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Why you need to contact all your suppliers two weeks before your wedding

So, picture this. You've made all the arrangements for your wedding well ahead of schedule (so you're organised - you're my kind of person). But you haven't actually spoken to your suppliers in the couple of months leading up to the day, including your cake maker...

You rock up to your cake maker on Friday to pick up your wedding cake for your Saturday wedding.

You knock on the door but no-one is home, so you think that's OK they must be at the shops.

You then give the person a call, they don't answer so you leave a message. You also send a text message just in case they don't check their voicemails.

Then you jump on their Facebook page and leave a message there as well (you would be amazed at the best way to contact some people nowadays - I have friends you can call or email and you never hear back from them, but leave them a Facebook message and they are back to you in like 30secs).

Anyway you're still at their house at this point so you leave, thinking that they'll contact you and then you can just pop round and grab it then.

A couple of hours pass, you hear nothing. So now you're starting to stress, because you're being held up from doing a million other things (because it's the day before your wedding!).

Eventually a message comes through from the cake maker "Hi we are on holidays overseas, I have your cake down for a different date!!"

Obviously now you're in a complete panic, it's your wedding day tomorrow and you have no cake.

This is a true story and did happen to a bride I know and that's why I am sharing this with you.

If you have been that super-organised bride, with everything organised months before your wedding day, that's great, but can I recommend that no less than two weeks from your wedding day you send all of your suppliers a quick email, text, call or whatever, just get in touch with them with a quick message to make sure they are on board and ready to do what you've paid them to do, and that any times and dates you have set to meet them is still OK. Because sometimes people just forget, or their computer crashes and they lose all their booking info, or whatever it may be - it really sucks that you have to do it but if you want that peace of mind you need to be a bit proactive and not just assume that everything is OK. Your wedding suppliers will most likely appreciate your continued organisation (it probably shouldn't just stop once you'e booked anything in!).

In regards to the bride I am using as the example, she rang me asking what else she could do at such short notice so I recommended a couple of other cake makers. In the end she couldn't get a cake maker at such short notice and in peak wedding season so she rang me back for another suggestion. I said "go to the local bakery and get some cupcakes made" so she did and it was sorted - but not without a whole heap of drama.

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