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Contacting wedding long should it take for them to get back to you?

I know that we live in a technological world where people can contact us at anytime through mobile devices. But let me just use myself as an example here - I work long hours through the week so when the weekend comes, I turn my work computer off until Monday morning because I have a family and six loads of washing to do, just like everyone else.

Now my mobile phone and iPad generally go everywhere with me but I don't have my coasttocountryweddings email linked to it. So if I leave to go and do something with my family, or head into town to do the grocery shopping, I leave my work at home. I receive a lot of emails per day and the last thing I want to do is stand in the aisle at Coles answering emails from customers (don't think I don't love you, I do but I'm shopping!). This is my down time (can I just add, if you call I will gladly speak to you).

Lately I have seen on some forums how brides are very annoyed that the supplier they contacted has not got back to them and it's been 24 hours. I understand your annoyance ladies - when I send an email to someone, if I haven't heard from them within the day I do wonder whether they are going to get back to me. But, if I feel that impatient generally I will just pick up the phone and call the person and ask for what I want.

I read somewhere that if you get an enquiry on Facebook, as a business you have 15 minutes to get back to that person otherwise they think you are ignoring them and if they send you an email you have no more than 24 hours before they will send their enquiry to someone else. Tough hey!

In defense of that wedding supplier who might not have got back to you straight away (and once again I am using my own experience)...there are many many many tasks involved in running a business. For example, my day consists of writing new material for our website and blog, I pay bills, talk to clients, talk to brides, and the list goes on. I generally turn on my computer and answer my emails first thing in the morning and then check my emails again last thing in the afternoon and then that's it for emails. Because otherwise, when I finish work for the day, I look at my daily list and see that I didn't accomplish any of the jobs I wanted to because I answered emails all day.

These things happen to any other business person too. Plus you have to think about what happens if they are in their wedding season - well then they are busy doing their best effort for the client(s) that has their wedding coming up, it could be winter and they have gone on a much-needed holiday - we all need a break to recoup from the past season.

Please be patient when you're waiting for your suppliers to get back to you! With saying this  though, waiting a week is not good enough unless they have a automated email that points out why they can't get back to you in 24 hours (like if they are in fact on holiday). If you are really stressing out, just give them a ring. And if you contacted someone through CTCW and they still haven't got back to you, then please send me an email and I will follow up for you.

Happy planning ladies!

Nicole Mallett


Image courtesy of Blakeney Photography, a CTCW advertiser.