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rachelkenricRachel & Kenric's Caves House Cocktail Weddings

Date: 24th February 2018
Wedding Photographer: Real Image Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Caves House Yallingup

Interview with the Bride

rachelkenric 1

I had a custom gown created by Maevana Bridal, in Leederville. It was made of beautiful crisp bridal white linen with silver eyelets at the back, rustic but chic perfect for an Australian hot summer weather, which included 5 fittings with closest being a week before the event and was made within 10 months of meeting.
I amazingly stumbled across this store, after feeling very deflated after visiting several other stores on the "wedding dress strip", that were not what I was looking for ( they were all shiny, big and lacey and synthetic) Just not my style.

My handy bridesmaid was trying to lift my spirits as we headed back to the car and the shop window caught my eye. The shop was closed so Kate and I were looking in the window and to my absolute luck the owner was in doing some work. She let us in to have a look and try on some dress samples and I fell in love and with what we arranged. We combined a few different ideas together and suited my body type and it went from there.

 rachelkenric 5rachelkenric 5rachelkenric 5rachelkenric 5

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We had our wedding in the Caves House Hotel Yallingup gardens. Huge space with lots of lawn, it was very green here and so many spots to choose from. I also loved that it had shade which is always a plus in summer for your guests and lovely native trees.

Our reception was held in the Caves House Hotel Yallingup Emily Rose Terrace, situated just above the stunning gardens, we could not have asked for a better night in regards to weather, licensed outdoor area which we had a bar area set-up for our guests. This space was covered by huge fig tree which was perfect for hanging lights and creating a welcoming atmosphere. There is a gazebo which some people have been married in but we chose to set our DJ up here.

For our cocktail style reception with 100 guests. We had an arch way entrance surrounded by blooming flowers then we had several sit down tables and chairs, wine barrels and some taller tables with stools for tired feet. The lawn area was utilized outside of this area with lounges and couches for guests to really relax.

For games - We had the ladies take off one shoe each ( very funny for the ladies in heels). They got put in a big pile, then, from the other side of the terrace they had to run to the pile to find their shoe again. Some people threw others away! First to find and put shoe back on won and got a prize. The boys for the garter had to do a series of animal impersonations which went from a raptor to a sexy tiger, each eliminated until the winner was declared.

 rachelkenric 12rachelkenric 12rachelkenric 12rachelkenric 12

We spent $38,000- $42,000 and catered close to 100 guests. We planned our wedding over a period of 10 months, I think this is ideal especially if you are planning a wedding out of Perth as you need the scheduled time to get away and visit for food and wine tastings etc (terrible I know but we had to do it!).

We requested no children but had some special exceptions ( new born, friend from eastern states and a cousin that needed a travel buddy) Otherwise no.

These are rough range all paid somewhere in the middle of these figures (so its not too personal 😊)

• Venue Hire for Reception & Ceremony $3500 - $4,500 different depending on what option you choose.
• Food & Booze- $10,000-$11,000
• Styling- $2,000- $2500
• Dress- $1500-2,000 own design and 5 fittings made in Perth!
• Hair & Make-up for 5 ladies- $800-$1000
• Photography- $2500 to $3000 included full day work, all the editing and 600 pictures
• Flowers- $2,000- $3000 Bride + 4 Bridesmaids, Groom and 4 Groomsmen, Parents, 2 vases, Awning arrangement, petals
• Cake- $600-$1000 we chose the cupcakes for the desert to save money at only $4 a serve its a bargain you don't need to worry about service or cutlery as it finger food and we know from experience/previous weddings that generally people aren't always big on the desert or are too full on booze and good food to worry.
• DJ- $600-800
• Accommodation- $3000-$3500 We gifted several people their accommodation for the night as a special way to say thanks, But some people also paid so I cant give an exact figure on this.
• Invites/RSVP/Details- $300-$400
• Celebrant- $400-$600
• Suit hire $800-$1000
• Transport- $0
• Table decorations/set-up-$0 we didn't have tables, also means no table cloths, chair covers, name tags, candles, extra flowers, vases or bombonieres. It also made our day a lot smoother to not have sit-down, would highly recommend.
• Wedding bands and earrings and necklace- $6000-$7000
• If you do budget to the higher range it does give you the small change to deal with all the little things that cost as well that you don't consider. Lady coffee dates, a facial beforehand, a nice moisturizer or perfume for the day, we were able to have our own food in the hotel room as well as extra eskies with beverages/champagne/ nice bottle of whiskey etc. Which we also paid for.

rachelkenric 15rachelkenric 15rachelkenric 15

Caves House was great for accommodation. Our bridal party, groomsmen, partners and ourselves had the pleasure of the 10 rooms at Caves House Hotel which we enjoyed both the evening before the big day and the night of the wedding. We all enjoyed sharing each others company again for breakfast in the hotel dining area with buffet and self serve coffee and tea facilities.

As our bridal party was all together at the hotel it was also was amazing because we had a big balcony that we utilized to socialize. You could find people easily and knew everyone was getting home safe at the end of the night/ they didn't have far to go.

Caves House Hotel also has a separate accommodation block adjacent to the main building which houses 3 self-contained rooms and was perfect for my mother-in-law, her friends and a brother in law, partner and small children as the area has its own outdoor setting a grass area.

Very Close by ( as in practically next door) and walking distance we had other guests in the Seashells Yallingup that shares the garden views of the Cave House Hotel and then straight across the road, also a very short walking distance, is the Caves Caravan Park and the Yallingup Beach Holiday Park. This was perfect for other relatives who made the weekend into a small family get-away and again no taxi or transport required.

My Brothers and partners hired one of many beautiful holiday homes in the area where they enjoyed a self-contained house (They also made the weekend into a 4 day holiday) Possums, birds and wildlife in bush secluded area. Small taxi fare to the venue.

We did not want anybody to worry about transport. This is why we chose our venue where it was and it was something we had so much positive feedback from our guests. Our guests had the whole day to relax close by, walk over when ready, relax at the pub between ceremony and reception and then stumble a short distance home. Many of our guests enjoyed a walk and swim at the beach in the morning which is less than 5 minutes away because they didn't need to be stressed about getting anywhere.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony, Reception & Accommodation Venue: Caves House, Yallingup
Photographer: Real Image Photography Pete Battye. 5 star, relaxed, pictures speak for themselves, wide range, several packages available, had a meeting at his house prior and on the day was great at shuffling between bridal and grooms parties.
Brides Dress & Accessories: Maevana Bridal
Groom & Groomsman Attire: Ferrari Fremantle Suit Hire
Bouquets: Mable & Grace
Cake: Edible Art Margaret River

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