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Recommending wedding we do it?

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "Who would you recommend as a wedding supplier in . . . . . (for example) makeup in the Busselton, or the best marquees in Ferguson Valley, or most the reliable car hire in Margaret River?"

Let me be completely honest with you, I will only recommend the people that are listed on CTCW.

I know you may have looked at our Wedding Guide and thought, "Yes - but which one would you recommend more over the others?". . . . Well, I wouldn't recommend any ONE business more than any other business as they are ALL worthy. You see, I have chosen to work with businesses that are professional and reliable and worth every penny.

However, if you asked me, "Could you point me in the direction of a business that . . . . . . is close to my accommodation, or offers a particularly unique service", then yes of course, I will directly refer you to a specific business.

The businesses you see in our Wedding Guide pay a fee to be listed. The CTCW website is a business, and we need money to pay the associated costs with of running the business. I will always point you in the direction of my listed businesses because;
a) they are paying to be a promoted, and
b) I know they will do a superb job.

Now you're probably asking yourself, "Well how do you KNOW if they are any good or not Nicole, and how can I trust YOUR opinion?".

Well my friend, I haven't just shifted to the region. I am a born and bred local, and I have worked around the region my entire life. I have been employed in a few different vocations and this has led to many long-term professional relationships with people in varied industries in the whole of the Southwest.

"But what about new businesses to CTCW? Surely you haven't met them all before starting your business?"

No I haven't - but I am inspired and so enthusiastic about my business and the Wedding Industry in general that I do some serious homework on each new business that joins the CTCW family.

* Every business must be legally registered
* I 'google' the business and business owners to find out all that I can about their background and business ethic
* I scan numerous social media outlets, to see what previous customers have said about them
* I contact them by phone and talk to them a number of times to see what their business is about and what plans and dreams they have for their business
* Each business has to provide information about who they are + where they are based + what services or products they offer
* I email them forms and information and note their response time.

In the eigth years that I have been running CTCW, I met SO many incredible people, some of whom do not even work with CTCW (although I would love them to) and I am constantly making connections and relationships with people who are new to the Wedding Industry. It's a vibrant and constatly changing industry. Let's face it . . . weddings are fun!

So although CTCW is a business (& while I don't make mountains of money, I do have costs associated with running this business) I do aim to promote the businesses that pay to be a part of it. Ethically it's the right thing to do. I recommend those people and businesses that support us in our quest to build the BEST online database of businesses, ideas, inspiration and suppliers. And why not?!?

I know that the businesses that advertise with CTCW are as passionate and devoted to the wedding industry as I am. I won't recommend someone that I would not use myself.

When you have a look through our website, you can see this passion - many of our advertisers
* are featured in our Real Life Wedding stories,
* have written articles in response to common questions about planning a wedding,
* past brides have left comments about them on the supplier's page,
* or we have written a blog post about them.

Yes, some of our listed businesses do charge more than your cousin's friend's sister, who might happen to like baking or doing hair or scrapbooking, but what price do you put on expertise, professionalism and passion? When you pay for a professional business to supply an element of your amazing wedding day, you are in fact paying for their years of experience and their continued pursuit for perfection.

I have done my homework and spoken to many businesses out there and you would be surprised how many people
* are not registered to run a business,
* don't have the appropriate licences or approvals in place to do so,
* have no insurance,
* are no longer in the industry but haven't had their details removed from old directories,
* or are just looking to make some extra money on the weekend and are not serious about the industry.

Now I'm not for one minute saying that if a particular business is not on the CTCW directory they are not legit, or professional or awesome! What I AM saying - is that the businesses that ARE on our website are the real deal and at the top of their game. So if you're coming from overseas or out of the region (say . . up north, interstate or even from Perth) to get married, be assured that all the listed business on the CTCW website are of impeccable quality and professionalism. 

However, I will say, if you ask me a question about an element of your wedding and if I know that there is a business in the region that offers that service but isn't listed with CTCW, I will still recommend them. I believe in quality service not exclusion.

If you are a business in the Wedding Industry who isn't yet a part of the CTCW family . . . . . . I have to ask "Why not?".
* Aren't you passionate about the industry and ready to make your mark?
* Aren't you looking to be associated with like-minded professionals?
* Aren't you as much in love with the Southwest region as we are?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you should consider listing your business with CTCW.

We are genuinely passionate about promoting the Southwest as a wedding destination, we have a very strong platform and a fabulous following of couples wanting to marry in the Southwest. We are after all "the voice for Southwest weddings". I know from personal experience that the businesses associated with CTCW have taken a risk in starting their own business, especially in a seasonal industry like weddings. None of us wants to live on bowls of rice for ever, but sometimes that what it feels like it's all you can afford after paying all the costs associated with running a business.

Let me make your hard-earned income work even harder and smarter for you.

Having so much experience in the Wedding Industry, I feel privileged to know so much about what is available in the market place and what is going on in the industry. Planning a wedding is a time consuming job so using a wedding directory - filled with people and businesses that love what they do - makes the task easy and fast for every couple that visits the site. You know that these people are legit, available and currently working in the Wedding Industry. Nothing is more annoying when you are a busy bride or groom sending out emails to people that don't get back to you because they are no longer in the industry or have moved on.

As a sidenote, if ever you have contacted a supplier on CTCW and they didn't get back to you with 24 hours please contact me and let me know as I am more than happy to contact them myself and let them know you are waiting on a reply, I have done it before!

At the end of the day the businesses who are listed with CTCW want to do well in business, and I want to see them succeed as well. So make sure when you contact someone from CTCW that you tell them you found their details from our website. Then I can continue to bring you, the bride and groom, this wonderful online resource.



Image provided by Blakeney Photography (one of our lovely advertisers).

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