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lingalongaeatonTalitha & Blake's Enchanted Woodland Wedding

Date: 24th September 2017
Wedding Photographer: Tenacious Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Linga Long Estate, Balingup

Interview with the Bride

lingalongaeaton 1

Blake proposed on Christmas Eve of 2016 so we were engaged for ten months to the day, which at the time seemed like plenty. Needless to say, we learnt that weddings are slightly more complicated than other social gatherings! We wouldn’t have been able to pull it together without lots of helps from friends and family.

We had a budget of $20,000 and a guest list of 140 people. However, with an ever expanding guest list and evolving vision it was impossible to stick to. Thankfully we had a lot of people who helped out in their own little ways.

When it came to choosing the venue for our wedding there was really only one choice; the Eaton family farm (also known as Linga Longa Estate) in the South West of Western Australia. Besides being one of the most beautiful places on Earth it is also a very special place for the two of us having spent much time there planting trees, swimming in the dam and getting covered head to toe in mud on dirt bikes. From the very moment Blake proposed I started dreaming about a ceremony on the gazebo over the dam, and while there was a lot of work that needed to be done to get it ready we never went to check out any other venue. Our hearts were absolutely set.

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Jemima (MOH) took me out for a day of dress shopping in Sydney as soon as I returned from spending Christmas in Western Australia. 8 hours, 5 boutiques and up to a million different dresses. It was at the last boutique, Brides of Beecroft, when I was trying on the very last dress that I found the one. It was simple, elegant and one hundred percent me. I ordered it then and there. In the end the only alterations I made was adding little off the shoulder sleeves. Overall I think it was a very fun but tiring day!

My favourite part of the dress was the oversized French lace on the bodice. Without a doubt. I thought it was a beautiful take on a timeless idea.

lingalongaeaton 20lingalongaeaton 20lingalongaeaton 20lingalongaeaton 20lingalongaeaton 20

When I was talking to Lara from Bos Tents and Events about my bouquet I really only had one request. Proteas. And Lara really went above and beyond. Not only were there proteas in my bridesmaid’s bouquets which she had matched with other native flowers and greens but she had even sourced a King Protea (which was out of season) for my own bouquet. It was Magnificent. One of my favourite details was the bright pop of blue from the Sea Holly she added.

lingalongaeaton 23lingalongaeaton 23lingalongaeaton 23

Originally we were supposed to have the ceremony at 3:00pm. Mother Nature had other plans. Due to extreme weather warnings of rain, hail and wind we were forced to move the ceremony to 10:30am. The reception we kept at the same time, starting at 6:30pm.

Because we had shifted the ceremony forward five and a half hours there was quite a bit of time for our guests to kill before the reception. Because of this we organized a big lunch for everyone as well as lawn games to keep them entertained. I heard some of them took the time to recharged with a nap!

lingalongaeaton 28lingalongaeaton 28lingalongaeaton 28lingalongaeaton 28lingalongaeaton 28

Our wedding wouldn't have been impossible without the help of family and friends. From my sister doing my hair and makeup, to friends mowing the lawn and helping to erect the Marquee. We even had a family friend pick up over 300 bagels to feed everyone for breakfast over the weekend. It truly was a labour of love!

Blake was in charge of the groomsmen’s attire and the reception itinerary. He was also dumped with the unlucky job of digging trenches around the marquee in the middle of the night to stop it from flooding!

lingalongaeaton 32lingalongaeaton 32lingalongaeaton 32lingalongaeaton 32

I’m not really sure if you could call it funny that the groom used the dreaded “cancel” word two days before the wedding whilst standing knee deep in mud trying to save the marquee from flooding, but hey, we can laugh about it now! We can also laugh about the fact that a man had to be airlifted out after an downhilling accident during the buck’s on bikes party - he was fine in the end but it certainly was quite the spectacle!

lingalongaeaton 36lingalongaeaton 36lingalongaeaton 36lingalongaeaton 36lingalongaeaton 36

After talking to our stylist and describing our dream wedding to we settled on an enchanted woodland theme to match the beautiful backdrop of our venue. Think, lots of warm fairy lights, handmade wooden tables, candlelight, and vibrant foliage hanging from the ceiling. When the elements came together there was the surprise, added bonus of the incredible smell of all the foliage, wood and sawdust mingled together.

lingalongaeaton 40alingalongaeaton 40alingalongaeaton 40alingalongaeaton 40alingalongaeaton 40a

Blake and I wanted to keep our reception a relaxed as possible. So while we had every single member of the bridal party was speaking we had the food coming out in courses at the same time. We didn’t want anyone getting hungry! In some ways it was rather traditional, however, we did skip some of the traditional elements such as the garter and bouquet toss.

lingalongaeaton 47lingalongaeaton 47lingalongaeaton 47lingalongaeaton 47lingalongaeaton 47lingalongaeaton 47

All of our vendors we absolutely amazing, friendly, and gave their all despite some pretty terrible weather. Our decorator and florist, Lara, not only did a fantastic job of bringing our “enchanted forest” to life despite various last minute requests as well as the marquee flooding multiple times in the lead up to the big day, she also kept us all calm when the weather forecast was only getting worse and worse, reminding us that it was going to be perfect regardless of the rain, hail, and wind. She never lost her sense of excitement and never made us feel as though we were just another “gig”.

Our photographer, Tenae Francis, also went above and beyond! She arrived a day early to capture the Bridal shower and was more than happy to camp alongside the other guests despite freezing temperatures and rain. She also didn’t bat an eyelid when we told her we would be pushing the ceremony forward five hours to avoid hail. Tenae never stopped smiling, was so energetic and was not afraid to get dirty, and believe me, we all got extremely dirty!
Finally, there was our caterer. She made trekking through thick deep mud to get the food from the kitchen to the marquee seem like no big deal. And it was delicious.

Together, these vendors pulled the whole thing together seamlessly and made it a night everyone would remember for all the right reasons.

My advise to others: Don’t sweat the things you can’t control. There’s only so much you can do and people are going to enjoy themselves whether it is raining, or you ran out of time to do a bouquet toss because you would much rather get up and dance the night away! In the end the people who are there are there because they love you and want to celebrate your special day with you no matter what. Also, let people help. Trust me, they want to, and your memories will only be sweeter when you can look back and see how all the people you love made their mark on your wedding.


CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony & Reception Location: Linga Longa Estate, Balingup
Photographer: Tenacious Photography
Accommodation: Linga Longa Estate
Brides Dress and Accessories: Dress: Brides of Beecroft. Veil: Brides of Beecroft
Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories: Dresses: Fame and Partner. Accessories: Mimco
Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire: Shirts: Scotch and Soda. Waistcoats: Dobelll UK. Shoes: Windsor Smith. Pants: Country Road
Entertainment: DJ: Bos Tents and Events
Makeup: Jemima Feddersen (Sister and Maid of Honour)
Celebrant: Ray Eaton
Florist: Bos Tents and Events
Cake: Cherish the Cake
Transport: David Pryce (Family Friend)
Favours: Hand Made wooden coasters made from wood farmed at Linga Longa Estate
Stylist: Bos Tents and Events

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