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ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTomLiz & Tom's Erravilla Country Estate Wedding

Date: 11th March 2017
Wedding Photographer: In Sight Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Erravilla Country Estate

Interview with the Bride

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 1

We were engaged two years before the wedding but started planning a year before. Our budget was originally $30k but with some set backs and last minute things it bumped up to $40k

We invited 70 guests, and the only kids we had at the wedding were our nephews and nieces – we had lawn games and gelato but mainly they just wanted to dance with me and my girlfriends all night. Anya from Erravilla had set up little beds for them to crash in when they go tired which was lovely for them and their parents.

I gifted my bridesmaids a box with their robe in it, champagne, gold flaked chocolates, scrub, a candle that said “Thank You” and a glass with bridesmaid/maid of honour scripted on it. Tom gifted his groomsmen a tall beer glass with Groomsman/Best Man etched on them and ‘gang jackets’. Haha

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 10ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 10ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 10ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 10ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 10ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 10ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 10ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 10

The morning of our wedding I was very, very relaxed for the most part, we just chilled ate from a fruit platter that Anya provided, laughed and chatted amongst ourselves.

We did have a stressful minute when I got a call from my florist (and close friend) that she’d been run off the road. The road toward the venue is skinny and a car was speeding around the corner and forced her off the road. She said she was fine just a little shaken up. But when she got to the venue her car was beaten in on one side, the glass from the canopy has smashed all through her car and the flowers. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt just really shaken we sat her down in the bridal suite with until she felt better.

My advice to other brides? Just to relax and enjoy this time with your girls. And if you have chalk boards as your decoration, don’t forget the chalk!

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 11ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 11ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 11ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 11ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 11ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 11

The Boys didn’t have nearly as much stress on the morning as we did. They hung out on their balcony, “tested” out the lawn games, and strutted around showing off their ‘Gang Jackets’.

Tom wore a blue suit not quite navy, not quite bright blue. He was being silly and told the tailor he “wanted to pop!” because it was his day too, and the tailor did just that and it was an awesome suit!

I started looking for my dress pretty much when we started planning, and I found it straight away. It was the first dress I tried on. I loved the lace and the sleeves, I liked that it was different and the lace was a larger lace design.

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 21ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 21ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 21ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 21ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 21

We woke up around 8ish had a big group breakfast that Anya made for us, the boys went their way and us girls gathered in the bridal suite. The boys spent their day “testing” the lawn games, while the girls “tested” the wine. All our guests arrived at 3.30pm by bus and I started walking up the aisle at 4pm.

All day, people had been asking me “Are you freaking out yet?”, “Are those nerves setting in yet?”. But all day I was fine. I was excited to get everything started, even putting on the dress I just wanted to run out there and see Tom!

Until… we opened the doors to walk out and all our guests heads turned around to look at me and I remembered “I hate being centre of attention!”. The first thing I remember thinking was “Keep looking up” and then “Awww it’s our song!”, and then it was back to “Keep looking up”.

Tom said that he doesn’t really remember thinking about anything in particular, he said that all he remembers is listening to Hadassah from Morris Entertainment singing our favourite song as he was watching me walking down the aisle.

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 31

For my bouquet, all I wanted was greenery, I liked the look of different leaves, but I also wanted colour in there and for it to be different, so I gave Jayla a run down and let her go wild really.

I didn’t really have a ‘style’ when we started planning the whole wedding, but by the end it was greens and coppers with a rustic backing (if that makes any sense).

We didn’t want our ceremony to take up a big chunk of the afternoon, so we made it short and sweet. We didn’t want it drawn out and we just wanted to be comfortable. Our wonderful celebrant made us all laugh and told the story of us perfectly it made it go wonderfully. We also fist bumped after our vows. Haha.

After the ceremony, our guests had gelato and played lawn games, but by the look of the photos we received,most of them spent the whole time in the photobooth. Haha.

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 37ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 37ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 37ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 37ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 37ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 37

We chose Erravilla put in on the list to go look at because we could do the whole wedding in one place, but as soon as we got there we knew it was going to be a venue! We both loved the trees, the entrance, the style of the house, everything seemed so chilled and laid back which was what we wanted.

Honestly though, besides the serenity I think what really sold it for us was, just how nice Anya was and how cute her two dogs were.

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 43ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 43ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 43ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 43ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 43ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 43

For our reception, we chose to have long wooden tables, festoon lighting, Marquee lights (MR & MRS), the lawn games, couches and the venue had this really cool shed we used as our bar area.

We only had one DIY element - we had glass moccona jars and spray painted them stone for the table arrangements.

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 47ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 47ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 47ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 47

We chose to have the reception in the same place as our ceremony because we wanted a nice flowing stress free day. We had timelines set for the day but we didn’t want to be bound by them. The venue also had these huge gorgeous winding trees that I just knew would look amazing with festoon lighting, and they did.

We had short speeches, mainly to thank our guests, we didn’t have a first dance because we knew one of us would fall over. Mainly we just had a party full of dancing and mingling with all our loved ones.

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 51ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 51ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 51

Don’t let others expectations or traditions cloud your creativity. The day is about you and your husband, enjoy it the way that feels right to you.

We haven’t had our honeymoon yet, both of us work Fly in Fly out and once the current project we’re working on finishes we’ll decide then.

Did you use Coast to Country Weddings to help plan your day?

I used it a lot! For ideas and for contacts of vendors. It was really helpful to hear how other brides handled hiccups and how they put their personal spins on things.

ErravillaCountryWeddingLizTom 51


CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Erravilla Country Estate
Accommodation: Abbey Beach Resort
Photographer: In-Sight Photography
Brides Dress & Accessories: Soul Sisters & Ruby’s Accessories
Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories: Sheike & Novo
Rings: Smales Bunbury
Groom & Groomsman Attire: Brittons Formal Wear
Entertainment: Morris Entertainment
Transport: Gannaways
Photobooth: Retro Photobooth
Favours: Funny/Stressful Story
Special Sweets: The Mobile Gelato Cart

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