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Underwater Bridal Shoot - Busselton Jetty

I was totally blown away when I saw this photo of Shae and Carli in their bridal attire underneath the Busselton Jetty taken by The Photography Boutique. To me this photo was just amazing. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the underwater landscape of the Busselton Jetty - it is truly an AMAZING place. My favourite aspect of the view is, the spectacular colours of the corals that cling to the pylons. I am a true Busselton local, plus I have completed three jetty swims, so for me the photos of Shae and Carli was particularly exciting. Last week we published their amazing photo on our Facebook page. I was dying to know how Carli and Shae did this, and I am sure those of you who 'Liked' the photo and commented, would also be interested in knowing more about the story behind the photo. So here is the low down, my friend.

Southwest photography 1

Carli and Shae on their stand up paddle boards which Jo from The Photography Boutique shot while she was in the water next to them. They brought the paddle boards to use as anchors and also to use as a safety line into the water for the shoot.

How did you feel about this session being in the water at the end of the Busselton Jetty?
The ocean is a passion that Shae and I share, and we knew it was integral to our wedding – we had to capture it! When we put the idea of an underwater shoot to Jo from The Photography Boutique and she said she was up for it, we were both super excited. Originally the intention was to try and get some shots in the surf, but with 6 or so layers of dress it would have been impossible to do safely,and since the jetty was always on our shot list to capture it in this unique way was fantastic. Aside from the water being a bit chilly the whole shoot was a really fun experience!

Southwest photography 2
Bianca in her scuba gear - she's holding her nose to equalise her ears under the water!

Was there any time anyone didn't feel comfortable under the water?
We tried some diving shots off the jetty just before we got our wedding gear on, and Shae dove way too deep too fast without equalising the pressure in his ears. We thought he had ruptured his ear drum as he was in a fair bit of pain and you could actually hear a squeak when he equalised standing on the jetty. But he soldiered on and we kitted up and got the shot of the day. His ear turned out to be fine – thank goodness. Kudos to Bianca the second shooter, as she had never used a scuba set-up in her life and was my air supply for half the shoot! She nailed it after a few practice dives before we started. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was the cold! We both spend a lot of time in the ocean so were pretty at ease with the situation.

Southwest photography 3
Carli and Shae standing on the jetty with the ropes ready to jump in.

How long did the whole session go on for?
We got to the end of the jetty around 11.30am and were back in the car park around 3.00pm. The time spent in the water wasn't as long for us as it was for Jo and Bianca (thank god they had wet ties!). In total Shae and I were probably in the water for around 40 minutes - an hour max? I would highly recommend anyone doing this to make sure you choose the right month of the year as I had to stop and get out, I couldn't handle the cold.

Southwest photography 4

The Photography Boutique used their scuba gear to give Carli air until they were ready to shoot the final image.

How did you not sink to the bottom of the ocean with your wedding dress on?
We spent a day or two preparing for the shoot and hired scuba gear for Jo & Bianca and a couple of SUP's as platforms, from which we anchored a safety line. We did some trials before I got my dress on, although I wouldn't bother again as its completely different when you're wearing that much fabric. When I initially got in the water, for the first few minutes I could hardly get under the surface – all the layers in the dress were full of air and it was like wearing a lift raft! Once the dress absorbed water it became quite heavy, and I held a rope to keep myself above water, or to pull myself up.

Carli's final words:
Get out their girls! Your wedding dress may be something you spend quite a bit of money on, but you will have these awesome images forever – bit more exciting than a box in the closet! My dress was sent straight to the dry cleaner and has come out perfectly, so why not do something different? The only piece of advice I have about these types of shoots is be prepared for the chance that you may not get the exact shot or shots that you have in your mind – we approached the day as a bit of fun and the off chance we might get a nice keepsake pic, and the awesome ladies from The Photography Boutique certainly made sure of that!

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