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pearlriverflorajeremyFlora & Jeremy's Margaret River Intimate Wedding

Date: 12th December 2016
Wedding Photographer: Beachmark Photography
Wedding Planner: Margaret River Elopements

Interview with the Bride

Flora and Jeremy planned and held the most intimate of weddings - with just 13 people 
. . . . and one German shepherd!

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We wanted a wedding where we could enjoy each others company, have lots of dance time, food, wine and beer time without having to stop and say ' hello and thank you' to a hundred people.

As well as time together we wanted to celebrate our big day with our daughter in a way she could enjoy and appreciate it, without being overwhelmed. The focus is different with a small wedding. It was easier to avoid focusing on the things that were not as important to us and this gave us a lot of flexibility. Everything felt very relaxed.

Caz at Margaret River Elopements helped us plan our day - she was awesome, and so are her whole team. We can't thank them enough.

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After our ceremony we went off to take photos, in the surrounding bush land. We had a flock of black cockatoos fly over us while we were taking photos.   Celebrating our first moments as a married couple in such a beautiful setting was wonderful. The backdrop to our dance floor was the sun setting over the river mouth. We also have to mention the food - it was spectacular!!!

pearlriverflorajeremy 19pearlriverflorajeremy 20pearlriverflorajeremy 22

We stayed in Margaret River for another two days, making our stay a whole week long.

We had close family and friends, three toddlers and Sasha, our German shepherd. At one stage there was a German shepherd, three toddlers and a toy pram - all part of the celebrations on the dance floor. This isn't for everyone but, it's what made our day special.

pearlriverflorajeremy 18a

We would strongly recommend other couples to consider have a small intimate wedding, just as we did. The focus is on the celebration of your relationship not on seating plans, flower arrangements and achieving the unattainable by keeping everyone else happy.

Initially it was a tough decision but, in the end, it was the perfect wedding for us.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Pearl River House, Margaret River (is not holidng weddings as of 2018)
Photographer: beachmark Photography
Wedding Planner: Margaret River Elopement
Lighting, Dancefloor and tables: Cape Marquees Events & Lighting

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