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A Delicious Lunch with Catered by Jacqueline

Being invited to lunch is a lovely treat and one that I am not accustomed to as I generally have a pretty busy week. But when your being invited to someone's home for a meal cooked by them I thought this is an opportunity not to be missed. I was entertained this week by local Dunsborough caterer Catered by Jacqueline.

Jacqueline the owner has always had a love of food, entertaining guests in her home and for private functions so naturally Jac opened her catering business a few years ago.

On this day I was treated to a delicious three course lunch. Now to some this is probably over the top for lunch, but this was a sample of what to expect when Catered by Jacqueline is catering for your function. Not only is it nice to have a meal cooked for you but its a good way for me to put my detective skills to the test and find out what is it about this foodie that makes her tick.

cateredbyjacqueline 1

While Jacqueline is a passionate foodie, she is also a proud mum and a wife. Jac loves your typical food shows e.g Masterchef, which I must say I don't watch anymore as I find for me it is well too about my cooking ability. But when I asked Jacqueline how do you feel when you watch it Jac commented with " I love it. I feel exactly what they are going through, under pressure working to a deadline to get everything done in time. It's no different than catering for 100 people at a wedding. People say to me when I am cooking for a function that I look so serious, like I have a scowl on my face as if I'm not happy. It's not like that at all when I am cooking for guests all I am thinking about is plating the very best food I can for each and every guest. I am so deep in concentration".

For lunch we started with an entree with cauliflower puree, venison chorizo and fresh scallops with some greens. If you followed me on instagram you would have seen the picture where I was trying to scratch the porcelain away from the plate to get every last drop off the plate, it was really good. Secondly for main we had cooked to perfection fillet steak wrapped in bacon and topped with peppercorn sauce, beer battered chips, roasted tomato and field mushroom. Once again I used the chips as my sponge to soak up any tiny bit of sauce that was left on the plate. Finally for sweets creme brulee with fresh raspberry compote which was the ultimate finishing dish.

cateredbyjacqueline 3cateredbyjacqueline 4

I must say at the end I was feeling rather full and proud of myself for eating everything. Jacqueline did say when I walked in at the start "I'm not sure how much you can eat Nicole, so I have a few different courses". I think you can guess now Jacqueline if the food is that good, I will push it into my little toes before I leave anything behind.

I will also say that night I did not have tea as I was still so full from lunch. Now there's a nice guarantee if your looking for caterer for your wedding and wanting someone that will fill your guests up and not have them walking out the door looking for a fast food outlet then speak to Catered by Jacqueline.

Thanks Jacqueline for inviting me it was delicious.

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