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Cavaney Couture: A Bespoke Gown For The Discerning Bride

There is something so magical about a bespoke piece of clothing. To have something made that fits you EXACTLY and is shaped to enhance all the parts of your body that you love and hide all the parts you don't.

Sometimes when I look at the wedding photos of famous brides either in a movie on instagram or the tv, I wonder what it must be like to have someone design a wedding gown that will only fit and suit me. Me, and noone else. It's why I am so keen to share with you Fiona from Cavaney Couture. She is a magician with scissors, needle and thread.

Her skill isn't just the creation of the bespoke piece, it's also her ability to listen to her clients' needs, loves and desires. She takes EVERYTHING into account as she designs each piece of clothing. And that takes a real craftsperson to achieve. As Fiona, herself, says:

"Cavaney Couture makes made-to-measure unique wedding and evening gowns, which are co-designed with the client so that the client has a gown that is perfectly made for her body and her own personal style."

Caveney Courture - Full Dress

As proof of Fiona's skills in attention to detail and methodical approach to dressmaking, she trained in Biochemistry and achieved a BSc, working in Scientific Research for seven years. Many of her skills learnt in this alternative industry, Fiona then put to use as she became a professionally trained dressmaker. She trained at Bentley TAFE after which Fiona worked for 5 years in Clothing Manufacturing and Fashion Wholesale in Perth.

She then moved to Dunsborough and has been runnning her own dressmaking business for 9 years. Fiona is also an active member of the Australian Sewing Guild and is constantly adding to her training and expertise by completing courses run by professional tailors and couture dressmakers across Australia.

Cavaney Couture - Wedding Dress 5

Fiona, also makes Bridal Headpieces to match the lace in your gown and can also make Wedding Veils for any taste or style of wedding dress. However her skills and craftsmanship do not end there . . . . Fiona's skills as a dressmaker means that she is available to make alterations to gowns and dresses that have been purchased and do not quite fit correctly. In this case, Fiona must see the dress in person to be able to assess if there is enough allowance in the seams, and the overall construction of the dress.

But it pays to ask her the question. It might save you quite a few hundred dollars, by helping you avoid having to purchase a whole new dress. This goes for Bridemaids dresses, Mother-Of-The-Bride and even the Groom and his Groomsmen suits.

Fiona's skills means that she is even able to make alterations to general clothing as well. Pregnancy, losing weight, a designer OpShop find? Fiona can help you.

So check out Fiona's work and contact her . . . you will be amazed and impressed with her talents, charm and affordability.

Fiona Cavaney  Silk  Tulle Wedding Dress

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