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Proposal stories

Some gorgeously romantic, sweet and funny proposal stories from our Facebook fans! Thank you all for sharing, we loved reading these.

MJ I screwed up my proposal, he was trying to take us to the beach where we had our first date but it was terrible weather so I didn't want to go, he did it the next day at our block of land. Where our house now is, which I thought was sweet because it's our future, not our past

AW In the shed at my parents house! He did a sneaky shop for shirts and stenciled them at work with line marking paint and included our children My parents were in on it - the kids were bawling happy tears - it was such a gorgeous moment!

JG We had been together only three months so our first trip away together we spent th June long weekend in Kalbarri camping and fishing. We walked up to Chinamans Point to watch the sun set. We sat on the bench and I pulled out a box and handed it to him. I asked him if he knew what it was, he replied "a ring" I said yes but it's a proposal ring...will you marry me? He said YES! I didn't hear him to start with so I just hugged him then had to ask again what the answer was. He had no idea!!! We were married a year to the day he asked me to be his girlfriend and we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in March this year.....

PK It was our 7 year (dating) anniversary.He hired a chef to cook us dinner at home and decorated the back table for his restaurant. When I popped out to the toilet in between courses I came back to a little box on my placemat...still had noooo idea...then when I opened it he got down on one knee...I cried sooo much he had to ask "is that a yes".

AR Lol it took me 5 minutes until I got my yes out! Lol poor bloke was probably a bit nervous for a few mins.

KS I was making a very special dinner...Party Pies and Sausage Rolls...as I was getting them out of the freezer my best friend walked into the kitchen and said that a mutual friend asked how his "mrs" was (we were not together we were just best friends) they joked around a bit and then continued doing what they were doing. Ants then looked at me and said "so how bout it?" I looked at him and said "down on one knee" he got down on one knee and said "will you marry me?" I looked at him a little confused and said "have you ask my dad?" and "have you got a ring?" He got up and said "no" and then turned around and pointed his bottom at me and said "there's the ring" I still was looking at him blankly and he said "that would be right, the only time I am going to ask someone to marry me and they don't reply" I then snapped out of my haze and jumped up and down and said yes we have been smiling ever since plus he brought me a beautiful ring as well and asked my Dad.

TS I took her bowling with friends to put her off the scent. We walked to the 'car' and a limo driver was waiting on a red carpet with flowers. We drove around Perth drinking champers and eating strawberries and choc dip. Drove to Kings Park were we got out and a guitarist come over to serenade her with a Joe Cocker song. I asked, she said yes. We drove back to meet her friends to celebrate.

DG My wife and I have a unique story. We were born on the same day in the same hospital in Manjimup. Our parents knew of each other but no connection to speak of. Each of our families moved around as they did then, my Dad in mining and hers a teacher. We did however end up in Newman at the same time for a while and we were friends. We have a photo of me at her 6th birthday. Families moved a little more and I arrived at Australind High in 1988 saw her and thought wow!! We worked out our connection and laughed about the chances of ending up here together again. We went out on and off for nearly a year before it ended. Not before I told her Dad who was my social studies teacher that I was meant to be with his daughter and would marry her one day. He laughed and threw me out of his class!!!

We hardly saw each other much until our 18th where she arrived at my party and we connected, wandered off together and spent a lovely but slightly awkward night together. Next morning I drove her to the train station and out of my life again. I saw her again around 20 where she now had a baby (to a complete monster unfortunately) and I thought she was happy and continued on my silly young boy way out to Kalgoorlie. Jo (my beloved) had a dream in 1997 about me and was single with 2 beautiful young daughters. So wanting to see where and how I was, she wrote to the only D Gittos she could find in the phone book. It turned out to be my grandfather who forwarded the letter to me. My heart skipped a beat as I recalled my teen feelings for her. Strangely I was able to remember her home phone number and I thought I'd call it and ask for her number assuming she wasn't living at home with 2 young girls. Her mum answered and laughed "Jo's here now having a coffee" we talked and laughed and began writing to each other (yes actual writing letters and cards) and on October 1 1997 I came to Bunbury for a friend's wedding. Later in the night Jo and I met up at The old Jarrah Jacks nightclub/bar we went for a walk and talk. Stopped on the oval near the beach and I kissed her. There were sparks and we both said there was something there. Next day I headed back to Kalgoorlie to tidy up my affairs and start planning my move back to Bunbury.

I arrived in January and in March bought a ring and after a few false starts and a brilliant chat with her parents where I asked their permission and reminded her Dad of our high school chat, drove to the beach and convinced Jo that we should get out of the car and go down to the sand despite the light rain falling. I got down on one knee and sang to her "true companion" by Marc Cohn then asked the question. She said yes and we married on October 1 1998 exactly a year after we kissed on the Oval. We went on to have 3 more children and and just last week turned 40 together. Dreams really do come true and soul mates do exist

Clem&Tines Vintage Beach House I got a multiple choice questionnaire, must have answered correctly x

KS We went out to a lookout (where his fathers ashes were spread) and had a picnic (I didn't think anything of it coz we do it every year around Chrissy time) and he gave me a big present. As I unwrapped it, there was another box that needed unwrapping and so on and so forth.. Finally I got to the ring box and knew roughly what was going to happen .. And I opened it to find a plastic ring - he said "haha I tricked you" - yes you can believe the expression on my face of disappointment.... But then got down on one knee and said "you know I love you and I am a s!#& stirrer, will you marry me"... Of course I said yes.. ..... 2 weeks after that, unbeknown and unplanned we conceived our first bub.

BJ I got brought back to out first date spot. It was a very simple but incredible proposal.. I was absolutely dying with tonsillitis at the time I didn't even originally want to go out haha

MB Beautiful lunch at a winery during a long weekend in Denmark (our favourite place to visit), dessert at another favourite winery then we stopped off at the lookout on top of Mt Shadforth. I was taking photos & when I turned around he was down on one knee with a ring box & a gorgeous ring. It was simple & perfect. We celebrated with more wine & cheese that night back at the beach shack we'd rented at Mazzoletti beach (which is only accessed by foot so we had the whole beach to ourselves all weekend), calling family & close friends to tell them the good news. The next day on our way home we stopped off at Forest Hill vineyard for a look at the restaurant, met the functions coordinator & booked our wedding there for the following year, on our 10 year anniversary

JNC At Red Bluff in Kalbarri at sunset with whales going past:) it was spur of the moment as he said 'it couldn't have been more perfect'

TC He took me to Mauritius to celebrate our 8 year anniversary. We went for a walk on the beach after dinner on the last night there and we were standing in front of the waves holding each other talking and I said this has been an amazing holiday, he agreed and said you know what would make it better, he then got down on bended knee and said if you would take my hand in marriage. I said yes and cried a little lol He put the ring on my finger and it was the cherry on top of a perfect holiday in romantic Mauritius.

DK Wrote it in my Valentines Day card

AJR We were camping with my parents at a special coastal area called Cape Kereudon had a few friends there to. He got back from fishing with my dad and other friends, filleted the fish and showered asked me if I could help with filling the water tanks up so went to the roadhouse to get fresh water, then on the way back he said I just want to go check the front of the cape and see what the water looks like at high tide ( this was not unusual as he goes diving and regularly goes to look at the water and see how dirty it is so he knows what to expect possibly if he wants to go for a dive) so we walked down having a look and it was on sunset he gave me a cuddle (very romantic) then I felt him get down I turned around and saw him on his knee to which my first response was that's not funny he laughed and said I know it's not I proceeded to start crying and he asked me to marry him... He put the ring on my finger lots of hugs and kisses and about 5 minutes later I managed to get my yes out! We then got to go back to camp and celebrate with my parents the place is so special to us I couldn't have asked for a better proposal it was personal and perfect for us

JMR He re-lived our first date! We went to the same Restraunt we had dinner then went to Kings Park afterwards. He proposed on one knee at the top of the DNA tower. He asked "JMR will you do me the honour in becoming my wife? " and of course I said "Yes!" JP xox

JG We were in Magnums in Airlie Beach watching the Funkoars and he said something to which I replied "well marry me then", and he said will you ? And I was like whaaaa ? And said, J will you please marry me. And then there was lots of kissing and jumping.

JG 2012 was a leap year so I took full advantage!!!! Thankyou JS for all the support. Couldn't have done it with out you

AT Two weeks after he flew across the country to be with me, he whispered his proposal on my birthday at about midnight...I whispered my answer and we went back to sleep..

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