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emily_chad_mainEmily & Chad's Collie Country Wedding

Date: 28th November 2009
Wedding Ceremony: All Saints Anglican Church, Collie
Wedding Venue: Harris River Estate, Collie

Interview with the Bride

What was the theme & colour scheme of your wedding?
Theme was vintage... and colours were all kept neutral. champagnes, creams, beiges.....

How many guests did you have at your wedding?

Where did you get inspiration for ideas for your wedding?
I have always been old fashioned, often told I was born in the wrong era so wanted something that would last forever and not look back in 30 years and say "What were we thinking?"

What was the hardest part to plan for your wedding?
We had no hiccups and no hard parts, I felt because we were able to keep level headed about the day and realise its importance and reason, we didn't worry about silly stuff. Everything went smoothly in planning and came together lovely. There was no last minute rushing or stressing. Helps when you have 3 beautiful sisters as bridesmaids and a very helpful family on both sides.

Details about your dress and attire –
Vintage Maggie Sottero Gown. It wasn't your traditional white, bright gown, I wanted more classic and romantic. It had beautiful crystals on the bodice lovely scalloped lace with a church train.

When did you start looking for your wedding dress?
My sister Stephanie, was married the May before our wedding, so my mum and sisters took a trip to Perth to do some serious shopping. We tried 2 shops before we ended up at Dion for Brides, and the first dresses we tried on we both loved. Mum was very pleased, she had hit two birds with one stone, two bridal dresses in one shop in one day. She was happy. We did the bridesmaids dresses for both weddings later on.

What flowers did you carry?
My bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets were champagne coloured roses. In your traditional shape bouquet.

Share with me the details about the running of the day what time did you start preparing etc?
The night before the wedding my mum and my three sisters/bridesmaids stayed at one of my sisters houses and I gave us all mani's and pedi's... we sat around talking and laughing and watched my sisters wedding dvd slideshow and all got emotional. I cannot tell you how special it was to share all of the joy and emotion with your family. I am so unbelievably lucky to have my sisters as my best friends, I just know it's never going to change and to be able to be together years down the track and remember our special days that we all shared with one another is just something so very special some people will never quite be able to understand. Its almost making me teary thinking about them. So we all had a fairly early night and up early.My now darling husband sent me a beautiful flower arrangement with a lovely mushy card. The hairdressers were coming at around 9am ish. We were in no rush nor were we worried..we had breaky and showers and hung around in our nighties. Mum sort of came and went throughout the morning, as she still had some last minute things to organise, things to drop off out at the winery for the reception, but she was calm and no body fussed, I would have to say in all the weddings I have done make-ups for....mine was the least stressful yet... it was almost as if what I was about to do hadn't hit me yet. We had our hair done and I did our faces and we still had a lot of time to lounge around... The best man called to the house with a bottle of Moet for us girls to share, which was lovely that they were thinking of us. We all just chilled out and waited for John Kuppens our Photographer to arrive. When he got there we had some champagne and talked a while then started to put our dresses on. Then before we knew it mum and dad were back looking great and we all got into the cars and headed to the church.

Describe what happened at your ceremony:
I walked down the aisle to one of my favourite songs. Its was Eva Cassidy's version of Fields of Gold. It is such a lovely song. (Very sad story to Eva Cassidy if you feel like some interesting reading on Wikepedia). I could tell dad was nervous, even though he had done this all only in May with my sister. When I came into the church, I heard the song and felt teary....but then I saw Chad's beautiful face.. His chin and lips were quivering and I knew I had to hold it together because if he saw me cry he would lose it. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband not afraid of his emotions. It makes what we have so special and I love him very much for it. Through the ceremony we were pretty relaxed, it was the perfect length not too long and not so quick that you wonder if it really happened. We asked our mums if they would each light a candle on the alter to represent each family. This was done before I arrived at the church, then during the ceremony Fr Mabey asked each mum to come forward and take the flame from their candle and jointly light one in the middle. This was to symbolise our two families becoming one. A lot of friends our age said they particularly enjoyed this part. Then we signed the register, Fr Mabey blessed our marriage and declared us husband and wife. We then greeted all of our guests in the garden of the church and accepted their congratulations.

What did your guests do after your ceremony while you and your husband went off and had wedding photos and were did you have photos in Collie?
Our guests were from a range of towns in the South West. We had advised the guests from out of town to head to the main hotel where they could find accommodation and provided a bus from this motel to the reception so all of those guests went back to the hotel for some drinks and mingled. Others were from Collie so they went to the local drinking hotels and had some drinks, others may have gone home for a while. It wasn't a long break before they all invited to the reception. It was a cocktail style reception so we had our guests arrive about an hour before we arrived and start with some drinks and antipasto. The last location for our photos was at the Harris River Estate winery where the reception was held so the guests could see the last few photo's in the vineyard, and us heading towards them.

Why did you choose the Anglican Church to get married at?
Both my parents and Chad's parents were married in the same church. It was a lovely sentimental touch to the day and I think our parents were happy. Its such a beautiful church and I think it may even be heritage listed.... There is some information on the net available about it being repainted and what the mural means.

The XC Falcon has a story behind it would you like to share this with us?
This immaculate beast is my Dad's first love. I think he was eighteen when he purchased this lovely. It has remained with him ever since. He is a rev head and loves cars and he has always been known as the town's Ford Man! You mention the name Bill Clazie and people say "Oh he loves his fords". This car was used in my mum and dads wedding also. When I was born it was the same car used to bring me home from hospital. Dad took me to the high-school ball in it too and often when I was younger we would do bog laps around town listening to Madonna or Elton John cassettes. It holds many special memories for me. Being that the car was around before me.... our MC (One of dad's good friends) decided to open the reception with a joke relating to the car. He explained all of the above and then suggested that in fact maybe I had been conceived in this car too. This left all of our guests laughing and harassing mum and dad for the rest of the reception as to its truth. (I don't want to know that one) ha-ha

What happened at your reception?
We had a simple reception. It was a cocktail style, so there was chairs and tables for people wishing to rest or have a break but we kept things moving fairly quickly so it wasn't 10pm before anyone got to the fun part....the dancing. We allowed our guests time to mingle and have refreshments for a while and then we started the speeches at about 7.40ish. With the food being served to our guests cocktail style...we could go about other parts without having to wait for the meal to be over. Speeches were great, no one carried on for ages or was boring. They all started out funny and were very respectful and ended on a serious note. We had a lot of our friends who actually made the effort to say they thought our speeches were great. Too many people have come to dread the speeches section of weddings so I was glad people enjoyed ours. We were conscious that people were standing so we advised the speakers not to go on too long. After this we had another break were more food was served as self serve (for those that wanted a little more than finger food) and drinks were had, then we did our first dance and got the music cranked and just danced the rest of the night away. We didn't play games, or do throwing of bouquet, we just partied. Those who wanted to dance did, those who wanted to have a coffee and sit and chat did and those that wanted to mingle and catch up did that, it was a kind of please yourself and enjoy the night once the formalities were over early. Everyone seemed to enjoy that. It gives people and family that only ever see each other at weddings (and sadly funerals) time to talk without having to rush back to tables and do as their told all night.

What food was served at the reception?
The food was great. We had antipasto served to our guests while they were waiting for us to get to the reception, then once we arrived other platters were taken around to guests, this included things like, Thai prawn skewers, Lamb skewers with mint yoghurt, Sun-dried tomato and caramelised tarts, chicken, some seafood with dipping sauces, there were so many different types I have forgotten most. Then after the speeches there was a light fork Buffet set up. This was for people to help themselves. Some times people (especially the men) need more than finger food There were a variety of dishes including a curry served with rice and pappadoms (our chef does a very special curry-well known in town for it) buffalo wings and I think maybe a stir-fry of some kind. Small bowls and forks were placed near by and people could just grab some sit in the restaurant area or sit back outside at the reception on the alfresco or the bowls were even the perfect size for people to still stand around chatting and nibbling. Everyone commented on the quality of dishes. Not one person said there wasn't enough.

Best moment of your wedding day?
Being able to marry my best friend with my family who love him too at my side.

Describe the look and flavour of your cake, plus any other desserts that were served.
Our cake was a three tier traditional wedding cake with the yummy plastic icing. The top tier was fruit cake and the lower two Mud. This was sliced up after the cutting of cake and set out for people to help them selves. The MC made everyone aware of where the food and cake was at all times so people felt comfortable finding it and helping themselves. This was the only desert served. I proceeded to eat the whole top layer (the fruit layer) to myself within about 3 months after the wedding. hehe, just a little slice each night with a cup of tea.

What were the bombonieres for your guests?
We didn't have these either, because it wasn't a sit down meal we could get away with this, instead I ordered about 150 love heart chocolates which were placed in little crystal bowls around the reception area.

How do you feel now that your wedding is over?
Very happy, we love each other and we love our life together. We have been together for 8 years now, basically grown up together and still are very much in the honeymoon period. I think we will forever. We are having our first baby due in FEB 2011 and couldn't be more happy and excited to start this new chapter together. We often talk about how close we are and how good we are together...and we just are so excited and happy to be able to do this next stage together too. We cant wait to be parents together.

Were did you honeymoon?
We honey mooned on a little Island called Sir Walter.... he he. We decided back lawn was more important than going away, so we enjoyed time off at home together doing things to our home that we always wanted to do. It was the best honeymoon ever. Being home together and sleeping in, going out for meals, just really enjoying uninterrupted one on one time together.

Advice for other planning brides:
Stay calm, don't expect too much or set your expectations too high and you will have a wonderful time. Things have a way of all coming together in the end. Another great tip.... share the load and let your family help plan and organise. They will love it, and you won't feel so overwhelmed. It's nice at the end of it to be able to say...gee we all did a great job together and I wasn't a bridezilla! No one likes a Bridezilla!

CTCW Wedding Suppliers:

Wedding Ceremony: All Saints Anglican Church, Collie
Wedding Venue: Harris River Estate, Collie
Photographer: John Kuppens Photography
Accommodation: Collie Ridge Motel 
Brides Dress & Accessories: Dress was a Maggie Sottero gown from Dion for Brides in Leederville. Accessories from Ruby's Accessories, Bunbury. 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Dresses and accessories from same suppliers as mine.
Groom & Groom Party Attire
: Chad wore an Arthur Galan Suit from Brooklyn for Men, Squire shoes -Brooklyn for Men, Bunbury. Groomsmen suits Hired from Roger David but shoes we purchased as their gift from Brooklyn for Men.
Entertainment: We had our techno savy great friend Joel Rebello on the music all night. We had prepared playlists for the evening of all of our favourite music.
Makeup: I am a fully qualified beauty therapist and make-up artist so I did everyone's make-up
Transport: Family Car
Bombonnieres: We placed bowls of love heart chocolates around the reception.    
Hair: My friends Melissa & Dimity are hairdressers and did our hair.
Pastor: Fr Ian Mabey from the church.

Wedding Decor: Mum and I purchased pretty curtain material from Spotlight and draped it at the reception from the roof and around some large timber poles and fairy lights and pretty flowers on tables.


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