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5 Reasons to Have an Eco Makeup Artist

Amy Sumner is a qualified Naturopath (BHSci) and Eco Makeup Artist (Dip), and so we she was the perfect professional to ask about environmentally friendly makeup. She gave us 5 great reasons why you should consider going 'green' with your wedding makeup.


Reason One

You want to look stunning, with a beautiful makeup look that lasts all day and night.

There is a very common misconception that natural beauty products don't work as well as mainstream toxic ones. This is a total myth! Everything I use in my kit, from skincare to eyeshadows to foundations to lash glue is all natural + cruelty free + eco friendly + vegan.

The natural beauty industry has advanced a LOT in the last five years or so, and there are so many amazing high-performance products available now. Yes, some brands are higher quality than others - just the same as with mainstream products - but that's why I've done so much trial and error and sourced a wide range of brands from all over the globe.

With amazing products sorted, it's really all down to technique and whether you like the artist's style. Don't discount natural beauty because of a misconception that it won't perform. As you can see from my bridal testimonials, my clients' makeup stays flawless and rarely requires touching up. If in doubt, pre-wedding trials are the best way to set your mind at ease.

Reason Two

You care about your health or have sensitive skin.

Many of us have sensitive skin, and natural products tend to be much gentler on the skin than mainstream toxic products. They are almost like a combination between makeup and skincare as they contain beautiful soothing botanical ingredients such as rose water, shea butter, aloe vera and chamomile.

No bride wants blotchy red skin or irritated eyes on their special day, or makeup-induced breakouts for their honeymoon. (Of course, if you happen to have allergies to natural ingredients such as a plant you could react which is why I always ask the question! In general though, natural products are much kinder on the skin.)

Everything we put on our skin has the potential to affect our skin, and also many ingredients are able to be absorbed into our bloodstream via the skin or ingested, in the case of lip products. Over time, carcinogenic ingredients in many makeup products can lead to negative health consequences. This isn't so much of an issue if you're just wearing makeup for this one day, but if you are planning an eco-chic wedding or a healthy lifestyle is important to you, why not have healthy, natural makeup for the most important day of your life?

Reason Three

You love animals. 

I believe your wedding day should be a true expression of who you are as individuals and as a couple. If animals are a big part of your life, wouldn't it make sense to choose a cruelty-free makeup artist?

If you choose to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, won't you feel much better in your choices knowing your makeup is vegan too? All the products in my kit are certified cruelty free and vegan. Sadly, the large majority of mainstream brands are still tested on animals; some companies who used to be cruelty free have even taken up animal testing in the last few years. Make a conscious choice, vote with your dollar and help create change by choosing cruelty free.

Reason Four

You care about the environment.

You will almost always find that natural makeup companies hold very strong ethics, meaning cruelty free and environmentally friendly practices are part of the package. Most of the products I use are from eco-friendly brands with measures in place such as refill programs. This program minimises the use of plastics by ensuring packaging only needs to be purchased once. Or glass packaging, which is more environmentally friendly and natural.

Your makeup and skincare eventually gets washed down the drain, so toxic ingredients can not only harm your health but also that of our precious ecosystems and wildlife. Natural is usually safer.

Reason Five

You want your makeup application to be an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

Often when I am applying makeup, my clients comment on how beautiful the products smell. Natural products can really add that luxurious, spa like experience to the whole process.

Another comment I get almost every single time I do makeup, is how light-weight and nice the products feel on the skin. Because my products don't contain silicone, which can smother the skin and stop it breathing, your skin will feel very comfortable all day and won't react angrily if you forget to wash it off at night (I still recommend always taking your makeup off before bed!).

I use all natural lash glue instead of latex glue, which feels a lot more comfortable on the eyes while lasting at least as long, if not longer than the latex. If you usually don't wear makeup or false lashes, you don't want to feel uncomfortable on your special day - you need to feel like yourself, and eco products feel like almost nothing on the skin.

Your wedding day should be an enjoyable, luxurious experience from start to finish, and eco makeup artistry can really bring an extra touch of true beauty to the day.


If you would like some more amazing advice or information from Amy about this truly interesting topic, then contact her here.

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