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michelleblairsiestaMichelle & Blair's Intimate Beach Wedding

Date: 2nd March 2018
Wedding Photographer: Real Image Photography
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Siesta Park, Busselton

Interview with the Bride

michelleblairsiesta 1

We had eighteen months to plan and prepare our wedding day because we wanted to get married on the day we had our first date. This was significant to us since it was a blind date and it lasted seven and a half hours! But over that time, we had been also renovating and doing other things as well.

In regards to how much our wedding cost, if I were to include the accommodation for the houses, rings and everything, we fell well under the 10k mark. Of that, the accommodation took up over $4,000 for both of our families to stay side by side on the beach in 2 amazing beach houses. We also brought our dogs and cat for the journey!

We had planned on just under 30 people, including 3 young kids and 2 teenagers, but unfortunately sickness prevented both of my brothers and their families from attending. They also had the young kids so that meant they didn’t attend either. I made string balloons for the kids and brought bubbles to keep them entertained. Instead, the string balloons kept the teenagers entertained and the ones that didn’t get used got soccer balled across the grass.

michelleblairsiesta 3michelleblairsiesta 3

I made my bouquet out of recycled magazine ads. There was fifty in total and each one took around twenty minutes to make. It was really fun and relaxing to make them, watching a movie and sipping on wine. I chose to do this style because I didn’t want to spend the money on something that would last only the day, cause anxiety if it didn’t arrive on time and cost me a lot of money. They ended up so beautiful and I have had them in a vase since and they really brighten up our room.

michelleblairsiesta 6michelleblairsiesta 6michelleblairsiesta 6

My Wedding Dress: That it was me. It wasn’t white (Dark Teal in fact) and since I made it myself over the Christmas break, I got to pick the fabric, design and was able to structure it to suit my body shape and what my husband liked. It also only cost me a few hundred dollars in fabric and crystals to make and will be easy to modify to wear again.

The Grooms Outfit: Blair wore a suit he had owned for a few years. It was light grey and fit him perfectly. I bought him a slightly shear shirt the year before which I used in a boudoir photo shoot, so he could picture me in it on our wedding day! Just to be a bit cheeky and have some fun.

michelleblairsiesta 10michelleblairsiesta 10michelleblairsiesta 10michelleblairsiesta 10

We found the house when looking online that allowed pets and then it all came together from there. It wasn’t a specific choice for that beach, but it worked out beautifully. Our day was relaxed. We had decided on playing music as we walked down to the beach but when the time came, it didn’t feel right, and we just walked together as one big group, holding our champagne flutes and chatting as if it was any other day.

Joanne had spent a lot of time asking questions about us and our relationship and she really emphasized the fun and silly side we have. She brought her gorgeous dog and all our three dogs had a wonderful time, interrupting the ceremony multiple times by having their say about things. Then, when some dolphins swam by us close to shore, we all stopped to watch them, which was lovely to have that kind of flexibility.

Since we didn’t have a formal reception, the two houses just got together and had a lovely relaxing time together. There were no toasts, or anything like that. Just a small intimate group having a wonderful time in each other’s company.

michelleblairsiesta 16michelleblairsiesta 16michelleblairsiesta 16michelleblairsiesta 16michelleblairsiesta 16michelleblairsiesta 16

We were a bit different. After our wedding, Blair and I jumped in the water fully dressed in our wedding attire and had almost ‘Hollywood’ style photos taken. So, this took a little longer than most shoots. Everyone went back to our beach house, had some champagne and started the food we made.

Advice for others: Keep it small and intimate. When the party is big, so is the expectation and responsibility. Just have fun and plan for things to change on the day. I couldn’t decide what colour lipstick I wanted to wear or the way I was going to put up my hair. I went down there with a few choices I had tried before, and just let it flow on the morning.

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Ceremony Location: Siesta Beach Dunsborough
Photographer: Real Image Photography - Pete Battye - I can’t recommend Pete highly enough. He was absolutely fantastic and when it was just us doing the water shots, the real photographer came out in him and he was having such a blast directing us. It was so fun and relaxing, and the end result was beyond our expectations.
Accommodation for you & your guests: Exclusive Escapes Dunsborough (2 x 2 story beach houses right on Siesta Beach)
Brides dress & Accessories: Dress made by Michelle, Jewelry from Etsy and Hair Piece made by Michelle
Bridesmaid's Dresses & Accessories: My mum (my ‘Mum of Honour’) wore her dress from my brother’s wedding (Myer from memory)
Grooms Attire: Blair wore his own suit (worn many times and still looks great!) and his mum (his ‘Best Mum’) wore her own dress
Entertainment: Dogs and Blairs playlist
Makeup & Hair: Michelle
Florist: Michelle - all items made by hand by me and were made from recycled materials
Caterer: Michelle and Blair – we made all the food for the 2 months leading up to the wedding and froze it all. Every weekend we made a new dish.
Cake: Michelle – I made the cake and cupcakes and made everyone fat in the lead up with all the practice!
Celebrant: Joanne Armstrong Wild Heart Celebrations
Transport: Feet – we walked from the beach houses straight to the shore
Favors: Michelle made homemade sunscreen, recycled magazine ad flowers and hand painted individually named champagne flutes for all the guests

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