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The Private Chef Experience - Margaret River

I remember the first time I meet George from FoodbytheChef I thought to myself; "What a nice young man. He's a chef I'm sure he can cook a good steak." Then I was invited to a private dinner party where I was treated to a six course degustation at a friend's residence. When I walked into the room and looked around and saw all the food in the kitchen in all these different cooking apparatus I thought, OK, we are in for a dining experience, this is not going to be your average steak and mash plate of food. George and his lovely wife/assitant Kaylene, greeted us and treated us to an amazing dining experience.

The first course was the chicken and egg, and was presented in a jar with it's lid. This dish was AMAZING as soon as you opened the lid steam wafted out the top. It was delicious and I think myself and a few others at the table were just about prepared to eat the glass jar to get the last bit of food out. Over the the next five courses the culinary experience just got better and better.

I have to say it changed my view of George. The private chef experience he shared with me and others that night was like being inside the Masterchef kitchen. It was fabulous . . . beyond the words I can write here. If you're looking for a dining experience then I would recommend hiring FoodbytheChef. Below you can view some details about George and view how he creates such amazing food-  via the video.

 foodbythechef 1

What What inspires you to make food like you do?
The beautiful surroundings and produce of Western Australia. A lot of our food is also created to kindle memories to bring out a connection from past to present. I am a keen gardener and working in the veggie patch often inspires me to conjure up dishes. Knowing where your food comes from is proving very important to most people these days.

Training how did you learn to cook?
Years of training in the UK. Long hours spent working with some of the most knowledgable chefs in the business. There is a certain point when you realise you have to become your own teacher and trial new things to see if they work or not and think outside the box.

Services on offer by FoodbytheChef?
Our core business is our private dinners. We bring the restaurant to you...theres no need for a taxi, a babysitter or a skipper. Its amazing how much people relax within their own environment and feel like they are on a night out.

We also cater for corporate/working lunches and dinners. Cooking classes are great for hens weekends or mothers groups down on holiday.
We love being a part of someones special day and making every Wedding/event unique.

foodbythechef 2

Top tip brides should know about when catering for a wedding?
It can be quite a mine field when it comes to planning a wedding, so many decisions to make and questions you need answering. When it comes to catering for your wedding, our top tip is to really plan your times. Things like how long it takes to be seated, how long it will take to eat and clear mains etc. We like to recommend speeches to be done after mains. This allows a break between mains and dessert for your guests and saves any stress for the kitchen. We like to send out the food when its at its best and ready to go. We all know that speeches can over run and its easier logistically to hold dessert back than the mains.


FoodbytheChef FoodbytheChef

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