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Creating the Dream Occasion with Sherry from Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Celebrations is headed by stylist Sherry Hesketh. Any one that meets Sherry will soon warm to her happy personality and can do attitude. Dreamweaver Celebrations specialise in wedding and event styling & decorating for all occasions and although they are based in Bunbury, they're available to service the whole Southwest region whether that is an engagement, wedding, birthday party or corporate event, regardless of your budget.

At Dreamweaver Celebrations Sherry has a constantly expanding, carefully selected list of decorator items for hire for your wedding ceremony, reception or special event. However, if she dosen't happen to have a particular item or colour that you would like, Sherry will be happy to do her best to find it for you.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you some events Dreamweaver has styled for very happy clients and also to share some insight on weddings with Sherry.

Event Stylish & Decorating has seen a lot of change in the past decade, what is one thing that Brides & Groom still ask for, despite all the 'new' products?
Despite all the changes in wedding décor over the years and particularly in recent years, there are two things that you will usually always find at every wedding and that is, candles and flowers. Flowers, in all of their beautiful glory will, thankfully, always be part of almost every wedding, if only in the presence of the bouquets for the girls in the bridal party. This tradition has been with us for hundreds of years and will hopefully remain for hundreds more and I really can't imagine a wedding with absolutely no flowers. Lighting is one of the most important tools for creating a wonderful atmosphere for your wedding and despite all the new lighting effects that are now available, candles will always be an important part of the package.

dreamweaver 1

Have you ever seen a Bride & Groom have totally different views on the styling and what did you have to do to keep them both happy?
In a lot of cases, when the Groom joins his bride to consult about decorations for the wedding ceremony and reception, it is the first time he has actually seen what has been planned in any detail. Most men are happy to go along with whatever their brides want and the most common answer when asked for his opinion is "whatever makes you happy Honey", and we go happily on working our way through the details with some occasional input from the groom. However there have been times when the groom decides that he doesn't really like the planned outline and the decorator can become the meat in the sandwich playing pre marriage counsellor and trying to find some common ground and tastes to work with, but keeping it light hearted will usually get us through any difficult situations, and we haven't yet had a divorce before the wedding.

What is the strangest or funniest request that you've ever had from a Bride and/or Groom?
I really haven't had any strange requests, as far as I'm concerned, whatever a bride and groom might request for their special day is fine by me, within reason of course. If I think we can provide a request, we'll just go for it. We love a challenge.

dreamweaver 7dreamweaver 8dreamweaver 9

Is there a location (i.e. farm shed, footy club rooms, field) that you find particularly difficult to work in, but persevere with as you know it will look spectacular?
There are lots of locations that have particular difficulties and when I first see them my heart sinks, my brain goes numb and a little voice in my head says "oh......what are we going to do with this??" But then we take a breath, start taking the photos and running through some themes and then miraculously the ideas will start to flow and my imagination takes over. That's when we can start to have some fun. As I said before, we love a challenge and will give any decorating job our best effort, from a packing shed to a cow shed or a 5 star venue we can make it look fabulous.

Can you see a new decorating trend on the horizon that you think will 'take off' in the coming years?
When it comes to new decorating trends I think gold and silver and a more opulent look will make a comeback in the future. This is the trend in Europe and the States and I think we will follow in their footsteps as with all other fashions. I also think that we will see a return to a more romantic and flowing long bouquet for brides, and I for one will welcome it. You can already see them making more appearances in such places as Pinterest wedding pages. If you look at old wedding photos from the 50's and 60's you will see how beautiful and special they can be and I'll bet that the florists can't wait to put their artistic talents back to good use in crafting these beauties.

dreamweaver 2dreamweaver 3dreamweaver 4

dreamweaver 5dreamweaver 6

To contact Sherry from Dreamweaver Celebrations to arrange an appointment to discuss your special event. Your initial appointment is free and Sherry and her team look forward to working you to ensure that they have an outstanding experience on your special day.


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