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Wedding Trends? Are they for real..

Sorry I don't like the phrase wedding trends for 2015 or any damn coming year, the Pantone's top colour picks are or poppies are the in flower for 2015. It's the biggest load of hogwash I have ever read. Why do people write this stuff do they think, we are all freaking sheep " I'll have what's he's having". I seriously think writers need to use different words for describing new styles and themes for weddings but not the word trends.

Seriously a wedding day is personal its about two people looking at who they are and creating a story about the life they have had so far together and going forward.

My advice before anyone starts to plan their wedding day is you need to ask yourself these simple questions "Who are we, what things do we like, what does our home say about our own personal style eg. do we like time at the beach, camping, eating out etc,etc."
Stop and look around your home is it simplistic, modern or do you eat most nights out on your alfresco.
Draw on your everyday lifestyle to create your wedding day story that tells everyone attending the life you have together.
Don't fall into this brain washing friend of wedding trends other wise in twenty years time you will look back on your wedding day photos and say "shit what were we going through then, who allowed me to pick that theme".

Be true..
Nicole Mallett