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DJ Swami Adima

Understands that everyones taste in music is different and that weddings are multi-generational celebrations. "My own taste in music is very broad including; funk, breaks, house, jazz, hip hop, rock, disco, reggae, soul and way beyond.

I love mixing things up, i just try and get people laughing and dancing....having a great time!"

"I have an extensive music collection, old and new, from super chilled out to jumping dancefloor fillers.  My interest lies in helping each couple create the atmosphere they dream of so that they can relax and truly enjoy their special night."

"In my experience, I have found what works best for weddings is a combination of old classics plus the new music YOU are into at the moment, and just mix it up, to get everyone on the dance floor,  because when everyone is dancing, its a great celebration! And that's my main objective."

Address: PO Box 306, Yallingup Western Australia 6282

Mobile: 0402 782 221


Website: www.djswamiadima.com.au


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