guests. There were some lawn games to keep people entertained, the photo booth, and we had the guest book available for everyone to write in during this time.

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We already had guests travelling to Yallingup, so we didn’t want them to travel between two different locations for the ceremony and reception.

We also though it would be cheaper and easier to have everything in the one location, and it was great to have all the decorations for both the ceremony and reception.

chloe john 25a

For our stationery we used Vista Print. There are a lot options already uploaded, and you can also upload custom designs if desired. They also often have sales which you can hitch on, which is great as it is already quite a low price point to begin with. We only had a short time to get organized, so it was quick and easy in our price range.

chloe john 26chloe john 27chloe john 29chloe john 30

My advice to other brides is, to look into only a small number of good quality options, and lock suppliers in early. Lock in a photographer, lock in a hairdresser and a make-up artist, as if you look through too many options, people are no longer available by the time you try and book.

chloe john 31chloe john 32

For our honeymoon, we booked a villa with a private pool in Thailand, it was much cheaper than a lot of the other honeymoon locations, and we got the same private relaxed feel we were looking for.

Did you use Coast to Country Weddings to help plan your day?

We sure did – you will notice a lot of our wedding suppliers up on the website!

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony Location: Family home; Moon Rise Yallingup.
Reception Venue: Family home; Moon Rise Yallingup.
Photographer: Anthea Auld Photography
Brides dress & Accessories: Holly Marie Dress by Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaid's Dresses & Accessories: Dresses purchased from Brides Selection
Rings: Purchased in New York
Groom & Groomsman Attire: Ferrari Formalwear
Entertainment: The Soul Survivors
Caterer: Drummond Catering
Cake: Cherish the Cake
Stylist & Hire Items: Furniture items hired from Yallingup Event Hire; Chandelier from Bling Events; Cape Marquees.

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