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Yallingup Event Hire: Wedding Styling With An Edge

Sometimes I wonder how some wedding businesses do 'it'. I mean, there are SO many wedding trends and themes and ideas   . . . . how do businesses know what to buy?

I was chatting with Kylie from Yallingup Event Hire recently, and I asked them how she and her husband, David, managed to make the decision on what to stock in their styling and hire business. She made some really interesting points. Read on to see what she had to say . . . . .


After having been involved in weddings for many years, we wanted to have a range of items that are quite different to what you would normally find from any other hire business.  As we have one-on-one contact with our brides and grooms, we understand that it is completely their day and they naturally would like to see it come together how they envisaged it. These days, there's just SO many ways a wedding can be put together and there's definitely not a 'right or wrong' way, its simply their day. Therefore we try to have as many items as possible that helps them achieve that.

For instance, we think one of the new 'ish' trends, lawn games, are fantastic. Having them available for after the ceremony while the couple are off having photos, before they get back and the reception beginning, is such a fun idea. Its also great to team the lawn games with some refreshments like canapés and drinks for an hour or so. We are always looking at adding more games to our range. Watch this space - coming soon will be lawn pin bowling and more!

We've also incorporated some edgy seating into our collection, like our peacock chairs and our beanbags. Our beautiful Peacock Chairs really make a statement for a ceremony or reception. Brides look absolutely radiant sitting in a peacock chair. Why have a boring chair for your signing table, when you can sign the most important document of your life in style and with stunning photos! The Peacock chair can suit all wedding styles including Bohemian, Gypsy, Vintage and Modern/Contemporary. Peacock chairs can be used for registry signing, as a prop for your wedding pictures or simply to display a bouquet of flowers or even your guest book.

The Beanbags came about through talking to couples who wanted more of a 'Sunday Sesh’ style of wedding, more relaxed and informal. Couples who wanted their guests to feel comfortable and lounge around while enjoying the food and drink and perhaps listening to live music!

We know all too well that every wedding is different. We love to hear from couples about what is important to them on their day. We love to help them by taking the stress out of their day so they can relax, enjoy it and take everything in as we all know the day can just fly by so quickly! We love being in the business of love.

When two people are so in love that they want to join together and create a family and amazing life together, we are excited to be a part of it. We think weddings are amazing no matter how big or small and enjoy being a background part of their special day. We love to be able to set everything up so it all looks beautiful, stand back and say to each other ‘that looks amazing’ and leave knowing that the couple are going to have a fantastic time!

While we're always keeping an eye on trends from overseas, we don’t think theres going to be a big shift in wedding trends in the next couple of years. We find that there are definitely a lot more people looking for a relaxed style wedding and not too blingy or complicated. Which suits us just perfectly.

See below a snippet of items to hire from Yallingup Event Hire.

 Yallingup Event Hire 2Yallingup Event Hire 3Yallingup Event Hire 4Yallingup Event Hire 5

 Yallingup Event Hire 7Yallingup Event Hire 8Yallingup Event Hire 9Yallingup Event Hire 10

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