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Recipe - SAO Vanilla Slice

Simple Vanilla Slice Recipe

submitted by Nicole Mallett

This slice is made with Sao biscuits and is an absolute hit, if your like me & don’t like Vanilla Slice, watch out you will this one. Great recipe as it can be made up 2 days before the wedding and makes a great extra dessert to serve with your wedding cake.

Resting Time 24 hours   

1 packet of Arnotts Sao biscuits
1 Betty Crocker ready made icing (white or chocolate flavouring)
1 Pkt of Cottees instant pudding 100g (in a blue packet white or chocolate flavouring)
600ml whipping cream
20cm x 30cm baking dish with min 3cm sides
Baking paper


Step 1
Line tray with baking paper 

Step 2
Place 12 saos on paper (all same side up)
Step 3
In a bowl hand stir whipping cream and instant pudding to a nice consistency (you want the custard to be able to hold, don’t over stir other wise it to stiff to spread) and spread over Sao biscuits
Step 4

Lay another 12 biscuits over the top (remember all same side)

Step 5

Spread Betty Crocker icing over the top of sao biscuits

Step 6

Cover with glad wrap and place in fridge to set at least 24 hours before devouring.

This can be made up to two days ahead, keep refridgeratored to keep fresh.

Cut up just before serving and arrange on a nice platter. Make sure you clean your knife after each cut otherwise the icing will stick to the knife and mess up each cut.

Makes approx 24 servings, depends how big you want to cut the pieces