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Isn't This Amazing? A Dream Engagement Photo Shoot

We are ALWAYS on the lookout for exciting and inspirational goodness here at CTCW. We will never tire of all the beauty that comes from weddings. It’s the stuff of Fairy Tales.

So when we spied some unusual wedding-style photos on Shannon Stent’s social media feed, we HAD to find out what was going on. Was it a professional photo shoot? Was it for an advertisement? Was it a styling shoot?

What unfolded was just the most magical of experiences that any person who is working in their dream job – just like Shannon – would give their eye teeth for . . . . .

Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Opening Image

. . . . . Singaporean couple, Ivy & Chris, contacted Shannon Stent after doing some investigating online to find a wedding photographer in W.A. It was their starting point to planning and booking an Engagement Photo Shoot.

In Singapore, it is traditional to go somewhere special to have pre-wedding photos, so that you can then display them on the wedding day.

Ivy & Chris had no contacts in the WA, so when they discovered Shannon’s style of photography, they used his location as a starting point to book all the other necessary professionals and accommodation. They gave themselves a full year to plan and book,  everything. It all took place on the 30th & 31st March, 2016.

“We travelled to Western Australia because we love Shannon’s work.”

“Coming down to the SouthWest for our photoshoot was a calculated risk. We didn’t know the people, we didn’t know the environment and all we had was a photographer that we found via the internet. His photos were promising - everything we wanted for our shoot as they captured the feelings of us and weren’t just pictures taken in the standard poses that everyone does.”

Shannon also helped the couple connect with their accommodation in Dunsborough and their florist.

He also scouted out the most glamorous locations for the couple, ensuring that he showcased the region perfectly while providing visually breathtaking backdrops for the couple. Shannon knew that by using the most beautiful locations, he would be ensuring Ivy & Chris would have the most stunning photos to display on their wedding day.

“When we met Shannon at Boranup Forest, we were mesmerized by the beauty of the Margaret River region. It also helped that Shannon welcomed us so enthusiastically – he was warm and friendly. We felt comfortable the entire time we worked with Shannon, as he was very accommodating . . . . even though we kept fidgeting during the photoshoot. He had all sorts of wacky ideas and poses for us and we were very impressed by his professionalism. After Boranup, Shannon took us to a winery and then lastly to Redgate Beach. The photos are stunning and truly magical in the sunset of Western Australia. “

Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 2Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 3Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 5Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 6Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 7Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 8

“The next day, we went to Meelup Beach for our watershoot. Even in bad weather and lighting, he still managed to capture beautiful photos of us in the water, and we are really happy with the “trash the dress” session. All that shivering in the water was worth it! Shannon took captivating photos, showing how we react with each other as a couple. They were romantic photos and captured our feelings for each other. We wanted to have our photos showing the full splendor of Western Australia's nature. Hence we left the location selection to Shannon, and we were not disappointed once it was over.”

The couple brought with them from Singapore, all the clothes they would be photographed in. The dresses and accessories for Ivy came from Digio Bridal, as did Chris suits.

“I started looking for my dresses about 3 months before the shoot. I loved the long train and the delicate lace behind my main dress.“

On arrival in Perth, Ivy located the Asian-specific artists that she need for her hair and makeup - Anastasia Hair & Make Up Artist – via a Facebook search.

They used Dunsborough Florist for the bouquet where the team helped them choose;

“A beautiful small Boho style wedding bouquet with purple veronica, green brazilla berry, silver tetragona nuts, silver dollar, eucalyptus leaf and seasonal coloured flowers in hot & pale pinks pale bound with hessian. We chose this collection, because the flowers were quite exotic and colourful and nothing like the flowers we get back at home.“

Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 4


When asked about Shannon, Ivy & Chris could not praise him highly enough . . . .

“We are surprised that he did not get enough publicity. His photos captured our every emotion and the blending of us with the surroundings made the whole trip worth it. We have no regrets and would like to recommend all couples to use his service so that he can continue to create magic for all the couples out there. “

On departing W.A., Ivy & Chris had the following advice for other brides and grooms . . . .
“You should always bear in mind that a wedding is a happy occasion and the couple should enjoy the process of planning and not get too stressed out over the nitty-gritty details. “

Ivy & Chris will be married on the 15th October, 2016. For their honeymoon they intend to head over to Bali for a ‘minimoon’, and after that a road trip at the west coast of USA.

Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 9Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 10Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 11Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 12Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 13Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 14Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 15Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Image 16Ivy  Chris Engagement Shoot By Shannon Stent - Water Collage

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