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Drycleaning your dress BEFORE your wedding day?

Finding a reliable and trust worthy person to get those few crinkles out of my prized possession (my wedding dress) is a daunting task especially with only a few days before my wedding day. I want to be reassured that my dress goes to someone that would do the right job and get it back to me in time for my wedding day.

In the Southwest we have a reliable business that can offer this service; Cape Drycleaners in Dunsborough. Michael Reeves is the owner of this business and I can assure you I have heard only great reviews about this business on social media and also when I have dealt with this man, he is straight down the line and does what he says.

Below I have interviewed the owner of Cape Drycleaners and why you should trust him with your wedding dress or suit.

How many days before my wedding dress is the ideal time to get my dress/suit pressed or steamed so it looks fabulous on my wedding day?
Earlier is always better! We will deliver (or you can pick-up) no later than 24 hrs before your Wedding. You can pre-book and have us steam your dress at your accommodation. (Please note that this service is for Wedding Gowns and some Dresses only).

How long will it take me to get back my dress or suit once I have dropped it off for steaming?
Depending on when we receive it , we generally like to have it picked up or delivered back either the day before the wedding or the morning of, so the garments are looking at their best.

I live in Perth and I have arrived in the Southwest on Thursday and my wedding is Saturday. I have pulled my dress out from the bag to find that it is creased, are you able to steam my dress by Saturday? What is the minimum amount of time before my Wedding that can you accept a dress for pressing?
Yes. We would need your garment on the Friday. Our store is not usually open on Saturdays, however we are happy to deliver to your accommodation pre-Wedding.

Will my dress be safe on your premises and does it get steamed/pressed there or does it go somewhere else?
Yes. All work is done ''in-house'' .

If my dress was damaged by you while steaming , what would happen? Are you insured?
Yes , we are fully insured. This would be the most dire of situations and (thankfully) has never happened to us.

After my dress has been steamed/pressed how will it be presented back to me and how should I hang or store it until my wedding day?
The preference would be to hang the garment 'as if it was being worn'. A clean white sheet needs to be placed under the garment, and be place away from walk areas. Please ask people who need to be near the garment to remove their shoes. It will arrive to you with the bodice section covered in clear plastic. Generally the skirt section will be uncovered. (this depends on the skirt volume).

This may sound a little strange, but shoe prints on the 'train' are a major problem! What can I do if someone on the day steps on my dress and leaves a foot print could you offer any tips on how we can remove it on the day?
This is entirely depend on fabric. Muddy foot print – wait for it dry and gently bush any excess with a soft brush only. Greasy foot print – this is a real problem. Be extremely cautious that you do not make this worse. Some light sponging only and then have some Champagne!!

After the wedding when is the best time to get my dress or suit dry-cleaned ?
Again earlier is better. If you leave on your Honeymoon, may we suggest a relative or someone from you bridal party drop the garments in.

Can I get a quotation on a complete Wedding package (pre & post) ?
Yes, we would be pleased to offer an obligation free quotation for your Special Day.

What can't you clean off a dress?
This is entirely dependent on the fabric, please come in for an appraisal.

The leg cuff on my fiance's suit has come undone do you have a seamstress that can sew this up?
Yes we have access to a "Couture' quality seamstress. However, she is very sought after. Generally we can get this sort of thing done at short notice. Larger jobs/problems may be a bit of a scramble.

Can you package my dress for Safe-keeping?
Yes. We can package your garment. It is good for 7-10 years, after which you will then need to change the acid fee tissue (and re-live the day !!)

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