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15 years of styling weddings in the Southwest

It gives me great pleasure to share with you one of my long time associates Vicki Brown from Wez Enterprises. When I first started my business 7 years ago I approached Vicki about joining the CTCW team and together we haven't looked back. I have watched Vicki and her daughter Cassie grow and develop in the Margaret River region and I am proud to say that Vicki is one of the most recommended and most highly sought after stylists in the region. She can take your vision and turn it into reality. To have the Wez Enterprises team style your wedding is a privilge to say the least, as you know you are in very capable and caring hands.

How long have you been styling weddings in the Southwest?
I have been styling weddings in the southwest for 15 years.

What got you originally into decorating weddings and events?
Before I came to Busselton I had done some weddings in the Narrogin area where I lived, so it was a natural progression when I saw there was an opening in the wedding industry in the South West.

What parts of styling do you think you're very experienced at?
I am very experienced in taking the brides vision and bringing it to life. The ceiling, bridal and backdrop draping is what I take the most pride in.

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Most challenging styled project you have been commissioned to do?
We were asked to drape the ceiling and the opening of a farm machinery shed, it had the entire front open and we were told "its never windy as the wind comes from another direction", however someone forgot to tell the wind on this day . . .  it was nearly impossible to do. In the end there were some slight modifications to compensate for the wind and we managed to get the ceiling done and chandeliers hung, the front opening drapes had to be tied back to the poles to stop them flying up onto the roof.

Special items that you have to hire that people may not know about?
We have king & queen chairs, we also have LED trees, many vases, candelabras of different types, some table linen, chandeliers of all types, and SO much more.

wezenterpriseshire 8
Are you still as big a part of styling on the day, as you are when initially meeting with the client?
Yes I love to meet the clients and get a feel for their personality - it helps tremendously when styling for the couple.

How much has your styling business changed over the years?
To be honest it hasn't changed a lot, I have changed some techniques and my work has evolved but the end result is still a lovely bridal table backdrop or ceiling drape.

When a bride or groom contact a stylist for a quote what basic information do they need to include?
The wedding date and venue, the number of guests including bridal party, do they have a theme or colour, what is their 'wish list' for the professional photos - so I can work out their style. Backdrops & ceiling drapes can't be installed everywhere, so that question comes after I discover the location for the reception..

wezenterprises 1wezenterprises 2

In all the years how many weddings have you styled?
I have gone back to 2008 and it's approx. 990.

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